The food in the school cafeteria didn't look so promising. Oh well, it wasn't like I was hungry anyway. I walked pass all the rows of tables and chairs and passed all the flat screens to get to the Organic Food Chill Room. A few guys were there before I came.
I knew them, there was Lance Knight-gymnast, Pemphredo Lasso-gymnast and cheerleader, Ceaser Might-gymnast and actor and Eddie Rovan-international cheerleader, all-star quarterback and racecar driver all sitting at a round table talking and laughing. Eddie was multitasking –on his Mac and talking to the guys at the same time.
I scooted to the table and bumped Pemphredo lightly on his side.
"Hey Freddy," I said, smiling.
The whole table looked up at me. As usual, Eddie's super speedy reflexes responded to my hello instantly.
"Sup gurl?" he said, smiling without looking up and continued with his mac.
Freddy looked up at me and beamed into his usual charming boyish grin.
"Babe! Sit here," he said, grabbing an empty chair beside him.
Naturally, I sank into the seat beside him, and a whoosh of "hey"s and "what's up"s came from the table.
Smiling at all of them, I returned their greets with "hey studs," and flashed a quick, flirtatious smile.
Lance winked, Ceaser pouted and Eddie looked up to grin at me, enveloping me with his gorgeous twinkling eyes.
"You look good by the way," he added.
I grinned back at him, and said a very sweet-sounding "Thank you sweetie,".
That made him smile.

Freddy put his hand around my waist and scooped me into his huge, armor-like arms and whispered to me.
"I miss you babe".
His savory, smooth intense smell filled me up so much that I almost didn't hear Paige say hi.
I looked up at Paige and smiled at her. I was so happy to see her!
"Join us!" I said.
Her big glassy blue eyes lit up in excitement before they met Eddie's big brown shinny eyes for the longest time and then broke off from their intense eye-talk. Eddie frowned at his mac and banged on the keyboard and Paige looked down sadly and pouted to herself like she was about to cry.
Freddy smiled at Paige and greeted her with a very heart-warming "Hey Paige,".
He dragged another chair beside me and motioned for Paige to sit down.
"Hey Freddy…Thanks,…" she said in reply.
I could tell she was trying to sound happy, but her eyes were teary and she looked as though she was about to cry even more.
I felt awkward being in the middle of all that.
Paige, who was now sandwiched between Ceaser and I, took her cellphone out of her perfectly picked out Yves Saint Lauren daydreamer bag, and started texting someone.
I was so grateful for Freddy to be kind to her that I looked up at him and smiled at his perfect face. He held me tightly and squeezed my shoulders and bent lower to my face to give me a soft, light kiss.
I could feel Paige's stares and my whole body started itching with guilt.
I instantly broke off from his kiss, leaving a very teased Freddy. His head pulled in for more, but his meltatious eyes fluttered open to find me looking away. He played with my hair a little and let me out of his embrace.
I almost cringed, and shriveled into a raisin from all the cold in the room, being let out of Freddy's warm touch. He was the warmest human being I knew, considering the number of Syrens and Mallens in the school.
Mallens are guys who change physically and mutate into almost-Superhumans, which make them taller, stronger, faster, hungrier, and more energetic. They also become smarter and hardly feel any pain. Their bones become abnormally hard and they lose all their fat.
Some Mallens become very warm-blooded and some become extremely cold-blooded. Usually, fairer Mallens are cold-blooded and they turn as fair as snow, while the tanner Mallens become warm-blooded. Sometimes, the opposite happens. In this case, Freddy almost as warm as a usual warm-blooded Mallen.

Lance is a thin, tall and majorly fair Mallen, who is so fair that he actually turned a bit blue. Eddie is a Mallen too; he is tanned and very warm-blooded. According to Paige, when she and Eddie first got together, he was always terribly cold that she often flinched whenever he touched her or even came near. He had turned warm after seven months of being a Mallen, and no one knows how or why it happened, or that it was even possible. Despite Lance's blued skin, his blood temperature is neutral. However, it is still slightly colder than his pet snake, Poison.
Paige and I are two of the few girls who aren't already turned and mutated into Syrens and other upper-level humans.
Ordinary Humans are considered third grade beings, which are the lowest graded living beings, being topped off by Syrens, Mallens, Psyclens and Trigans.
Syrens can only be turned into by female human beings. They are very similar to the Trigan- the highest levels of Syrens actually have a cat form.
Once changed into extremely beautiful, perfect-looking, extra smart and talented female beings, Syrens have the ability to summon men (and schoolboys) to them by using their special talent, whatever that may be. Some Syrens, but very little, have more than one special talent. When in danger, Syrens can protect themselves by manipulating their predator's (the kidnappers/bad guy's) mind to escape. They are also known to stun other beings that try to hurt them.
Psyclens can be turned into by both female and male human beings. More females turn into Psyclens then males. In fact, to have a male Psyclen is very rare and considered extremely precious. Psyclens are very much like human beings in every other way, but one –they are clairvoyant.
Psyclens are also able to sense another being's emotion and feeling. A common ability of the Psyclen is the ability to receive premonitions. The Psyclen's premonition is accurate, but not fixed. The visions can change according to the circumstances. Their visions are not always inevitable; one can change the outcome by manipulating the situation.
Okay, so it might sound awesome, but sometimes those premonitions hurt the poor sweet Psyclens, and it may come anytime during the day or night, and that means even in sleep and dreams. (?)
The last of the four second-grade human being species is the Trigan. Trigans can only be turned into by male Ordinary Humans and royal blooded female Ordinary Humans.
Similar to the Mallen, a Trigan is a being that has the habits and physical features of any kind of a cat.
Whether a cougar, tiger, puma or lion, it could be ANY kind of cat-family animal. Even a normal cat!
I hear about the Upper-Level Human Studies in school that it has something to do with balance and agility. It's more of a mutation than an evolution of the human genetics.
Trigans' fingernails grow very, very fast, and they grow fangs in their cat forms (yeah, speak of the irony) and have very sharp, very exclusive night vision.
The only disadvantage is that they heat up very fast and they use up a lot of energy. Trigans usually sleep at somewhere around three in the morning and sleep until six or seven. Yeah, they may use up their energy, but they gain it back real fast. The most interesting part is, they have the best balancing skills, they can even walk on thin ropes and grip on trees without slowing their pace or anything, and they can transform into their cat figures.
The first graded living being, is the one and only of its species. It's the Superhuman.
Superhumans are extremely rare, to the highest level and there are only a few of their kinds in the world. Superhumans are geniuses that make no such mistake at all, and are extremely powerful. They have almost no weaknesses, and live very long. Depending on the state of the environment, a standard lifespan of a Superhuman is of 120 years if they don't get sick and die.
They also stop aging when they reach fifty and they will continue to look young and fabulous (they age very slowly, so a fifty-year-old superhuman would look nothing more than thirty-five) and contain all their features until they die.
The biggest part of a superhuman is that they are all four of the second graded beings combined: Syren + Mallen + Psyclen + Trigan = Superhuman. That's means a superhuman has every Upper-Level Human feature.
My god.
As my thoughts trailed off, I wondered how badly Paige and Eddie have been fighting/not talking to each other for so long.
I could hear Paige talking to Ceaser and Lance…she seemed okay. And then I looked at Eddie.
He was staring at Paige!
He was all eyes on her…and did I see a spark of jealousy in his oh-so-gorgeous-eyes? Maybe.
I must have been staring too, because he turned from Paige to me, winked once and turned back to his mac. I gave him a smile of sympathy and looked down.
My cell was ringing.
Okay, so the screen showed no caller ID. I didn't pick it up. Instead, I looked over to Freddy and saw him shove two apples down his throat and instantly swallowed his carton of orange juice.
Gymnasts needed so much energy.
He took out his banana sandwich and swallowed that too. Then he took out another carton of orange juice and drank it. This time slower, as if he was washing down all the swallowed food and then he smashed the two boxes, and got up.
I shot him a nervous look. He seemed to have looked at me once and then look away, slinging his bag at his side.
"See ya guys," he said, as he turned and walked away.
Before I had a chance to say something, Ceaser nudged me and Eddie kicked my foot, both of them motioning to me to go and get him.
I shot them quick smiles of appreciation and dashed over to Freddy before he had a chance to disappear and took him by the arm.
He turned around. He looked at me without saying anything.
My fingers crept their way in his palm. He didn't shrug them off,like I thought he would.
His fingers crept into the palm of my hand and I instantly felt warm again.
I could feel my feet melting.
I let myself lean slightly against his body, and he scooped me again.
I tiptoed and tilted my head to the side and gave him a soft, gentle kiss. He kissed me back, pulling me to him more and more.
I could feel Ceaser's eyes burning on us and then I heard Eddie's wooing.
Freddy let go of my hips and took my face in his hands.
He swooped back my hair and gave me one last kiss before he went off.
I held his hands and he squeezed them for a while, and then let them go.
"See you later, at our usual place aite?" he called back at me.
"Yeah, of course." I said back.
Freddy winked at me and mouthed
"I love you".
Ceaser, Lance, Paige and Eddie were making kiss-noises and pouting at me like little childish kids.
I, as usual, blushed all the way back to my seat.