everything's always crashing down into a million pieces,

and i just wish that i could be simple,

life is complicated,

and it never goes away,


baby, you tell me everything that makes me want to stay,

my mind is telling me to run away,

and i can't make any decisions,

could someone just help me wash away the night?


i want you,

i need you,

but the complications get in the way,

and i feel you straying with me,


i just need a little time,

just a little more time,

and you can be all mine,

could you wait for me?


i know i take it slow,

but i can't let myself get hurt again,

and i know you'll never let me go,

but the screaming inside my ears differs,


i just need you to be patient,

and i'll be something you'll never forget,

i'll never wanna regret,

so i gotta take it slow,


and i know,

honey, i know,

that i've put you through so much,

what makes you think that i'll be around for much longer?


i can't even think about something happening,

and i don't want to leave you,

i want to be with you,

but my heart is tattered and broken,


i want you to fix it,

i want you to fix me,

but nothing's working,

nothing's worth it,


i can't help the thoughts that run through my mind,

and i can't look you in the eye,

i know there's something wrong with me,

God, there's something wrong with me,


i want to be there for you,

not you always having to worry about me,

you deserve something .better.,

and i can't give it to you,


you're already there to catch me,

but i've caught myself so often,

that i can't bring myself to rely on you,

baby, i trust you,


but i can't give it to you,

i wish you could understand,

i wish i could change,

i wish you could see through my eyes,


i wish i could be better.