Title : Rainbow Thread
Writers : Ila Way! and updown2insideout
Rating : T
Synopsis : In the world that has been plunged into chaos and darkness, trust and loyalty was the hardest thing to believe in. Much more in love and friendship. The Night Society are the people who walked under the faint moon light, hiding their true identity, masking their feelings and their true self. How would this world without love turn to?


The night was damp after the rain stopped and there's no one present on the street since it had been past 3 in the morning. A girl scanned the area, making sure that there's no one there and after she was satisfied, she walked across the vacant street and made her way to an underground tunnel. Once in a while, she would look back in suspicion. She felt like someone was following her and she didn't like it. She quickly went in through a secret door to her base, somewhere that no one should know. The door clicked, signaling that it was closed and an unknown identity smiled wickedly and retreated.

Meanwhile, unknown to both of the earlier ones was a raven haired girl, and she was watching the whole thing. She had no smile and nothing was shown through her face, not a single emotion. She stood there, watching the man, who was spying the earlier girl leaving the place with a wicked smirk. It seemed that he had found what he wanted but sadly, he never noticed the other girl watching his whole movement. After the guy left, she felt another presence coming right towards her direction. She hid herself and watched another girl, with dark auburn hair walking straight to the secret door, straight passed her. Her face showed that she was either angry or she was in a very foul mood.

The dark auburn haired girl entered through the door and closed it with quite a force, producing a loud slam. The girl who was watching everything this whole time retreated and left the scene, aiming to do her own mission. Carefully she left no trace of her presence and just disappeared along the silent road.

The first mentioned girl looked back. She was shocked with the sudden intrusion and the loud slam. There stood an angry girl. She was giving the other girl a very scary glare and she proceeded to close their distance. The other girl stepped back, from the look of it; things are not going to be good. And it was proved right. The dark haired girl came closer and in a split second, she slapped the other girl across the cheek with such force, stunning the other girl. There was burnt mark across the victim's cheek.

"What the hell...?" her eyes twitched and she glared.

"Did I ever tell you to watch your back?" asked the auburn haired girl in a raised voice. Her eyes flashed in anger and she looked like she could kill anyone in an instant. The other girl cupped her now reddened cheek and stared at those angry eyes wildly. She couldn't say a thing. "Do I need to ask you twice, my lovely Yarhzoule?"

The girl who was slapped snaped. She was not a girl too be taken lightly by others. Nor is she pushable.

Before, the room was as calm as the deep sea, but just as sudden, a gust of wind blew across the room. Yarhzoul hair flew around her wildly and her eyes flashed red. The other girl seemed to be pushed by the sudden wind, but she held on to her ground.

"Yarhzoule!" the auburn haired girl yelled with much authoritative.

As if she was slapped back to the present, Yarhzoule stumbled back. Her breathing was fast, her eyes unsteady. As sudden as it happened, the wind subsided. Yarhzoule's lips curved down. She stared and glared back to the person who had just slapped her and she snapped back, "What? What did I do that you have to slap me, Echa?" She too was furious but she tried to contain herself as much as she could. What the hell that she did that make her deserve the slap? The dark auburn haired girl, Echa, glared at her back. "Didn't you notice that someone has been following you all the way here?" she asked with an angry tone.

"What?" Yarhzoule asked, now she knew why she felt like someone was following her earlier. So, someone really did follow her. She looked at the angry girl back, this time her eyes were questioning.

"I know you heard me, Yarhzoule. Somebody did follow you and from the looks of it, I think he's from the other organization. Did you wear your mask?"

Yarhzoule looked down, and then she smiled a bit. "Of course I did. Who do you think I am?"

"Which identity did you use?" asked Echa, raising one of her slim brow.


"Burn it. The mask," ordered Echa. Once the identity was founded, it was necessary to cut it. Luckily for Yarhzoule, she didn't really like that identity. She was really glad that she used the mask. If she used her another identity, Rebecca, she'd hate it to burn the mask down. Obeying the order from her partner, she got the particular mask and burnt it down. Echa smiled in relief.

"So, we need to get a new meeting place now," Yarhzoule said slowly, almost like a whisper but loud enough for Echa to hear it. Echa smiled, "Yes, we do."

In this world, almost everything was done undercover and that includes war. It's a scary world where people would have to rely on secret identities. Since once they are find out, the final would be a direct violent death. If you're lucky it would be fast and it would not hurt but if you're unfortunate you might have to suffer before you die. But of course that only applies to the night societies.

"Late night, bright moon, two sisters inside the room. I see storm and I see fire raging and they hide it all with masks, with thorns. One thing leads to another. One spied and she spied another." The dream watcher smiled, she knew everything and she finds happiness in knowing it. She used to curse her talents, her forbidden knowledge of things. But lately, she was as grateful as ever, believing that she might be helping the world though by little steps towards the future. Though she had a little uncertainty in her mind. Because future changes and when it changed, it could get worse. On the bright side, if it becomes better then the world itself was saved.

"Princess, it is almost time for you to get to the meeting room," said a loyal servant politely. His eyes were down and he bowed slightly while he bends his knees. There was a trace of smile, a soft smile and the princess smiled back before pouting, revealing her deep dimple, and whined, "Derick, I said not to call me princess, right?" The servant raised his brows and smiled, "I was paid to call you that, my princess."

"But that doesn't mean that you really have to call me that!"

"Alright, alright, princess. Now may I escort you to the meeting room? The Way Famiglia's boss has arrived and we certainly don't want them to wait too long, right?"

"Okay, okay. I get it," the dream watcher walked passed her loyal servant who proceeded to follow the girl to where she was supposed to. "And remember, don't call me that anymore."