The girl standing there has got stars in her eyes and the boy to her left can't stop wishing. He sees her there completely oblivious, completely innocent, completely beautiful. He has to remind himself that he isn't dreaming, that she's real and the only reason he knows this is because he couldn't possibly imagine anything so perfect. He has to keep remembering that she's not a figment or a work of art because he knows that no artist could ever paint or sculpt and certainly not draw anything as flawless. He trips over words, his tongue is tied, his heart still pumping but he forgets to breathe. She stands there. Just stands there not saying anything, not moving, not even looking at him. But he can feel things that he's never felt and he can see when she glances--oh she glances, only a glance but enough for a lifetime--that she's got those stars in her eyes.

He's the most self conscious he's ever been. His veins pulse and what if she sees him glowing? What if she sees that all of his blood rushes to his cheeks and the rest of him is the combination of water and electricity, burning, exploding, heating, shocking, standing, staring, glancing, racing, wanting, waiting, wishing. What if she hears his thoughts as he stands there wishing.

He wishes for everything. He wishes for clich├ęs and he wishes for originals. He wishes for days that don't end and nights that never see dawn. He wishes for sparks--but then he has those. He wishes for stomach flips--but then it does that. He wishes to be on her right, he wants to be right, because it already feels right.

And the boy on her right. The boy on her right has the girl to his left. The boy on her right doesn't realize how lucky he is because the girl to his left isn't right. She's just there. The boy on her right doesn't have sparks, he has dull fire, burned on driftwood--blue. It's careless, but it's unusual and to her it's special. To her it's incredible and instead of the red passion the red sparks the red fire the red heart he has beating and the red blush he has burning she wants blue. Right Side's dull blue eyes and his emotions like driftwood--not enough to ignite the fire that she deserves.

But she stares at him with those stars in her eyes. And he's constantly wishing for anything because he's the boy to her right and he can do that. But the boy to her left--the boy who she left--he stands there wishing for everything. She is everything and he keeps on wishing. Wishing on those stars in her eyes. Stars that will never shoot over to him, stars that wouldn't move, locked into the blue sky. Locked away from him away from his heart, his red, red heart.

He's got stars on his mind and she's all he wishes for.