Welcome to the darkness, pet,

your colour stripped away.

We taketh your sweet melody,

your passion starts to sway.

A lullaby of sweetened singing,

takes away your scars.

Left in place of joyless laughing,

lost its shining star.

Welcome to the shadow sweetheart,

presence sure to stay.

Give us blood filled alibis,

your recompense to pay.

Dig your way away from here,

love, surely you cannot.

Too far fallen once again,

my dear you have been caught.

Welcome to the night-time, child,

welcome to this cage.

We have been your recompense,

become your broken age.

Your heart is beating surely, pet,

but living you are not.

Your dreams are those of dying,

and you're losing all you've taught.

You cannot leave us now, my love,

you're bleeding far too long.

You cannot come away from here,

for we have learned your song.

So acquiesce this living, child.

join our desperate claim.

We've come to and embrace you,

yet you're dying just the same.

We take you in among us,

the land of "far too gone".

You're past the point of helping now,

you've reached our darkened dawn.

So sink into this blackened pit,

of sorrow and despair.

We eagerly await you, love,

your stories that you share.

Join our land of loved ones,

lost to gravely Thoughts.

And to lovers lost to silver blades,

of stone-like iron wrought.

We know your dreams of dying, sweet,

And soon they can be true.

Take the glass upon your hand,

you know what you must do.

Until the day you give, my lost,

we await arrival soon.

Until the day they lose you,

we prepare your grateful tomb.

And nevermore and ever lost,

Your life will ever loom.

Bleed, my sweet,

Bleed, my love,

Here awaits your tomb.