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And so the tone was set for the rest of the week.

Every day, Leonard rode on my shoulder while I was on Franks back, while Leslie walked quietly along beside us. Leonard and I got in at least one argument a day, but Frank thought it was funny for the most part, and Leslie was as impassive as ever.

Then, every night, I slept between Leslie and Frank and had an extremely graphic sex dream. Right as it was getting to the good part, I'd be woken by a smirking Frank. Then, blushing, I'd run off to will my problem away in peace and get ready for the day. (There was no way I was actually taking care of my problem; I could just imagine Frank's smirk when I got back.)

A pleasant routine, this was not.

It didn't help matters that no matter how many times I woke with a hard-on, I still couldn't get over my embarrassment. Naturally, Frank and Leonard then took every opportunity to rib me about it.

By the end of the week, I was ready to either strangle the two then burn their bodies while dancing around cackling maniacally, or find myself a nice, deep dark hole to just go die from embarrassment in. To top it all off, I was ridiculously horny too, what with all the unfinished sex dreams.

And then, the crowning glory on my gay little tiara of mortification: I started to have weird thoughts about Frank.

We'd been traveling for about ten days, and had camped out in an especially small clearing the night before.

For once, it wasn't Frank who woke me up, but a particularly loud and obnoxious bird in a nearby tree.

Naturally, I was jerked from my dream right as I was about to be pleasured (which was kind of a blessing and a curse when you thought of it; I mean, did I really want to wake up next to Frank with sticky boxers? I think not), and was extremely frustrated.

Joyfully, I realized the others were all still asleep, so, for once, I would be able to do something about my problem with a much smaller chance of embarrassment.

Quietly and quickly, I managed to get from between Frank and Leslie without disturbing them. Then, elated, I set off for a nearby stream, which was where I decided was best to deal with my problem.

Stripping down, I sat on the bank of the stream, my naked cock proud and erect between my legs.

My plan was simple: get a quick wank, then hop in the stream--cold though it was, for a quick rinse. Hopefully, I would be finished by the time the others woke up.

Slowly, I slid a hand down my chest and belly, already knowing I wasn't going to be lasting very long.

Shaking very slightly, I fisted myself and gave an involuntary jerk, gasping in reaction.

I realized hazily that I would need to be very quiet (We need to be vewwy vewwy quiet; we're hunting bunny wabbits!...How sad is it that while I'm wanking off to my mysterious dream lover Elmer Fudd, of all people, pops into my head? God, I'm fucked up.), lest I wake the others and they come to investigate.

That was a situation I was going to avoid at all costs. I did not need to give them more material to torment me with.

Laying back, I pressed my free arm over my mouth, and continued on. Not exactly the most comfortable position, but as they say, beggars can't be choosers.

Eagerly, I recalled the dream I'd been having before I'd been so rudely awakened.

Panting slightly, I pictured Frederick, flushed with desire, as I wrapped my hand around my burning cock, imagining it as his. I pumped myself, giving a little flick of wrist towards the end, which tore a throaty groan out of me, that was happily muffled by my arm.

I pictured Frederick writhing as my worshiped his cock with my hand, tweaking the tip and smearing pre-come down his length and over his balls, which I took the time to fondle a bit.

Within seconds, I was near the peak, arm pressed tightly across my mouth to stifle the deep groans and gasps that I was barely even conscious of.

And then, it happened.

I was mere moments away from coming, when the neon gaze of Frederick in my mind's eye was replaced by that of Frank, smirking knowingly down at me. I was too far gone to really understand what was going on, but I did take notice when just the sight of those arrogant eyes made me moan (or at least attempt to) wantonly.

"Ran-dy," he purred, drawing out the syllables in my name into a throaty growl.

With a muffled shout, my orgasm overcame me, making the world spin and stars appear before my eyes. My arm jus barely muted my shout, but I was too blissed out to care.

It was several minutes before I could recover enough to even remove my arm from my mouth.

After I'd recovered somewhat, I sat up and worked my way to the edge of the water. Slowly, I entered, wincing at the frigidity of the water.

As the icy water washed over me, clearing the fog from my mind, I remembered with a jerk what had happened right before I came.

I just wanked off to Frank, of all people, I realized with horror.

Because, looking back, it wasn't the thought of Frederick that sent me over the edge, but the thought of Frank purring my name in that--admittedly--sexy growl of his.

Oddly, this didn't surprise me as much as it should have. I mean, yes, I was surprised, but I had noticed earlier how Frank and I had been practically flirting during the last week. I would have had to be completely socially incompetent to not realize what was happening.

But this new development was rather worrisome. Since I jerked off to him, does this mean I'm physically attracted to him?

No! I answered myself instantly, He's a fucking dragon! Even though I think of him as a person, he's still a dragon, and I would never be attracted to any animal!

But the fact remained: I had just climaxed at the thought of a dragon.

Well, I thought cautiously, pulling myself out of the stream to lie in the sun and dry off, If I am physically attracted to him, then what do I do? It's not like he would ever feel the ssame for me--who knows if he's even gay? But if he did reciprocate, what would we do?

Cautiously, I turned my thoughts to the possible avenues of giving and receiving pleasure to and from a dragon.

Where would I start? Maybe...kissing his scales? I pictured what that would be like, Running my hands over his shiny smooth scales, scratching occasionally. Lowering my mouth onto him, tonguing the scratchy surface...

I shuddered, Okay, that's not going to work. Way too weird. What about him doing it to me?

I imagined, His long, forked tongue carressing me, its smooth texture rubbing gently over my skin, teasing my nipples and slipping lower...

I shuddered again, Gah! Even weirder! And really, do dragons even feel sexual pleasure? I know in my world...man it feels weird saying that...dolphins are the only animals besides humans that have sex for pleasure, and why would anything be different here?...Do they actually have dolphins in this world?...Hmm...

I found myself disappointed at this thought. I realized that even if I did get pleasure from Frank, I wouldn't like it if I wasn't able to reciprocate.

That startled me. Why would it matter? It's not like I actually care...


I realized with horror that I actually did care. When the fuck did that happen!? I didn't authorize this! He's an asshole! Why would I care about what a fuckhead like him was feeling! God! This is some majorly fucked-up shit!

Absentmindedly, I realized I was finally dry, thanks to the sun, and began to pull my clothes back on.

But why would I care? Once I get my information, I'm getting the fuck outta here, and hopefully, I'll never have to see these jokers again!

With a growing sense of mortification, I acknowledged to myself that yes, a bolt of pain had lodged in my chest at the thought of never seeing Frank again. But why would that happen if I don't...oh no, oh Hell no! NO! NO! Fuck no! I am not in love with the fucking dragon named Frank! No! It's fucking not possible!


And I realized, yes, it really was true. I am in love with Frank!

But, what about Frederick? I inwardly protested, trying desperately to back-pedal, I thought he was my soul mate, or whatever! What the fuck!...Admittedly, their eyes are very similiar...Still, what the fuck!?

Then, another thought occurred to me, What if I've been dreaming of Frank's human form? That'd certainly explain those knowing smirks he's been sending me...But the guy I've been dreaming about is named Frederick...There's no logical way to get Frank out of Frederick. He's just doing that because he knows I'm, embarrassed about the dreams. This whole "love" thing is just a fluke. Undoubtedly, I'll be back to normal within a few days, and as soon as we get the stupid princesses and get out of here, I can forget all about Frederick and Frank.

This thought made me a bit depressed, but I forcefully shook it off. Things were complicated enough without a supposed soul mate and being in love with a fucking dragon making it worse.

Mind made up, I headed back into the clearing to see if the others had woken up yet.

As I entered, I saw that Frank had just woken up, while Leslie had clearly been awake for quite awhile, evidently talking quietly with Leonard. (Really, he looked like he was in the corner, talking to himself, seeing as he was the most normal one here, I assumed Leonard was with him.)

Frank gave a loud, jaw-cracking yawn, showing off his gleaming, pointy white teeth. Definitely not a vegetarian.

He looked over at me, eyes sleepily half-lidded, smacking his lips, "Hey, Randy. What're you up to?"

I thought I saw a flash of a smirk cross his face at the odd emphasis in his tone, but it was gone too quickly for me to be sure.

I blushed involuntarily, his sleepy gaze reminding me of the throaty purr from my imagination earlier.

Abruptly, I turned away, unable to meet his eyes, "Couldn't sleep."

He frowned, "That's not good. Why not?"

I shrugged, "I dunno. Just one of those nights, I guess."

Quickly, I walked over Leslie, not able to stand talking to Frank any longer.

Gah! This is so embarrassing! I just need to get over this, and move on! I exclaimed inwardly, hurrying away.

"What's up, guys?" I inquired, approaching Leslie and Leonard, who was, indeed, perched on a branch.

"Good morning, Randy," replied Leslie.

"Passable morning, foolish mortal," greeted Leonard.

I stared at him, perplexed, "What?"

He gave me an irritable look, "Well, people say 'good morning'' as a way of wishing them well, but I don't want to wish you well. So 'passable morning.' And a foolish mortal is what you are, so that is how I shall address you."

I chuckled and shook my head, "Whatever makes you happy, little dude. So, what's the plan for today?"

Leonard glared at me for a second, then looked back to Leslie. "We were just discussing that. Evidently, we are but a few days away from the mountain and as we get closer, we must become more and more cautious. Dragons are very paranoid creatures, you know."

"If you say so. Frank isn't paranoid at all, so I wouldn't know."

Leonard nodded, "This is true. However, surely even you must realize Frank is rather strange, even for a dragon, who are normally strange anyway."

I nodded, "Good point. So what kinds of things will we have to watch out for?"

"Hidden booby-traps, including pits with sharpened stakes, hidden blades that decapitate you or sever an appendage or two, or various other mildly gruesome and generally unpleasant surprises."

I gaped, "You think that's mild!?"

"Well the bad stuff is farther in. The animals that will maul, the devices that can disembowel, those kinds of things," Leonard explained, "I myself have fortified my residence in a similar manner."

I shook my head, "Absolutely ridiculous. Why do you do that?"

He shrugged, "Why wouldn't I? The world's a dangerous place, you know."

I nodded weakly, "I guess. So when will we start encountering these traps?"

"Hmm...probably within the next couple days," replied Leonard thoughtfully.

My eyes bulged, "And you were going to tell this when!?"

He shrugged carelessly, "Probably tomorrow. Or whenever it occurred to me, really."

I glared, "Thanks for the concern. It is very touching."

He rolled his eyes, "I never claimed to even remotely like you. Is it really all that surprising I'm rooting for you to get offed?"

"You still could've made more of an effort," I sulked.

"Well you know now, right?" he demanded, "So you have nothing to complain about! Now leave me alone; I'm tired of your idiocy. I can feel my IQ dropping the longer you're here."

I sent one last glare and left, my embarrassment from only a few minutes before completely forgotten.

I wandered back over to Frank, grumbling irritably. I didn't even realize how close I was before he spoke to me.

"What's got your panties in a twist?" he asked, amusement coloring his voice.

I jumped, surprised, and whirled around to glare furiously at Frank. Happily, I could meet his eyes without looking like a tomato, and if there was a of color, it could be written off as the result of anger or surprise.

"Don't do that!" I snapped, "Are you trying to kill me!?"

Frank scoffed, "You're young. I doubt one small scare is going to kill you. You're such a drama queen."

I glared some more, "Fuck you. When you scare me to death I'm going to become a ghost and haunt you forever. And you won't be able to do anything about it."

He snorted, "There's no such things as ghosts."

I gaped, "Really? You're really going to say that? You're a fucking dragon! Most people I know would swear on their little old grandmothers that dragons aren't real! You have no room to be talking!"

Frank nodded, "Okay, I'll give you that. However, that does not mean I believe they do exist, I'm just conceding your point. Don't get any ideas."

I shook my idea, "Whatever, you're just in denial."

He snorted, "Why hello, Mr. Pot, it's lovely to meet you as well."

"Me!? What do I have to be in denial about?" I demanded, incensed.

He sent me a pointed look, "Oh really. So, you're just forgotten about those dreams altogether, then?"

Understanding dawned and my face turned deep red. Oh. Surely he didn't hear me this morning...!?

"Ah, so you've remembered," Frank stated, satisfied, "So are you ever going to tell me what this guy in the dreams looks like?"

Inwardly, I breathed a sigh of relief, Thank God he doesn't know about this morning.

"Not to mention your little episode this morning," Frank added slyly, smirking as I tensed up.

"You know about that!?" I asked in a strangled tone.

He sent me a "No duh" look. "Randy," he began in an infuriatingly patient tone, "Anything within three miles that has an even halfway decent sense of smell knows about that. I'm surprised Leonard hasn't said anything yet. Though that might explain his foul mood..." He drifted off thoughtfully.

I ignored him, totally lost in my sea of mortification. How am I ever going to live this down!? I can't believe I actually jerked off with them so close! At least they don't know what I was jerking off to...do they!?

...but that isn't possible...

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