The school bell chimed just as Dakota pulled up in the small car park that had been put to the side of the building for the sixth former students. She sighed as she climbed out of the car, her heeled boot hitting the floor first causing people to stop and stare at her. She knew that this would be the reaction she would get when she came back to school this year since the uniform rule had been banned last year. She was the "fat girl" of the year group but it had never bothered her because she was still really beautiful and she knew it. She just wasn't one of those cocky, arrogant plastic girls that believed the world should revolve around them.

The girl was breathtaking in her individual looks. She had pale ginger hair that looked almost blonde in some lights. She had it styled so that her fringe covered her face and her feathered layers bounced as she moved. Many of the guys in the school had had wet dreams where it had started from simply running their hand through the locks that never seemed out of place and she sure as hell never allowed anyone to touch it. Summer green grass eyes twinkled with amusement as she made her way through the day. She'd sit at the table where she'd gather with her friends and her floating laugh could make anyone want to join in the joke. She didn't wear fashionable or labelled clothes because she complained that it was hard to find clothes in her size that made her feel confident about her body so she wore clothes that she'd picked from a chain store and there had even been gossip that she'd been seen shopping in a charity shop. It was apparent that half of her outfits were designed by her and that added to her quirkiness. She refused to allow herself to feel victimised because of her weight. She did diet and when nothing seemed to help, she just continued on the diets but learnt to be proud of her weight. That pride only increased when she was approached by a plus size modelling agency. She just hadn't told anyone about that yet even though she had agreed to go to an induction photo shoot.

She slammed the door of her car shut and pressed the button on the key that zapped it locked. She flicked back her hair as she looked up at the stone building that was once again going to be her prison for the next ten months of her life. She was just thankful that it was her final year before she thought about moving away to university. "Dakota!" She turned to see the shrill scream of her best friend, Dionne Truman and waved. The girl moved over to her and gave her a hug. "You look amazing!" Dakota smiled as she thought of how long she had stared at her bursting wardrobe this morning searching for a half decent outfit before sticking to tight jeans, a baggy tee shirt that hung over one shoulder revealing a bra strap and a pair of knee high brown boots. She'd never been one to care about fashion rules.

"I'm really starting to wish that we had kept the uniform." She commented dryly before nodding her head towards the building. Pulling her bag further up her shoulder, she twirled her keys around her finger before clutching them in her hand when a car screeched to a halt right next to her leg. She didn't have to guess twice at who it was.

Ford Stuart was the It boy of Emerson High and he sure knew how to wind everyone up that wasn't one of his friends. She could see his smug smile as he stared at her. She just offered him her most dazzling smile before flashing him her middle finger and continuing across the car park. "God, he's such a jerk." Dionne said harshly as she linked arms with Dakota again, turning back to give him one cold glare whereas Dakota didn't even bother looking back. He chuckled to himself as parked his car next to hers and climbed out. His sister, Tammy, just rolled his eyes as she stared at him watching after the girl.

"You nearly run her over and she just flipped you off. She's weird."

"Run away and play with your little friends, Tammy." He had warned her at home that the minute they pull up at school she was to leave so that no one important noticed that he was playing chauffeur to his baby sister instead of one of the plastics like he normally did. His sister just mumbled that he was a jerk before picking up her massive rucksack and walking through the gate that separated the sixth form block from the rest of the school. He had tried to explain to her before that the rucksack was out of fashion but Tammy wasn't one for fashion or popularity. She just wanted to know she had enough room for all her books. He wondered how it was possible for him to end up with a geek for a sister.

Locking the car, he found himself smiling as a pair of hands clapped down hard on his shoulders and he was pulled back in a man-hug. He knew it had to be Travis Green, his best friend since nursery and since then they'd stuck together. Travis, however, wasn't as popular as Ford and didn't like the idea of hanging out with the plastic girls. He actually had a close friendship with Dakota and her friends. Ford and Travis rarely interacted in school and Ford felt bad for that but Travis understood the social status.

"How was your summer, brother?" Travis asked and Ford found himself turning round to look at him. He knew that he was guilt tripping him because at nearly every arranged meeting, Ford had bailed out on him to hang out with some dumb blonde that just ended up with a good shag and then that was the end of the relationship. His reached up to scratch the nape of his neck – a sign that he was nervous as Travis well knew – as he looked down at the ground.

"Travis, I'm sorry about not spending much time with you this summer."

"Oh, don't worry about that. It's not as if I don't have other friends. I spent quite a bit of time with Dakota and the guys." He shrugged his shoulders and Ford found himself wanting to ask if he had had more fun with "Dakota and the guys" then he had when he was with him but he didn't want to sound too much of a jealous ex.

"Oh well, how about we get together tonight? I know mum's cooking some fancy meal and she says she's not seen you in a while..." He started but stopped when he saw Amelia Francis step out of the sixth form building and call Travis' name. Amelia Francis was the math nerd of the school year and Ford was unsure to why she wanted Travis. "What does the nerd one?" He asked harshly and was shocked by the anger that flashed across Travis' face.

"I told you that I hung out with Dakota and the guys this summer. Amelia is one of Dakota's friends. You'd obviously not know that because you're too busy with your plastics." He sighed before shaking his head, "I'm sorry, Ford. Tea at your house sounds great tonight but I have plans with Dakota."

"Bring her too." Ford quickly blurted out and he knew it was because he wanted to see what the overweight ginger had to offer as a friend that much, Travis hadn't even missed him a little bit over the summer. He now felt even guiltier for not even making an attempt.

"You hate Dakota."

"I know but she's close friends with my best friend and besides, Tammy loves her so I'm sure Tammy will be more than impressed that she's over." He bluffed knowing that he had to blackmail his sister. Travis just nodded before moving over to Amelia. Ford watched as they embraced, their lips crashing against the other's cheeks before they moved inside and straight up the stairs to where the geeks all hung out.

"Ford!" He turned his head to the side and smiled at River Jones, queen bee and head cheerleader. They might have been an old fashioned catholic school in Northern England but it sure had American mannerisms that made the papers obsess over it. She walked over to him in her short skirt and he wouldn't have been surprised if she was told explicitly that they might have banished the uniform but common decency was still needed when walking about the school. "How was your summer? You never called me." She pouted deliciously and Ford smiled as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"I'm sorry, baby. It's been one of those summers where I didn't have two minutes to myself." He lied smoothly and she smiled at him.

"I knew it would be easily explained." She kissed him fully on the lips, her hands running through his hair.

"Miss Jones and Mr Stuart, that behaviour is not acceptable while at school. Now can you please put him down, Miss Jones, and go to form so you're not late on your first day?" River just flicked her hair back at Mrs Jenkins and nodded.

"I'm sorry, Mrs Jenkins but Ford has a bad influence on me." She gushed bending down to take hold of her bag, giving Ford a clear view of her backside and thong, before walking past the teacher. She looked over her shoulder and winked at him.

Ford knew this year was just going to be like all the others and he enjoyed that fact.


AUTHORS NOTE: Just a short teasing chapter for now. I hope you all like as always!