I am enthralled by you.

(why do I want you?)
I like the way you make me write,
Kid. you get objects in me, mo-
oving. (in every direction!).

I like(like): the white milkyness of your skin(that
looks as though it would taste of vanilla,if licked)
and the way you always smell of cigarettes.

You! a! highly used participant in
my masturbatory f.a.n.t.a.s.i.e.s.
You! my ever indulgent piece of
eighteen year old boy. (18-20=2)
[2 :time spent losing i n n o c e n t s].
You! a product of fallen star dust.
take a journal, write down your name for me!

and my boy if this scene, messes with your –
mental-off-switch, then pull the plug at your base!
and I'll find your pieces in the lime light,
so long as the clubs not 21 and over.