The Finishing School
Chapter 1: Bad Feeling


Have you ever had one of those days where you felt something bad was going to happen? Like I mean nuclear bomb bad. Right now, I Natassia Gillespie, have that feeling. Staring at my reflection in the dingy bathroom mirror, I couldn't help but to wonder why this feeling or this intuition may have come over me. "Stop being so nervous." I said to myself. The mirror showed a pale girl with bright violet eyes. I had waist long hair which I always managed to put into a clip. I was never this nervous.

"Natassia, you in here?" It was Helena, my best friend. "Yeah, I'm here." I answered going through my messenger bag. Helena popped her head into view. Her chocolate brown eyes stared at me. "You missed lunch, New York style pizza." I nodded not wanting to answer. "You ok?" I stopped reaching in my bag. "I'm just nervous since I'm turning sixteen in a week." She plopped on top of the sink. "Well don't be. I'm so sure that it will be amazing."

I didn't have time to answer her back because the bell signaling the end of lunch rung. "Oh great, now we have to sit through two freaking more boring classes." She said and then muttered something in French. Helena Marie Lafayette is French born from New Orleans, Louisiana but she moved to Romania after she turned ten. Because of her is why I started taking French. As we walked out of the bathroom into the hallway frenzy, I noticed that it was much crowded than it usually was.

"Prostii." Crap, I mumbled after I lost Helena in the hall. Some stupid jocks were messing around. Shoving and pushing each other like a pack of animals. One of them shoved the other hard enough that they made me hit my head against the wall. I felt dizzy and could feel the pain now.


I was walking towards Human Geography when I noticed a girl on the floor. She looked unconscious. Walking past the others in the hall, I reached down and finally recognized her. Natassia was the girl who rejected me. Why? Because ever since I transferred from another school, rumors started appearing on how I treated girls while I went out with them.

But they were all lies; I mean I actually never had a real first girlfriend. I picked her up and carried her to the nurse's office. I looked down at Natassia in my arms and couldn't help but to pull her midnight black hair from her face. Her paleness contrasted the dark clothing she loved wearing. I knocked softly on the office door.

"Yes?" a voice asked. It was Dr. Blake. She was a thirty-something year old doctor who enjoyed treating at her old high school. Hunedora High was after all Transylvania's best and private school. "I found Natassia lying on the hallway floor. Some football players caused her to hit the wall." She motioned to the bed in the middle of the room. Gently I placed Natassia on the bed. "You can go now boy. You shouldn't be missing any more classes. La revedere." She practically pushed me out of the room. But I had nothing to worry about since she was in god hands.


I held a hand up to my head, the pain from the hit was still there but not as much as before. Where am I? I certainly wasn't back in the hallway. As soon as my vision appeared I got my answer. I was in the nurse's office. "Take this." Dr. Blake seemed to appear out of nowhere and handed me a glass of water and a pill. "It's for the pain." I didn't speak and just took the pill without second thought. "Who brought me here?" my voice sounded a bit dry.

"Vladislav Ozera, he is such a nice boy o have brought you here." I rolled my eyes. Ozera wasn't a "good boy". He was one of those wanna be players. A couple months back he asked me out but I turned him down after I heard that he made a girl cut herself because he broke her heart and treated her like nothing. Ozera was far from good. Just another boy.

"School's letting out soon Hun. You can leave. I'll write a note to your teachers. What's your last name?" I grabbed my messenger bag from the floor. "Gillespie. Natassia Gillespie." She nodded and showed me to the door. I sighed softly as I walked to the front doors. I couldn't help to think of why Vlad might have "rescued" me. He didn't seem like the gentleman type of guy. Looking at my phone, I noticed that it was three. My job didn't start until five.

Walking towards my 09 Dodge Viper SRT-10. It was colored blood red and stood out amongst the silver and white colored cars most of the kids owned. "Natassia." I turned from unlocking my car to see Ozera standing up against the side car next to mine. "I appreciate that you helped me out today. But what do you want?" I said rather coldly. I looked at him. He had that cat-that-ate-the-canary smile on his face. His chin long black hair contrasted his emerald green eyes. Ok! Stop staring at him, Natassia.

"I want to take you out for lunch." I opened my car door. "I'm sorry but I have to get home and see my mom." He nodded, a sort of sadness formed in his eyes. "Tomorrow then and don't try to miss it because everyone knows your job isn't open on weekends." I rolled my eyes. Of course people knew where I worked. Who didn't? Countess Elizabeth Bathory from Hungry ran the Finishing school here. "Alright, whatever." I got into my car and started driving home.

I couldn't help but to wonder what Vlad's obsession with me was. Wait, did I just call him Vlad? Anyways, as soon I arrived home I noticed that my mom was standing on the steps, looking a bit worried.