Break me, Hate Me, Let Me Forget You…

You asked me to move on,

I listened and watched from a far.

My love, was it not enough to break me,

But to show off that your replacing the love you had for me?

I hate that I can see you everyday and smile.

Just like the girl who is now at your side.

Now it's been a month or so,

(I've lost my count).

I needed someone to hold me,

So that maybe I didn't slip into that fire-like oblivion…

Even though it's where I long to be.

I didn't want to write upon my wrist like I did.

Another month,

(It's been almost half a year I believe...).

You've lost your memory from that accident you had.

Me and you together again?
Oh how I would love that to be,

But I knew you could never love me.


(It's only been a day? It's been years to me…).

I don't have much to say since you've woke up.

I can't stand up for myself and I long too much…

I miss you and now you can miss me too,

I'll give myself away to the blood because I DON'T want to remember…