"Enough," Brad said, pushing me away and off of his lap. I landed hard on my ass and just stared at him as once again he ended things just as they were starting to heat up. I frowned up at him, as he took deep breaths to calm himself down and quickly stood, walking around me. "Goodnight, Jinx," he said and left through the front door, once again without an explanation for his random actions.

"Fuck!" I yelled at the nothingness of my apartment as I flopped onto my back on the floor, my hands sliding down my face. This was the way things always went now. We'd go out, he'd come back to my place, and we'd start kissing, well making out really, but the moment things started to really heat up, he'd push me away and leave. We've been together for nearly a year now and it was beginning to wear thin on my patience and nerves. Two months of going out as friends, getting to know each other. Three months of casual dating that ended with a kiss at the door and holding hands whenever we felt comfortable with it. And then there was the six months of this. Six months of me wanting to move forward in our physical relationship and six months of my landing on my ass, confused, hurt and moments later, completely alone.

I pondered for a moment, debating whether or not to take the matter of my current arousal into my own and then sighed. It really didn't matter now if I did or not, as both options would leave me feeling tortured at the end. Finally, I decided I just didn't care and pushed myself up from the floor and walked to the bathroom to take a cold shower. I paused in front of the mirror as I started to remove my clothes, taking in the flushed reflection it gave me.

My chin length blonde hair was completely disheveled from where his hands had worked their way through the strands, so I pulled the rubber band out that kept it out of my face. Even in it's disheveled state it still framed my face well, making my cerulean blue eyes stand out more against the light tan of my skin. I had long since lost count of how many times someone had told me I looked like an angel when I actually had my hair down. It was the main reason I always kept it pulled back. At least when it was out of my face, my high cheekbones, small jaw and almost permanent scowl kept people from hitting on me so often.

My muscle tone wasn't too bad either, but I'd been neglecting my workouts as of late. I should probably go to the gym in the morning and work out some of my stress. A good run, a few laps in the pool and a couple circuits on the weight machines ought to do just the trick to get me feeling like myself again. Even as I studied and critiqued my appearance, I just couldn't figure out why Brad didn't want to take the next step. I shook my head and finished stripping, turning on the cold water of the shower before stepping in.

I'd only been under the water for a couple of minutes before I thought I heard a knocking sound. Puzzled, I turned off the water and listened again. Just before I gave up and turned the water back on, I heard it again and it was definitely someone knocking on my front door. I sighed and grabbed my towel, wrapping it around my waist as I yelled for whoever it was to hold on a minute. I had to fight to keep my jaw from dropping when I opened the door to find Brad standing there. His eyes widened as well when he saw me standing there in nothing but a towel.

"Brad?" I said, confused as to why he had come back this time when he'd never done it before. He shifted slightly from one foot to the other and I knew he was nervous about something. "What's with you?" I asked, unable to keep the small bit of annoyance out of my voice from his earlier flight.

"Can I come in? I feel like I owe you an explanation for everything," he said, his strange yellow green eyes glinting in the light from the living room lamps. I stepped back, opening the door a little wider and gesturing for him to enter. I shut the door behind him and stood in middle of the room, my arms crossed over my bare and still dripping wet chest.

"An explanation would be great," I muttered, scowling at him as I tried not to shiver from the cold water sliding down my back. His eyes moved over my body, his tongue nervously licking his lips.

"Could you get dressed first?" he asked, his voice soft, almost pleading. Now that was shocking, but it only fueled my anger more.

"Why the fuck should I?" I spat. "It's not like you're going to touch me anyway." I could see the hurt flash over his face at my words and I knew that I had hit a sensitive spot, but by god, I was angry. I had eleven months of pent up sexual frustration that I was having to deal with and he was just too perfect to simply give up on sooner. "Look, you came back for a reason, so just spit it out already." He sighed and stood, crossing the room to stand in front of me, his hands hovering over my cloth covered hips.

"It's not that I don't want to touch you, Jinx," he murmured, his eyes once more moving over my exposed skin. "I do. God, I really want to touch you. It's just that I'm scared that if I do, I'm going to end up hurting you." I tilted my head up and to the side slightly, looking into his eyes with confusion.

"Hurt me? I've been wanting you to move forward in our relationship for months," I stated, but my confusion was still evident in my voice. How could he hurt me if we were both wanting this? It just didn't make sense.

"You don't understand," he murmured and I could swear it was taking all of his restraint to both avoid touching me and not to cry.

"Of course, I don't understand," I snapped. "You say you love me, that you want the same thing I do, but you keep pushing me away whenever we start to move in that direction. You said you wanted to explain, but you aren't doing a very good job of it." My eyes went wide with shock as his hands gripped my hips firmly, pulling me into him as his lips crashed down onto mine with a ferocious passion. Suddenly I didn't care for explanations as my eyes fluttered closed and I let his tongue invade my mouth and dominate my own.

My hands found their way around his back, pressing hard into his flesh through the fabric of his shirt even as his own roughly moved over my hips, pushing my towel away with ease. I moaned at the feeling I had been waiting for as his hands began to explore every inch of my body. I heard him growl deep in the back of his throat just before he picked me up and tossed me easily onto the couch. I blinked up at him in surprise, but I wasn't exactly turned off by the aggression. Actually, the effect was quite the opposite, it turned me on more.

As I laid there, propped up on my elbows, he quickly shed his shirt, his eyes devouring me much like I wished his mouth would. I didn't have to wish or wait long as he descended upon me, his mouth starting at my neck and began working it's way down my body. I gasped and moaned, letting my body fall back onto the couch as my hands moved to discover all the parts of his body I hadn't yet been allowed to find. He was much more built that his clothing had ever hinted at and I took much delight in sliding my fingers over every ripple of muscle my hands could find.

I nearly screamed in pleasure and pain as he bit the inside of my thigh hard before sucking the now tender and sensitive flesh between his lips. I shuddered as his mouth moved up my inner thight, his tongue and mouth moving slowly up my hardened length. Suddenly I found three fingers pulling at my bottom lips and I quickly took them into my mouth sucking on them as Brad's mouth slid over and around my member. I couldn't contain my moans of pleasure at the first sexual contact I had had other than my own hand in over a year and my hips pushed upwards, begging for more.

His hand gripped my hip firmly, holding me in place as he removed his fingers from my mouth and moved them between my legs. I moaned loudly, throwing my head back as he wasted no time and pressed two fingers into me, quickly beginning to stretch and prepare me for more. His mouth and tongue were doing an amazing job of releaving me of my senses even before his fingers found that bundle of nerves and nearly made me finish. When he added the third finger to continue the stretching, I did climax, shuddering as he kept sucking on my over sensitive flesh until he'd drawn everything he wanted from me. I barely had a chance to begin to catch my breath before he withdrew his fingers and flipped me over onto my stomach, raising my hips for a better angle.

"I'm sorry, Jinx," he whispered, his voice husky and lust filled. For a moment, I was confused, thinking that he was going to stop there and then all at once he pushed himself into me. I did scream then, in pain and he stopped all movement, one of his hands running gently over my back. I swear I didn't know they came that big and I was struggling to get my muscles to relax so that the pain would ease. I grimaced as he pulled me up, holding me flush to his body. I understood now why he had been so hesitant to let things progress further and why he apologized just a few moments ago.

"Forgive me, Jinx, but I can't hold back any longer," he growled against my shoulder. I took a deep breath and nodded in compliance, a few tears of pain slipping from my eyes to slide down my cheeks. He was still careful at first, taking his time to slowly pull out of me before thrusting back in. As soon as I began to grow accustomed to his massive size, he leaned over, holding himself up with hand as he kept me pressed against him with his other hand. My head hung down as I heard him growl again, a very feral sound that for a moment scared the hell out of me.

Despite the uncomfortableness of his size, it did start to feel damn good and I began to mirror his growls and grunts with moans and gasps of pleasure. My hand slipped down my body, grabbing a firm hold on my length, stroking myself in time with his rhythm. Sure, it hurt like hell, but it still felt better than any other sex I had ever had. He cursed as I came again, his nails digging into the flesh of my stomach and dragging across the couch cushion. It was only a couple more thrusts before I felt him begin to fill me with his hot seed, it being forced out as he continued to thrust. As his climax finally subsided, he sat back on the couch, his arm still fastened around my stomach, not letting me move away from him.

"Don't pull away, Jinx," he whispered softly, resting his head against the back of my shoulder. I turned my head slightly to regard him after his request and began to realize that the monster of a member still inside me wasn't growing softer. "Now you understand, right? The night can't end before I'm completely spent, or else you'll end up in the hospital in an aweful lot of pain." My eyes widened in surprise as my jaw finally fell open to gape at him.

"You're joking, right?" I asked, completely overcome with disbelief. He just shook his head slightly and tightened his arm around me, which I only now realized was more there to protect me than to embrace me. As I stared at the top of his head, I felt the last of my anger from earlier finally melt away completely. After all, how could I be mad at a man who would go so far to protect me?

"I'm sorry, Jinx. I'm so sorry," he mumbled, his free hand lightly rubbing over my thigh. I smiled and reached back to run my hand through the soft brown hair that was hiding the face I adored.

"No, need to be sorry, Brad," I said. "I'm just glad I didn't have any plans for tomorrow." His head came up and those yellow green eyes looked at me in wide-eyed surprise.

"You mean...?"

"Yes, fuck me senseless," I replied even before he could finish the question. "Just know that you'd better not have any plans for tomorrow either, because I doubt I'll be able to move. Not that I mind have such a sexy servant for a day." He shook his head slight, a smile crossing his features as he pulled my chin towards him to steal a deep kiss.

"I knew you were the right one for me, Jinx," he breathed, his lips moving softly over mine. I grinned and ground my hips into his lap slowly.

"I love you, too," I replied, just before it started all over again.