Title: Breakup

Written: 10-23-09

Tell me what you want to hear,

what excuse I can make,

how I can begin to fix this.

Tell me the lies you'll believe—

Here I am on my knees,

waiting for your move.

Will you forgive me this

or have I finally broken my last promise?


Thing is, my love, I don't think I'm sorry.

I think I'm tired of apologizing.

I think I'm ready to move on,

to leave behind the sneaking around,

waiting for your explosion—

I'm tired of being in the wrong and in the way,

tired of never being thanked and always being blamed.


Is this not what you want to hear?

Well, it's what I want to say,

so sit down, shut up, and listen to me.

I can't fix this; I never could.

I'm not the problem here,

but I don't care anymore.

Keep your fleeting touches and condescending smiles.

Keep your dirty clothes and demands.

Keep your what the hell is this? and on the bed now.

Keep everything because I'm done here.

Wash your own shirts and cook your own meals.

Talk to yourself because I'm gone.


I'm tired of lying and being blamed.

I'm tired of jumping when you call

and sweeping up shattered dishes.

I'm tired of being tired because I can't sleep next to you.

So I'm not sorry and I don't ask forgiveness.

Keep your recriminations because I don't regret.

I'm done with you, so stop looking at me like that.


Don't call me, I won't answer.

No, I won't tell you where I'm going.

I've spent years wasting my life on you,

and it's over.

You hear me? I'm talking now.

I'm through with excuses,

and I'm through with you.

Here's my final promise—

I'll never come back to you, so don't even ask.