Kelsey's producer lives in his mother's basement

Her singles on the radio thanks to product placement

She doesn't wear any makeup but she's got a scene to shakeup

Her parents don't believe her but soon they're gonna wake up


Cuz Kelsey-ey

Has got a melody

She's got music

Playin' in her brain

She'll never be a movie star

But she still does air guitar

And her lyrics are so sick

They're makin' her insane

And Kelsey's songs are rockin' round the neighborhood

Names not spreading very far and the pays not very good

But people sing along when they hear her song

And she strums that air guitar cuz she always knew she could

Kelsey's drummer used to be a plumber

And the guitar player is a secret dragon slayer

But they've got their own dot com and they're playing at the prom

And she's shaking like a leaf cuz some people wanna pay her


The mike is shaking in her hand and she can barely stand

She's live in La La Land- her band behind her there

Still can't believe its real- she got a record deal

But all she really feels is really, really scared

Guitar is playing and now she's saying

"God, this is amazing!"

The crowd is going crazy

She takes a breath and lets it out, grips the mike and shouts

"Everybody, help me out!"

Then she starts to sing


Cuz Kelsey-ey

Is where she wants to be

She's got music

Playin' in her brain

Hard to believe that she's

Livin' her fantasies

It all happened so quickly

It's so insane

She didn't try for world-wide fame

But she's here all the same

The fans, they scream her name