Little Miss Mannequin

A little more plastic, a little less skin

One more operation and she'll be a mannequin

She wants to buy the tickets to sluttyness and sin

Literally shape her image. How is this not win-win?


Her brain is inactive

At least she's attractive…


Maybe this prima donna could use a mind implant

But theres a saying, "Ignorance is bliss"

And Little Miss Mannequin has never heard of 'cant'

Isn't that obvious?


I don't like me this way

Reshape my DNA…


A little more plastic, a little less skin

Frightening proportions mean not enough portions

Painted like a fencepost and equally thin

Since her operations she's eating in rations


This diet's a winner

She can't get much thinner…


Funny little anecdote to end a tragic tale

Little Miss Mannequin went shopping to a sale

Collapsed in a dressing room in cool designer threads

No one thought to feel for pulse or see if she was dead


Saleslady checked the stalls

Fallen mannequin, that's all…


Now Little Miss Mannequin parades the coolest clothes

Her parents figure she's gone Hollywood- but god, who knows?

They put up "MISSING" posters but there seems to be no trace

And only god can recognize her altered plastic face…