~Heaven has no rage, like love to hate turned~

You bloody dick-sucking faggot! What do you think about yourself? You think you can just go around hurting people and still pretend to be innocent? Consider your fucking self lucky that I wasn't born as a guy – cause if I were, I would seriously have murdered you in the most disgusting and painful way possible! And I'm serious! No wonder I never had a good feeling about this! You're not worthy of ANYTHING! You're just worthy of a painful, suffering death, in my hands! MY HANDS! You got that?

I'll attack you in the middle of the night! You'll be sleeping, and I'll look down at you mercilessly…I'll wake you up, very charmingly, with an innocent smile. You'll be god-damned surprised…cause my presence in your room is something…unlucky.

"What are you doing here? At this time of the night?"

I'll smile. "I just had to come. I couldn't control myself anymore, my feelings for you…they are just so strong, my dear. I can't hold them back anymore. I just have to reveal what I have for you…"

I'll smile even more, and I'll start running my finger down your fair neck… "You see…my feelings for you are the most different. And tonight, I will show you…I'll show you how my feelings are for you…I'll show you everything…everything I can do for you…and believe me, my darling, no one else in this world can do anything like this to you…I am unique, I am different…I am Sabrina."

I'll bend down low over you, and level my eyes with yours. "Do you want to see what this lovely body of mine is capable of? You wanna feel the feelings I feel for you? Hmm…"

I won't care about your reaction. Because I don't. I'll hide your vision by placing my right hand over your eyes…

And then…I'll take the knife in my left hand and before you realize it, I'll stab you. I'll stab your heart, right there. Yes, the place where you feel…and you'll scream. Oh, yes, the scream! Do you feel the pain? The pain, the pain you gave to that person? Oh no you don't! Cause you don't know what it feels like you bloody SONOFABITCH! And I'll remove my right hand from your eyes and see that look and you'll see those feelings clear in my eyes. HATRED.

I'll stab you, again and again, till I feel you heart ripped off with holes and tear it apart! How does it feel, you faggot?!


And it's not over! Then I'll stab your stomach, and then I'll rip off every single part of your body! And the BLOOD!! The dark, red blood! I'll splash your whole bed with your blood! I'll play with it, you FREAK! And then, your face. Your fucking face! You think you have a great face?! You think you're handsome? No you're not! You think all girls go crazy for you, just cause they think your hot? No you're not! You're wrong! You're the ugliest bitch to walk this planet! And I'll stab your BEAUTIFUL face! Oh, wait…but the disappointment is that this time…there won't be any screams…cause you'll be dead!

And then I'll take a bucket full of worms and pour it over your disgusting body! And then I'll spit on you! You get it? I'll take a vase and then smash it against your leftovers! I'll take a hockey stick and beat you up!!


…oh, wait…I already did.

~Hell hath no fury like a woman [girl] scorned~

a/n: How was that? Cool, huh? This one's written by one of my best friends, Sabrina, and I couldn't help publish it. Hope you guys liked it!! ^__^ R&R!