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Anise Cameron has always struggled for fulfillment in a relationship and has settled into a life of acceptance that it will never come. Until she is hexed by a witch and sent centuries into the past to meet her soulmate, Drustan MacLean.
Drustan is haunted by not only enemies but his past as well. Losing his betrothed in the brutal manner he did his only concern in life was avenging her death and bringing those responsible to justice.
Together Anise and Drustan struggle together, their souls bound but their hearts free.

Historical. Fantasy. Romance.

Story contains strong language, sexual situations and violence. May not be intended for all readers.

Written by Tatiana Knight

Chapter One
Phoenix, Arizona
May 2009

Why the hell did she let Diana bring her along on this stupid Psychic Adventure, as she had called it? Cam had been quiet content in her air-conditioned apartment, drinking iced tea and watching some random movie that was taking place during the winter when Diana had called and begged her to come.

Being the best friend in the world, of course she came because D had sounded so desperate to have company this reading. This reading meaning that she had one once a month and for some reason D had finally shown an interest in taking her.

And interest the Cam didn't want to have.

She hated how people took advantage of others beliefs. Diana actually believed in all the crap that the woman who was raking in all of D's hard earned dollars with each false reading and stupid vision.

"Why the hell did I have to come here?" Cam snapped angrily as she got out of the car and slammed the door.

"Because I needed you here for moral support," Diana told her as she closed her car door softly and headed towards the door to the Psychic Shop.

"For what? The lady's just going to look at your hand, tell you you're going to have a long life, five million children and you're husband is going to be a loser. Then demand you give her half your pay check and your first born. This stuff is for the birds."

When D rolled her eyes and held open the glass door for her as she said, "It's not like that Camaron. This lady is the real deal."

"And I still don't know why you need me here..." She trailed off as she looked around the dim interior of the shop. It was rather plain looking, with several chairs by the front door and a small and narrow hallway that led to another door that had beads hanging in front of it.

"Because she's going to tell me about my past life today."

"Your past life? As in like, before you were born?"

"Yeah, where my soul was last."

Camaron let out an exasperated sigh, "Oh good grief.. Are you fucking serious?" When Diana sent her a sharp glance she muttered, "Fine whatever, it's your money to learn that you were probably a goldfish or something."

It was then that the door down the narrow hall opened and a woman stepped out. This woman was older, in her fifties or sixties. She was wearing a loose tunic like shirt and a long flowing skirt. Both were plain and a deep red to match the beaded necklace and bangles she wore.

"Good morning, Diana." The woman said before looking over at Camaron, "I am Madam Trina and you are?"

"An on-looker who has come for moral support." Camaron told her before backing away before Diana.

"Her name is Camaron, she's going to be with me today for my past life regression."

The old woman nodded and turned, motioning for the two of them to follow her and they did. She led them to a back room with a small tea table in the middle with several large sitting pillows on the floor. The room had no windows or decorations; just a light that was off and candles that flickered throughout.

"Please have a seat," the woman stated, motioning towards the pillows as she took a seat across from them.

Once everyone was sitting Madam Trina said, "Are you ready?"

Diana nodded enthusiastically before gripping on of Camaron's hands and giving the other to the woman. The woman grabbed the hand and closed her eyes, Diana followed suit leaving Cam to look around the room.

"You had a simple life," the woman said after a few moments, "on a farm on the great plains. You traveled the Oregon Trail with your husband and birth your first child there as well. You were a firm believer in Christianity and believed that God showered you with the love you deserved." She paused and a look of confusion came over her face. "You were killed by raiders... No, that's not right..." Her eyes opened and snapped towards Camaron. "Give me your hand girl."

"No," she said, "I'm not here for a reading; just finish hers so we can go."

The woman scolded and closed her eyes, "You died young; after you birthed your third child you became ill and died in the night." Diana went to pull her hand away but the woman held it tighter, her face becoming more confused. "Moral support," she woman said gaining Camaron's attention. "You also died very young. Barely even twenty you were slain by barbarians in an act of desperation."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Camaron snapped as she pulled her hand away from Diana's and held it against her chest as if it was hurt.

"You loved a man. A big burly man, a Scottish warrior and he loved you so profoundly he would have risked his sword arm to save you from any harm. But he didn't anticipate his enemies coming in the night to kill you." The Physic opened her eyes and pinned Camaron with her stare. "Rumor among the clans was that he would not fall in battle so long as you held his heart. His enemies were desperate to rid themselves of him and crept into your sleeping quarters one night while he was away at war and killed you."

"Fuck you!" Camaron spat as she stood up. "That's a bunch of bullshit."

"Then how is it I know that you loved the man so deeply in a past life that you are not able to love in this one?" The woman asked as she cocked her head to the side and gave her a cocky smile. "That when you even think of loving someone romantically it makes your chest ache?"

Camaron's eyes widened at the woman's words, not believing what she was saying. "If your so great then why hasn't my past life lover coming to sweep me off my feet in this life?"

"Because he has not died yet," Madam Trina answered, her words flat..

Diana stood up now, obviously afraid that her friend would do something to the Psychic, "I think its time to go now, Cam ." She said gently before setting and arm on her shoulder and trying to move her towards the door.

"No," she tore her arm away. "What's his name?" When the woman didn't say a word she yelled. "What's his damn name!?"

"Drustan MacLean."

Isle of Mull
May 1408

Drustan sat in front of a fire, staring up at the sky. The moon was heavy and round, bright against the pitch blackness of the sky.

His sigh of longing had the attention of his long time friend and comrade in war look his way, distracted from the voluptuous woman he had hanging on him. "Whit has ye sighin'?"

"Anise," the pain in his voice was evident as she used his claymore to help him get to his feet.

"She has long since past," Murray told him as he disconnected himself completely from the wonton woman. "An' tis long past time ye forget aboot her."

"I cannae." Drustan told him as he walked away, towards his horse which was tied in a nearby stand of trees.

"The MacDonald took her from ye but ye must go on." Murray insisted as he followed. "What of yer duty to the clan?"

Drustan gave him a hard glare as he reached into his pack and pulled out a stained white handkerchief. It was his Anise's. He found it among her belongings when he rushed back upon hearing of her death. Sadly, the MacDonald got exactly what they wanted.

They had thoroughly destroyed his heart except he didn't die like expected. It just gave him more reason to live. He would not die until the last MacDonald was dead, and he made sure of that after Anise's death.

"I will wed the Campbell girl. Dinnae fash yerself over that." He ran a finger over the faded monogram A.C.M.

Anise Camaron MacLean.

He remembered that he had gifted it to her when the two decided they would wed, it was a symbol of their future together.

Sighing once more, he put it back in his pack before turning to his friend. "I head back ta Duart Castle on the morrow."