Her name was Sara Green

She was a drama queen

She wanted everything

Handed on a silver platter

At only 17

Ready to hit the scene

Her folks said "finish school,"

But that stuff didn't matter


Oh yeah

She wanted Hollywood

She could make it

Yeah yeah

She knew she could

Ready for world wide fame

And boys screaming her name

She got on a plane headed for LA

She brought her head shot

Lying in bed looking hot

She got a publicist

To tell the world who she was not

She bought her first designer dress

It cost half a million dollars

But she wanted to impress

Wanted to hear the boys

Cheer and holler

And she got…

Hard work and haters

And friends turned into traitors

A thousand 'see ya later's

From boys who never called

And she had to stifle a laugh

Whenever she signed autographs

Cuz the Sara Green that people knew

Wasn't her at all

Who knew being famous could be this hard?

Sara Green

Was just a drama queen

Now she needs counseling

And people say she's cracked

She drives an armored Lexus

And has at least seven exes

Spilling secrets to the presses


(In place of chorus)

Oh yeah

She wanted Hollywood

But now her old forgotten life

Looks so damn good

She hates all this fame

She's sick of her own name

But she's trapped in La La Land and no one understands

She liked to bite her nails

And splurge when there were sales

Most of her fan mail scared her

Like, ""Why do people CARE?"

And she got called a loner

Cuz she didn't get a boner

Talking to a rapper

Bout extensions in her hair

Who knew being famous could suck this hard?

(replacement chorus)