Wrote this for english Class. Had to write a gothic story, with all the gothic elements in it.

So go easy on me, i know it's not perfect. I had a three day deadline -.-


Minerva jumped up to reach her that shoes that were hanging from the light fixture. She hadn't grown any in the last year , so her reach was short by a few inches; the fifteen year old Minerva being only 5'2 and the light fixture being 6 ft off the ground.

This was the third time someone had stolen her shoes and hung them somewhere that she can't reach. The girls made fun of the fact that her skin was far darker than theirs and that it took her longer to learn French. Even after finally learning, her French was still no good. The only real friends Minerva had was her adopted sister, Jera and of course Nicole. Minerva had to admit that Nicole was her best friend, and maybe Adam but he was the cause of the bullying.

Adam was exactly popular, but many of the girls liked the tall strong, and somewhat okay-looking Italian teenager. The fact that Adam hung out with Minerva made her a target. Even if the bullish group of snobby girls were admittedly jealous it didn't justify stealing the only shoes that went with her required school uniform.

Feeling paranoid, Minerva nervously looked down the hall to make sure that no one was watching. Knowing the restrictions and taboos on using her powers, except for self-defense, Minerva felt a small enchantment wouldn't hurt. Whispering the words she's learned as a child in her home land long ago and the once immobile shadow hastened to detach itself and crawl quickly up the wall. Grabbing Minerva's shoes , and dropped them down to the awaiting mistress.

"Thank you. Now come back down here." the enchantress said rather sweetly. It shook its dark head, "No". "What? I can't let you loose again the teachers will give me detention." The mute colorless entity held up three fingers. "I'll give you 2 cookies and a strawberry." Obligingly the creature reattached itself back to its mistress.

Ecole Chateau was strict about Minerva using powers outside of the classroom. , but classes hadn't started yet, so what could be the harm. The school was located in a town bordering France and Germany making the two languages spoken almost French with a German accent, or German with a French accent. The castle was only visible to anybody with anybody with magic in their blood. All the students shared a room with 2 other people, and the boys had separate dormitories from the girls. Minerva was only into her second year of training, but still did not have complete control over her powers. But there was no spell that was going to get her to class on time. First class of the day: Reading omens.

Minerva rushed down the halls passing by the gargoyles that turned to watch her pass by. Finally reaching the classroom, and slipped in silently to the back of the room to her seat between Jera and Nicole.

"Have I missed anything?" Minerva asked out of breath.

"No." Nicole answered without looking.

"He's talking about the melancholy of life, and how he doesn't get paid enough for what he has to put up with."Jera explained sarcastically.

Nicole was originally from Spain. She had long raven black hair and tan skin. She was tall and strong for her age. Spanish born Nicole refused to learn German or French, thinking that both languages were useless and pointless to learn, because of this most people avoided her. Another reason people avoided her was because Nicole was a teenage werewolf, which made a lot of people see her as dangerous. So she usually hung out with Jera and Nicole because they knew her language and didn't judge her.

Jera was creole. Her father met her mother overseas. Jera's skin was a light brown, with long caramel colored hair. She spoke fluent French and Spanish. Jera's talent was making electricity shoot from her fingertips. Jera wasn't exactly a prodigy when it came to casting spells, but she loved to conduct electricity at her fingertips. So she wore nice tasteful gloves over her hands to avoid accidentally shocking people.

The teacher began his lecture, starting with the "thrilling" history of divination. Minerva wasn't paying attention to the lecture, her attention was focused on her tormentors sitting in the front of the room. All sitting together in the front row, all looking alike. Their leader was the only who stood out. Lillian, a beautiful brown haired , blue eyed "succubus" who looked like a perfectly sculpt statue that had come to life. Beautiful on the outside but absolutely horrid on the inside.

Lillian liked Adam, and hated anyone who stood in her way of getting to him. Meaning she wasn't just bullying Minerva for sport it was also personal. But of course all the teachers saw Lillian as nothing more than the ideal student. Good Behavior, and good grades.

Jera nudged Minerva in the arm and pointed at Lillian. Jera took off her gloves under the table showing off the little sparks that crackled at her fingertips. When the teacher turned his back for a moment, she shot a small stream of electricity at Lillian, watching as she jumped up and screeched. The teacher looked to the back of the room, but Jera had already slipped on her gloves and was pretending to take notes. Lillian sat back down and stared daggers at Minerva.

"Great! Just what I need, another reason for her to make my life hell." Minerva hissed at Jera.

"Oh please. She won't do anything. Lillian is a pampered dog. She won't do anything that might risk her breaking a nail." Jera said teasingly. It was true. Lillian skipped any class that involved any kind of physical labor. She had an excuse for everything. For gym, she claimed she had a condition that made her weak, and for archery she said that she was allergic to the feathers on the arrow, and the list goes on. But even though Lillian never directly physically hurt, the mental anguish of seeing her throw herself at Adam was just pure mental torture.

After class Minerva was continually bumped into by Lillian's followers, until she dropped her bag, spilling her books on the floor. Minerva bent to pick up her books, but Adam had already picked them up and was handing them over.

"Your too fast." Minerva said. She couldn't help but smile. His powers being somewhat an enigma, and what he described as "complicated", Adam only used his abilities in small amounts. He was put in the "special" classes for students with rare and powerful abilities

"No. Your just slow." Adam answered teasingly. "You really shouldn't let those girls bully you. You can fight back."

"I'm failing gym just because of how weak I am. I doubt I can fight back."

"What about your little shadow? You could try scaring them."

"NO." Minerva said sternly. "The last time I tried doing that, the person went crazy."


"She became a schizophrenic! It took her months for the affects to wear off!"

"Oh. Well if they give you anymore trouble, you come find me, alright? I'm here for you."

"Alright." Adam had a certain charisma that always made Minerva's heart beat faster. Thankfully the rest of the day didn't go as bad as she thought it would. There weren't as many pranks, as she thought there would be. The worst prank she had ever encountered was having her gym shoes thrown in the pond.

When Minerva finally finished classes and made it back to her room, Nicole and Jera were still up talking about their classes. Minerva bid them goodnight and went straight to bed. It eventually got quiet and everyone was sound asleep, and dead to the world. So they didn't hear the door to the room creak open, and a dark figure crept in. Minerva's shadow sensed the intruder, freed itself, and tried to wake her up. It tried to shake her awake but she brushed it off. The dark figure got closer, and raised an Axe over her head. The shadow eventually resorted to slapping her in the face. Minerva sat up in her bed at first angry, but then saw the rusty Axe coming down towards her. She jumped out of bed and tried to crawl away. The figure cornered her, and Minerva just froze. The Axe came down at her but thankfully it didn't make contact. Nicole had jumped on the creature's back and was trying to restrain it.

"Run!" Nicole screamed at her. The shadowy creature was screeching and hissing at Nicole as Minerva made her away out the door and down the hall. Someone had pulled her around the corner and she found herself facing a shivering Jera.

"Are you okay?" Jera asked sounding nervous.

"I'm fine. What happened?" Minerva said.

"I woke up and saw this shadow walking around the room. At first I thought it was yours but when I saw it getting ready to attack you in bed, I woke Nicole up quickly and she tackled it, then I just ran out the room. Wait, where is Nicole?" Jera said frantically. They heard a loud scream echo down the halls. Minerva looked around the corner and down the hall. The door to the room was still open, and Nicole's body was lying on the floor. Her eyes were wide open, and her face was pale. She didn't seem to be moving at all. The creature was standing over her body, staring down at her. It was bigger now, and somehow grew fangs similar to a werewolf's. It turned it's head and glared at Minerva from the corner of its eyes.

"Jera we have to run! Now!" Minerva grabbed Jera's hand and ran down the hall. They didn't care where they were going, but just knew they had to get away. They didn't even notice that they had pass the thresh hold separating the boys dormitories from the girls. The two girls kept running till Minerva bumped into something dark. Instinctively she tried kick and slap whatever it was.

"Minerva calm down! It's me!" came Adam's voice from the dark. His eyes were glowing a bright yellow in the dark. "What are you two doing out here?"

"Something attacked us. Why are you out here?"

"I thought I heard a scream."

"It was Nicole. She was trying to save us. But-" She was caught off by the sound of something slowly slithering across the floor. She turned around just in time to see Jera be quickly dragged away into the dark.

"Go! Now!" Adam yelled. Minerva started to run away but turned back to look back at Adam. "I'll be fine! Please just go!" Then she kept running. She ran up to the library, and closed the door behind her. She tried to barricade herself, but she could hear the creature bang on the door. It was shooting electricity through doors and was banging on the doors. She ran to the back of the library and tried to hide herself behind a desk near a window. The light from the moon shined in revealing her shadow. Minerva's heart wouldn't stop racing, and she wouldn't stop shaking. She mournfully thought of the ill fate of her friends. Nicole's motionless body, Jera being pulled into the darkness, and Adam being left to his fate. The doors to the library crashed open, and she could hear the thing slither across the floor. It kept getting closer. Minerva's shadow had detached itself and had wrapped itself around her.

Finally the creature was right in the front of the desk. It picked up the object like it was nothing, and was now standing over Minerva. She froze again. Her eyes were fixed on the diabolical creature. Minerva relaxed her body and focused on the creature. Her own shadow started to grow to enormous size, and started to resemble a wolf. It opened it's huge jaws and swallowed her assailant.

The shadow shrunk back down and wrapped itself around the now passed out Minerva.

The next morning Minerva woke up in bed, feeling more tired than usual. She looked around the room,and saw Nicole and Jera both sound asleep. So she got dressed and went to go get breakfast. While on the way there she passed Adam.

"So did you sleep well after your little incident?" he asked out of the blue. Minerva turned and looked at him with a look of shock on her face. "No. Minerva it wasn't a dream."

"But, I saw you and Nicole and Jera, I thought you had.." she said with some confusion.

"Died? No. The creature merely knocked us down and drained us of all our energy. So Nicole and Jera we'll be out for awhile."

"Why are you the exception?"

"I'm a fast healer."

"So what happened?"

"Lillian happened. She cast a spell to send a her own shadow after you, but she's so inexperienced that she lost control of it. But according to a teacher you have more control compared to her, so they're putting you in the same classes as me."

"That's great!" she said excitingly. Right then Lillian passed by her looking a wreck. She looked nervous, and unsure of herself, her hair look neglected and to top it off her uniform looked messed up. "What happened to her?"

"I'll put it this way. I meant it when I said I'm here for you."

"Thank you." Adam gave her hug and let her go for breakfast. When he was half way down the hall, she turned and called out to him. "Adam, what did you do to scare Lillian so badly." Adam stopped and turned around slowly. His eyes, eyes were cat like and yellow, and his mouth was open revealing large fangs. She giggled quietly and walked into the lunch room.

"That's my vampire." Minerva muttered quietly to herself. From the corner of her eye, she saw her shadow giving her the thumbs up.


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