In a dimension that isn't our own, there is a tower. A very tall tower. That floats around in the middle of a big empty space. It has gravity, it has oxygen, and for some reason, it also has a MCPU (Main ComPUter) that controls everything in the Tower.

I bet you're wondering why it's there, or where it is. I'm the wrong person to be asking. Because, I have no clue.

Now I bet you're asking why this is at all important. Oh, but it is very important. I named the tower, Platform Tower. For the reason that, it is possible to insert information directly to the MCPU, which causes one of the floors to act as what has been programmed into it.

By entering that floor, you can enter and be a 'player' in the thing that I've programmed. I usually just end up programming in games, because it's really no fun being part of a TV show, because nothing happens.

So far, I've just programmed in Silent Hill, which is basically the entire town plus the couple of dungeons before Heather goes to Silent Hill, I've put in the Reaper's Game from TWEWY, and a couple things from Grella. Basically, the Wile, Tokal, Volcana and Vast Sea Plaza Archipelago.

The only way I can get into it is with a special key. When in the Lobby, time passes as normal. But when on another floor the MCPU manipulates the minds of the 'player''s, so it feels like a few days have passed, but really, 10 seconds have passed.

I always make sure that there's a real time clock on the player's arm, so they know what time it is in real time.

I've also added in a separate personality into the system. I called her Kiyoko, just because it had to be done. She's completely based on Kiyoko from Humble Neighborhoods. So happy-go-lucky, smart, pretty, all that shizz.

She doesn't have any power over controlling the games, no power as the MCPU's, but she does have a little bonus. She can enter any game when she pleases. She's kind of like a AI thing. She lives in the tower, but she doesn't get bored. She loves playing the games, and often has gaming suggestions.

I've set save or 'exit' points in for each game. For games like Silent Hill, exit points are only at specific points. But in the Reaper's Game, they're anywhere outside of battle. In Grella, it depends.

When on the Wile, they're any town. That goes same for Volcana. In Tokal, it's anywhere. There's too much of an expanse between some towns. In the Vast Sea Plaza, they're on every island, and in a dungeon, depending on the size, there's a ton more. So if in the Vast Sea Plaza just, sailing between islands, you're kind of screwed if you need to leave.

I was talking about AI earlier with Kiyoko. Well, in places like Grella, there are people with actual personalities, but it's just like they live in that world. Which, I suppose they do. The same doesn't really work with SH and the Reaper's Game, well, aside from the Reaper's in their game.

The tower itself (probably should have mentioned this at the beginning), has an infinite amount of floors. The MCPU said there were other masters, but they passed on the key, and he's been alone for centuries. I think that's why I made Kiyoko, so he can watch her play the games. The MCPU and me are TIGHT DAWG! :D

There's probably one more really IMPORTANT thing I need to mention. When a player dies in the game, they don't die for real. Kiyoko and the MCPU wouldn't allow that. They just get sent out of the game and to the lobby. They can leave then.

Oh, wait. How I got here/How I became the Master of the Tower. I found a key, that opens up the dimension, then closes it straight as I let the desired people walk through.

Hope you enjoy reading us play!