Title : Rainbow Thread
Writers : Ila Way! and updown2insideout
Rating : T
Synopsis : The Night Society are getting active day by day with more death in tow. Yarhzoule was given the task to kill Echa while Ujud and Udin were tired of being attacked from the outside. The dream watcher was forced to sign the truce with the Way Famiglia.


"So, I want you all to make a tutorial about WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO and FAO. Send it by next week, okay, class?" said Miss Azwa with a smile. Some of the students responded with weak 'okay' while the others sighed. Man, they hated homework. A group of students waved their Health Science lecturer bye and left the classroom with one thing in mind, lunch. It had passed 2 and everybody was, well, starving. Once they were out of the classroom, some of them gathered outside, the ten of them.

Sam was the first to ask, "So, we're going to the usual cafe, right?"
"Yeah, the drinks are cheaper there," replied Yarhzoule with a smile, flashing her small dimples to her friends. Melissa nodded in approval and the rest of the friends smiled. They always had lunch together. It made them feel belonged. On their way to their usual cafe, Haikalao popped out some jokes and made his friends laugh. Haikalao was one of the jokers in this friend chain along with Ujud and Arwin. Sam made good jokes too at times. When they arrived there, they took their seats, joining the two tables there together. It was necessary for the big group.

They ordered their drinks and took their plates, filling them with food. Azra, the class treasurer or also known as the class mob or 'ah long' filled hers with plentiful of rice, fried chicken and a little bit of vegetables. She hated vegetables but she had to eat them, her mother told her so and being a good daughter she was, she had to obey it. Arwin laughed at her and the rest joined too sending Azra red with embarrassment and a little bit of anger. Then suddenly Ujud asked, "Hey, did you guys heard about last night's news?"

"What about last night?" asked Melissa back. That gained everybody's attention and they focused on Ujud who explained, "Well, I heard it from my brother. He told me that one of his classmates was found dead near our apartment, Perdana."

"Really?" Azra asked back. It was pretty shocking news. Well, kind of. The crimes here were high but they never heard of murder cases yet so far probably because they are all newbie, freshmen. Ujud nodded, "Yeah. I was pretty shocked myself. I didn't know it was this dangerous in this town."

"Well, to be honest, the crime rate here is pretty high but still, murder cases are rare. And to think that it was so close to our University and your place was pretty scary indeed," Ila added. She was the only local student in the group. The others came from the other town so they didn't really know the place like Ila does. Some of them frowned and some bit their lips. "But you guys don't have to worry, crimes always happens at night so if you guys stay at home you all will be safe."

They stared at Ila with hopeful eyes. Lately the night societies had been very active all over the globe. It was scary. They didn't even know if one of them is the members of the society. It was forbidden to talk about night societies at day. You might get killed. It was a sensitive issue. Echa stole a glance to Yarhzoule's direction. She wished that no one knows that she was one of the night society members. It could be fatal if someone knows. What if one of her friends here was one of the night society members too? And what if they are from the different organization? She couldn't risk herself to get killed so she made a face instead, hiding her own musings.

"I'm scared," Yarhzoule voiced her heart out. Either it was true or not, no one knows.

"You don't have to be scared. Azra's with you, right?" asked Melissa. She was concerned about her friends but there's not much she can do to help now.

"Yeah. And if someone tries to do anything or you noticed that someone's stalking you, you tell me immediately. I'll send that guy off to hell," assured Sam. He doesn't want his friends to be scared from this incident.

"Well then, cheer up, people!" smiled Ila and everyone went back to their task, filling their stomach with existing food.

The next day however, another death occurred and this time Echa and Yarhzoule were the ones who have found the body. Echa stared at it and studied it carefully. There were marks on the dead man's chest and it looked suspiciously like a stab. They couldn't find any knives nearby. "So, what do we do now, Yarhzoule?" asked Echa as she let out a heavy sigh.

"Well, we couldn't possibly call the police or anything so I guess we better let it be as it is," replied the girl. She wondered what have this man done to get him killed. But then that doesn't really matters since he was already dead. Probably he was one of the members of the night society. If he was then they shouldn't be bothered by his death since the war between the organizations all over the world had already started. And the organizations would do anything to win it. They too are going to get killed if they are not careful.

Nobody really knows what had started the war between the organizations. Only the upper ups know and they don't have the leisure to tell either Yarhzoule or Echa even though they are the elites in the organization. Echa yawned and left the place followed by Yarhzoule. Just a minute after they left the scene, the body was dragged to south by a figure.

Echa and Yarhzoule was unaware of it and walked to their new base since their old ones was discovered. This time they got an underground base. It was located under a shopping mall car park so they had to be careful to enter it. They had to make sure that nobody was around so after they were satisfied they went in and began their duty as the Night Members. As soon as they entered, they spotted a black envelope on Yarhzoule's table. Yarhzoule quickly took it. It might be an order from the Organization. She then carefully open it, taking out the content and read it. Echa raised her brow and asked, "So? What does it say?"

Yarhzoule stared at Echa for a while and then she breathed out, "It seems that we're doomed."

"What do you mean we are doomed?"

"It says that we..." Yarhzoule paused for a minute, not sure to either tell her partner or not. Echa came closer and snatched the paper right from her hand and read it. Her eyed widened in shock and she looked at her partner's direction. Yarhzoule stared back and continued her issue, "We will have to eliminate one of us."

Echa burned the letter and stared at it as it turns to ashes. "I don't like it. At all," she said slowly. Yarhzoule smiled and cooed, "Well, if you don't like it, we might as well not do it."

"Damn it! Why the hell did we keep being attacked?"

For once, the pressure is high on their side and it's hard to keep in pace. "From the darkness, I chant thou name. From the deepest pleasures, you shall obey my will!"

The group of the attackers was stunned and Ujud smiled, it seemed that his dark sorcery was working well. His brother, Udin laughed at him. The spell sounded so wrong but it didn't matter, as long as the aim was right and he put his soul into command, any type of chant will do.

"Shut it will you!" snapped Ujud and he threw a ball of energy at one of the guys who were about to attack Udin from behind. "Pay attention, damn it!"

"Why should I? I know you'll back me up, little brother," Udin laughed. He directed a thunder bolt at one of his attacker with a wave of his hand lazily. "Just get it over with. There are gonna ruin my good shirt."

Ujud swore loudly but he started to focus. He took a deep breath and his eyes turned black instantly. Coal black. "To thou I call you. The power recites within the devil. Burn these bastards to the ground. Let their ashen bones cover this ground."

The air around them crackled with electricity while screams erupted from the attackers of the two brothers. Their bodies crumbled down as the two brothers heard cracking of bones, leaving behind white ashes. Then, it all went quite.

"I don't understand?" Ujud inquired. "I asked them to be burnt to ashes. Why weren't there any flames?"

"Because you didn't ask the Dark Lord properly, you idiot," Udin smacked the back of his brother's head, earning a small scream from the other. "If you want to know, that hurts, Udin!"

"Well, I won't do it if it doesn't hurt you," replied Udin coolly which made Ujud got even angrier. "I swear! If you're not my brother, I'm gonna fucking kill you!" At times like this, he couldn't really control his anger. He was tired and he got rid of 90% of the intruders and yet he's still being laughed at. Udin laughed again and hit him on his back. When Ujud was about to punch him he stepped back and there goes Ujud's punch into the air. "You're 3 years too young to punch me," Udin smiled and went to observe the damage.

Once he laid his eyes on his surrounding, he let out a loud shriek. Ujud closed his ears and sighed. "Omigosh! How does this happen?" asked Udin. The whole base was destroyed. Udin ran to his half destroyed desk and frantically searched for his belongings. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! I can't find it!" Ujud raised one of his brow and sighed, "I believe that you're searching for your folio, right?"

"Did you see it anywhere? Or did it got burned? No!! I can't believe this! That's my life! Gahhh!" The frustrated Udin ran around and screamed almost annoyingly much to Ujud's dismay.

"I saw you hide it under the carpet just before we was attacked," said Ujud bluntly.

"Oh. Really?" Udin asked back and he pulled the carpet out. "Yes! My baby!" He took the enveloped folio and smiled in satisfactory. Ujud came closer and asked, "What's in there actually? You've been treasuring it for quite some time."

Udin looked at his younger brother with a displease look, "Well, it's none of your business, Ujud."

Ujud's vein popped out in anger, "What did you say?" After all this time he's with his brother, why does he still keep secrets from him? He didn't understand that. He never kept any secret from his brother but why doesn't his brother do the same for him? Sometimes he even wonder if his brother really cared about him. Or did his brother still think him as a child? He's not a kid anymore and he certainly had the right to know things.

"Nothing! Now let's go and find a new base," smiled Udin, ignoring his younger brother's growing wrath and leaving the now run down place.

The meeting between the dream watcher and the leader of Way Famiglia had lead to another rendezvous between the two. The first meeting was cut short since the leader of the later was called for an urgent matter. The family head really had to go and the Famiglia's right hand man had bowed in the manner of asking an apology and asked them to forgive their boss for being rude. But before they left, the guy who claimed himself as the Famiglia's right hand man had handed the dream watvher a soft pink envelope. And this time, the dream watcher was the one who was invited to the Way Famiglia's headquarters.

The dream watcher sat on one of the black leather sofa in the waiting room, accompanied by her most trusted 7 guardians, including Derick, her best keeper that she almost regarded as a big brother. All were either standing protectively around her or keeping watch at the oak door.

She examined the spacious luxurious room. "Look Derick. Even a mafia's headquarters has to have a chandelier for their waiting room. I bet the boss has an even more magnificent decoration."

"Princess, we do have a chandelier too, imported from France."

"Yeah, but it's only in the living room," the dream watcher shrugged. "By the way, it's Kara, not princess." Derick just nodded and smiled knowingly, watching his princess pouting a bit to show her displeasure of the nick name. She didn't fancy people calling her princess because she is certainly not one. She wasn't born in the royal family but since she had this ability and became the leader of the Organization, just to be polite of her young age, most of the members would call her princess. She had always told them not to call her that but most of them would smile and said that it's just cuter to call her that way.

They heard a knock coming from the big oak door. It was faint but loud enough for everyone in the room to hear it. All 7 guardians stance changed to that of ready for combat and they stood by the dream watcher protectively as if afraid the princess would be snatched away before their very eyes. The door opened slowly, it made a soft cracking noise and a neat looking woman in black suit entered the room politely. She wended her way to the dream watcher slowly, careful not to provoke the dream watcher's guardian. "The boss is ready to meet with you, Lady Kara," she bowed a low bow in front of the dream watcher, Kara. "And he wishes to meet you at the boss' guest living room."

Kara stood up, "Well, it's nice to know that he's finally ready."

"But in one condition," that stopped Kara and the others on their tracks. "The boss wishes for all of you to leave any type of weapons, for he is not in the mood to fight anyone just now."

"That's bullshit!" Baron, the most short tempered of Kara's guardian started to protest. "Baron," Kara held her hand to stop him. Her voice was soft but there was no mistaken the authorative that it held. She looked at the woman in suit. "That's fine by me."

Hearing this, her 5 guardians lay down their weapons while the other two still held on to theirs. A look from Kara, made them dropped their weapons in resignement.

"And, he wishes for only the dream watcher to meet him. The others could wait outside of the room, if they wish too." This caused another uproar, not only from Baron, but the others as well. Kara just nodded understandingly. In this world full of betrayal and mistrust, it was necessary to take certain measures to keep oneself safe.

"That's fine, but, since your boss has lay down some conditions, I would like to do the same too." She looked at Derick, and then at the woman. "Derick will come with me as my advisor."

The woman was about to open her mouth but was cut short by Kara. "He is my other half. If he is not in the same room, neither shall I."

The woman made a move of cupping her ears and nodded as if she was acknowledging something. Then, she spoke, "The boss has acknowledged your wishes. The others will stay here."

Derick nodded and he and Kara followed the woman who showed them the way to the guest living room. While they were walking through the long, almost never ending-like hallway, Kara took the liberty to look over the paintings that was hanged on the luxuriously decorated walls. The paintings were somewhat abstract but weird. The kind of weird that attracted people.

"We're here." Now they were standing in front of a crafted oak door, so huge that you could fit a small house.

"Wow," whistled Kara. The woman knocked the door and opened it quietly. "Boss, the dream watcher is here to meet you."

"Let her in," a low voice commanded. Kara and Derick was let through the threshold. Inside, they saw a guy, standing by a window in an expensive suit. He was looking at something outside the window which seemed to fascinate him.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Way Famiglia's Ninth," Kara courtesy at the guy. Derick beside her only bowed his head just to be polite.

The guy turned around and bowed back politely. Then he smiled a bit, though he looked like he was mocking the two guests. The guy has a deep blue hair, quite long in length with a mesmerizing blue oceanic eyes with a hint of green flecks. Kara stared at him and smiled again. This Ninth of the Way looked just like what a boss should be. He looked strong and he has that mysterious aura that made other drawn into him. But then, somehow, this man here looked a bit too shadowy, and that made Kara felt at unease around him.

Not wanting to stare at those mesmerizing blue eyes for too long, "Uhm, so can we start now?" asked Kara to the guy. The guy nodded and ushered her and Derick to the black leather sofa. Then he opened his mouth, "I guess I can wake the boss up now." Kara blushed, so she just greeted the wrong person. She ignored the slight blush and silently wished how good it is if she had dreamed this before she went here. What the hell? She couldn't dream a single thing about herself even if her life depended on it.

When the two guests made to sit one of the long sofa, they noticed the back of a figure sleeping peacefully at the sofa opposite theirs. The figure had a small figure and they wondered if this is the real Ninth. The person wore black suit with dark blue shirt and his or her hair was long but not too long, about the shoulders at length. Kara also noticed that this person didn't even take off his or her black leather boots even when he or she was asleep on the couch. She wonder what kind of person this figure is, judging by the appearance, this person must be gay. Then, as if he was trying to wave her thoughts off, the deep blue haired guy touched the figure softly by the shoulder and he shook him slowly. "Ninth, I think you should wake up now."

The figure moved a bit and with a tired voice he spoke, "Uhh, I'm so tired. What is it, Xarles?"

Xarles smiled and replied, "The dream watcher is here, Ninth. And you just shamed yourself by letting them see you in your poor unmannered condition."

"Eh? They are here already?" he asked with a soft but shocked voice, not aware of his surroundings.

"Yes, ninth. Just right behind you." Somehow, the ninth seems a bit funny. She even wondered how the hell this boy got to be a mafia boss. It's almost a crime to see him like this. Xarles smiled at Kara which made Kara blushed again. He noticed it. But Kara just smiled back, not wanting to shame herself again.

The figure sat up abruptly, shocking the other two in the room. Xarles only chuckled at his boss' antics. The figured stared at both Kara and Derick with hazed eyes. Then he rubbed his eyes in manner that a mafia boss shouldn't because it made him look so childish. Kara was a bit shocked with this. The figure turned out to be a bit too feminine to be a boy and a bit too childish to be a mafia boss. Xarles came closer to his boss and whispered something. The Way famiglia's boss eyes widened at it and, "What? They have been waiting for me?"

"Yes, Ninth."

The Way Famiglia boss stood up and bowed a bit, "I'm really sorry. I wasn't aware of your arrival, dream watcher." He cleared out his throat.

Kara blinked. The Ninth looked not a day older than her. How could someone so young control a world renowned mafia family? And how could he be so polite? For a mafia?

Derick coughed softly beside her, reminding her to be polite. "No, it's ok." Kara smiled at the ninth and bowed her head slightly. "I'm used to wait for people."

The Ninth sat back on his sofa and sent a death glare at Xarles. "Can you please bring us some tidbits. Tea would be good, Xarles. Ah, and don't forget my cheesecakes! Might as well share with the dream watcher and her friend."

"As you wish," he smiled slyly and retreated into the shadows.

"So, what does a great mafia boss like you would want from someone as lowly as me?" Kara said straight to the point. Maybe she was tired of waiting, of maybe she felt like getting out of there fast after being humiliated by someone unknown. All the same, she just wanted this to get over with and go home and sleep.

Surprisingly enough, the ninth of the Way Famiglia just chuckled. "I won't start business with someone I just met without any introduction. Please, enlighten me about yourself," he said playfully.

Kara smiled. She seemed to like this ninth boss of the Way Famiglia. He wasn't as boring as she thought. "I don't mean to be rude, but you were the one who asked to meet me. Why don't you introduce yourself first?" and she smiled, eyeing the boss.

The ninth chuckled. "As expected from the leader of the Dreamer Organization. I have picked well in making you to be my ally."

Kara widened her eyes in trepedition. Of all the things, she hadn't been expected to be handpicked by the boss himself to join him. Her guess was that the ninth wanted his future read out, like how the rest of the people would. But she was proved wrong.

"Pardon me?"

"I know you heard me. I just want you to do one little tiny thing for me." The ninth stood up and strode to his desk, taking out something from his drawer.

Kara looked at Derick who only gave her 'I-don't-like-this' look. And when she turned to look at the ninth, he was already directly in front of her. He shoved a thick stack of paper at her face.

"Now, what you need to do is to sign this."

Kara read the header of the paper. It was an agreement to make a pack with the Way Famiglia. "And what if I don't?" Kara held her gaze steadily at the ninth.

"Then I shall make you sign this by force," the ninth said with a smile which looked malovelant.

At hearing this, Derick stood up defensively, his eyes flashed dangerously. The ninth only smiled, but there was a threatening aura about him that made Kara shivered. Damn, if only she could see her own future, then she would have been prepared for this.

Not wanting her friend to get hurt, Kara stood up and laid her hand on Derick's shoulder. Derick relaxed. A bit. She then gazed at the ninth, unwavering. "Alright, I will consider you proposition. If I find it satisfying, I will agree to sign this pack."

Derick made a move to protest but he knew better than to oppose either Kara or the ninth. Kara took the document from the ninth, who smiled playfully. Just then, Xarles came in with the tea and desserts the ninth had ordered.

"Why don't we enjoy this tea while Lady Kara reads through the document I've prepared. Oh, and enjoy yourself with the cheesecake, I swear it's really good."

"Actually, it was me who prepared it," said Xarles with a smile as he laid down the tea.

"Under my direct orders," added the Ninth with a wave of his hand.

Kara fought the urged to role her eyes at both the boss and his right hand man. She sat back at the sofa and started flipping through the pages. Derick sat next to her, guarding her.

The document was all about naming the Dreamer Organization under Way Famiglia reined. The Dreamer Organization must not get in the way of the Way Famiglia actions, nor could they question the Way's doings. Kara was relieved as she read the document. Basically, the Dreamer Organization will only be under the Way Famiglia, but they can still do whatever they want. As she reached the last page, her face turned down. There, written in bold and capital letters was that the Dreamer must not interact or make contact with any other organization other than the Way Famiglia.

This was extremely disturbing for her. It was against her policy just to keep to herself when others asked for help. The Dreamer who was famous for its pacifism always helps other organizations, the good and the bad ones. Their neutral factor had made them strong and able to stand on their own in this world full of war, for such a very long time.

Derick saw the look on her face and could only watched her. If there were alone right now, if there were not in any matter of business, he would've long given her a hug of comfort. The tea in front of them was abandoned, as there were too absorbed in their own minds.

The Ninth examined his two guests and smiled his usual playful yet mysterious smile, sipping his tea. He knew that the dream watcher would not choose the option of refusing his proposal, for she was not oblivious to the fact that neither she nor her friends would leave the place alive if they opposed the Way Famiglia. The Ninth had planned it all so well till she was in this tight spot. He had purposely cancelled the meeting the night before this and had lured the dream watcher to his headquarters tonight. This place was his territory. It's hard for the other party to make any move, unless they want their heads send back to their organization in a platter.

"Nee, Miss Kara, why make such a tight face?" asked the ninth, as he observed the two while sipping his tea again. "Why don't you take a bite of the cheesecake? You know, it was made by our finest patisserie, and the cheese was especially imported from German. Plus, the tea made by Xarles is really good too, it will complete the taste."

Kara stared at the Ninth suspiciously. This man right here knows just exactly why she was being like this and now he could ask her why she made that face? The ninth stared back and he blinked before he made a very awkward statement, "D-don't worry! I didn't put anything in the cheesecake or the tea! So, feel free to nourish yourself." Kara blinked too, this is not what she had expected to hear from the ninth. The ninth looked down and he sighed. "I know I'm from the mafia but... I'd rather you regard me as one of your friends from now so, even though I know it's hard for you to trust me, at least lend me half of your trust then I'll pay it with my loyalty. We will protect you and your Organization and without any doubt we will not misuse you or hurt you or hold you hostage like some would say."

Again Kara was not sure whether the guy in front of her was actually the Way Famiglia's leading man. He was just so..... childish? Inconsistent? Nutcase? It was hard to choose from the three. She smiled inwardly and laughed out loud so suddenly, that even Derick who knew her for the most of his life was stupefied with her sudden outburst. The Ninth and Xarles starred at her and there was no mistaken the look they were giving her, that she was a lunatic who had escaped from the asylum. Though Xarles covered his dumfoundedness better than his boss.

"Did I say something wrong?" asked the Ninth with an awkward smile.

Kara waved her hand and tried to stifle her laugh. After a few more minutes and battling the stitch oh her stomach, Kara composed herself. "No, no. You did nothing wrong Ninth. It's just that.... I find you very interesting."

The Ninth, unexpectedly blushed. "Thank you, I guess."

Kara smiled warmly at the Ninth and whispered to Derick for a pen. She then signed the document flouroshly. Derick all the while, tried to restrained himself from shaking his princess from signing a pack with the devil. But there was nothing he could do. He respected her decision, for he knew that all her action has its own reasons.

Handing the document to the Ninth, Kara hoped that she had made the right decision. Suddenly, there was a knock on the great door. Everyone's attention was to it. It opened without any assurance from the inside, revealing a raven haired man, taller than Kara and the Ninth but shorter than Derick and Xarles. He entered with an emotionless face, his eyes on the Ninth, and only him.

Kara saw the gaze the man gave to the Ninth. Though his face was impassive, his eyes had something on it. Something which doesn't go with the expression. Kara turned to the Ninth, and he was too, staring at the man who had just entered.

"Alaric, it is time for your study," the man said with a steady voice. The Ninth face transformed to one of a child who had received his Christmas presents early. He skipped towards the man, and when he was almost to the door, he turned and wave goodbye to Kara and he said, "Sorry, I have to go now. Thanks for coming today." And with that, he was gone from their sight.

Xarles shook his head at his master's manners. He bowed apologetically at both Kara and Derick. "I am really sorry for his sudden leave. If you are tired, we have rooms prepared for you."

"No thanks," Kara shook her head and yawned. "I might not be able to sleep in a foreign place. Thanks for the offer." Before she could turn and leave, Xarles produced a dark blue card from the pocket of his coat and presented it to her.

"This is an invitation for the Way Famiglia's Party which will be held next month. The ninth has asked me to hand this to you." Kara took the card from Xarles and thanked him. With that, she and Derick returned to the others and left the place. When she finally gathered back with her other guardians, she was happy. She was happy to be reminded back that she had such great people around her. Her other guardians were very worried about her and they were so anxious about her doings during the long one hour with Alaric. Alaric, now she knew the Ninth's name and it made her smile thinking how childish the Mafioso could be.

"Alright, I think I need some sleep now," informed Kara to the rest of her guardians on their way back home.