my heart is aching,

and i can't take it,

tears come faster,

as i think about how much i hurt you,


i want to give you everything,

and i can't even freaking give you my words,

speech is impaired,

something's wrong with me,


isn't there something always wrong with me?

rejection is as common as the wind,

and baby, i can't handle another one,

something tells me that you're going to walk away,


and now we're arguing,

i knew you'd find something,

no, wait,

i found something to make you hate me,


i threw it all away,

i made you go away,

and now i'm cold and heartless,

just tell me to shut up,


i can't understand why it's so hard,

to give you my heart,

but the strings are strengthened,

by the pain of the past,


it's not your fault,

it's always mine,

and i don't want to live with regret,

and i don't want to live without you,


my words aren't coming out right,

and i just want to take it all back,

i'll take it all back,

i want myself to love you,


our chemistry is wonderful,

but i can't let my nerves settle,

my heart is screaming for you,

but my mind is telling me to stop,


honey, stop giving me lies,

but you insist on telling me that you want me,

and i'm pushing you away,

i'm a screw-up,


that's something i can always do right,

born a failure,

and i want to tell you what you want to hear,

i want to feel your lips on mine,


and the rain pours down the window,

and i blankly stare,

wanting to feel something,

am i really heartless?


i think they've screwed me over,

from being able to believe in us,

and i've messed up,

now i'm sorry,


i can't even think about how you're feeling,

i'm such a burden,

and i put you through so much,

and i want to be better for you,


i want to be better for you.