A black and white image of a man steps across the screen, adjusting the battered cowboy hat perched on his head. It's late and the streets are empty but for him and the sparse few behind him, following him. The cameras follow him as he travels through the streets, perhaps making a sound but none coming through. Something stops him dead in his tracks, the others stopping beside or behind him. After a few more moments pause, he steps forwards, motioning for the others to stay where they are. They obediently do as he says, waiting in their places, barely twitching. The cameras follow as he walks cautiously round the corner, stepping into a narrow alley.

The man stands in the entrance of the alleyway for a moment, then pulls a concealed gun from under his hat and rushes forward. The image on the screen is a black and white blur, the people off-screen no doubt standing obediently still as they have been instructed. A new figure stumbles from the alleyway, dark grey dripping from his pale grey fingers and down his black clothing. The silence remains, the sound undetected by the cameras. The struggle in the shadows can barely be seen, but is evidently there.

More men stumble from the shadows, many showing wounds and bleeding. Many fall do the groung within moments, others are brought down with silent gun shots. Eventually all signs of a struggle vanish. The man in the hat steps from the shadows, pulling a much smaller form along with him. A second form, slightly bigger than the first, stumbles out behind them, following them. Both of the new figures crumple to the ground in front of the people who have been staning on the path, obediently awaiting further orders. All is still for a few moments, and then the man in the battered cowboy hat turns, a smile slipping onto his face, and he raises his gun to the camera. His eyes search for a moment, then focus, and he adjusts his aim. He fires a single bullet, hitting the wire behind the camera perfectly, and the screen turns black.


A/N The whole CCTV thing was a bit of an experiment, I didn't want to do a regular flashback. I would like to know what people think of this.