Srry this took so long but here's Pt.2 of Mad World.


Adam went back to his room and plopped down on his bed in the corner. Ever since this summer the weather has been affecting his mood, the sun makes him feel irritated, the rain makes him tired, the only time he feels calm is when it's cloudy or foggy out. He couldn't take all the mood swings and handle all the new responsibility he had on his hands. Adam turned over on his side and saw Lorelei in the doorway.

"The weather bothering you too?" she asked sweetly. Lorelei hopped up next to him on the bed. "My dear cousin."

"I thought you said you weren't sure if were related or not." Adam said tiredly.

"Well before me and my brother moved we burned any records showing that we were still alive. He remembered you from his childhood. You two were close weren't you?"

"Yes we were." He sat up and looked at Lorelei. The last time he saw her she was younger and her eyes were a light a blue. "But things change. I hadn't seen him years, and to finally see that the rumors were true was a little devastating."

"How do you think me and him reacted after we saw you? Tall, tan, and an appetite for vampire blood. Which is still a mystery to me."

"Why are you here?"Adam snapped.

"I'm here to enrich my mind with knowledge and wisdom."Lorelei said happily.

"I meant, why are you in my room!" he growled.

"Oh, your little friend is my roommate. I just wanted to give you my approval. She's cute, and seems very powerful. Or at least she will be powerful."

"You given your approval, now leave."

"Fine. But just a reminder there's not much security in this hall."


"Just a thought." And she left. Adam went to bed and fell asleep.


Minerva was ready for dinner. Her workload became more difficult now that she was in advanced placement classes. She already had projects due in two of the classes at the end of the month. Minerva was heading to the dining area when Jera and Nicole came up behind her and each grabbed arm.

"Were sitting next to Adam and his family today." Jera declared.

"I probably don't want to know, but why?"

"Because we want to meet Paxon." Nicole said.

"Of course I should've known." They dragged her over to the table and sat her down next to Adam.

"Hey Adam, it's so nice to see you. Who's your friend?" Jera said quickly. She was looking over at Paxon who was giving her a small smile.

"My brother Paxon, why do you want know?"

"Can a friend ask a question?"

"Yes friends can ask questions, but not you." Paxon got up and gave up his seat to Jera.

"You'll have to excuse my brother; he obviously doesn't know how to treat a lady." Paxon said smoothly. Adam made a gagging sound like he was going to puke. The thought of Jera and his younger brother dating made him sick. "Let me introduce myself properly, my name is Paxon."

"That's a cute name." Minerva could tell that Jera was only warming up when it came to flirting. It also made her gag sometimes.

"Minerva?" Adam said to catch Minerva's attention. "I know a place off campus where students are allowed to hang out. Want to go?"


"Now would be nice."

"Sure." She glanced over at Nicole, and Nicole gave her the okay to go. The place they were going to was a small restaurant where the students from the school can hang out, as long as they pay. It was located in a small village just down the road from the school. Adam and Minerva took a carriage to the restaurant. It was a small place that was lighted by candles in the dark. Minerva loved how it always has a calm feel to it. Adam ordered himself a glass wine, and Minerva ordered some tea. They got a seat near the fireplace in the middle of the room.

"So, since when do you drink?" Minerva asked.

"Since, my father passed away this summer." He answered bluntly.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Now regretting ever asking the question. "Is that why you didn't write?"

"Yes, because since he died, and he was head of the family, the title passed onto me. My mother had an objection to it, so most of the summer was spent trying to prove I was worthy of being the head of the family."

"That's ridiculous. You're her eldest son, why would she object to you being head of the family?"

"You forgot parent teacher conferences already?"

"Oh, true. I just didn't think she was that crazy." Adam's mother went on a rant about he had no future, because he nothing more than a monster, that came from hell.

"Yeah, after I finally got the power I had her committed."

"You committed your own mother?"

"What would've you done?" Minerva just sipped her tea quietly. "Exactly, there's just no pleasing that woman." Then there was an awkward silence between them. Everyone else in the room was either having a conversation with someone or they were reading in the dim light.

"So your brother Paxon, is a werewolf?"

"No, what gave you that idea?"

"He has all the classic signs of lycanthropy. Brute strength, short temper, and over-protectiveness, how is he not a werewolf?"

"The same way that I'm not a vampire, I don't drink blood. Paxon can change into any animal he wants; he just prefers the werewolf form."

"That's a little weird." She couldn't help but giggle at thought of seeing Jera's face when she realized her dream was not what he seemed. Adam smiled at little her; it seemed liked forever since she saw him give a sincere smile.

"I missed you over the summer though."

"I missed you too." Then came the awkward silence again, Minerva had no clue what to say to him. She looked out the window and saw a shadow quickly walk by. "What was that?"

"What was what?"

"Someone ran past the window. Let's go see who it was."

"Do we have to?" He asked lazily.

"You will never change." She grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the restaurant. Whoever it was, was long gone by now. Adam escorted her through woods heading back to school under the moonlight. Minerva heard the rustle of bushes behind them, and she saw that Adam's eyes change color.

"We're not that far from the school, go on ahead of me." He said quietly.

"What? I'm not leaving, you have no idea what that is."

"Please. Go. I'll be fine." Minerva ran away from him into the forest. When she thought she was far enough, she turned around and saw nothing. Adam was nowhere to be seen, but the rustling kept getting closer. She started to break into a run, and then she heard footsteps coming closer until Minerva felt something tangle up her legs and trip and fall on her face. Somebody came over and flipped her onto her back. It was from what she could see it was he. His eyes were a dark ruby red, and his light brown hair was slicked back revealing his pale face.

"Wrong girl, Jezebel is going to be angry." He whispered. He turned away for a minute and Minerva tried to crawl away, but he stepped on her back hard enough to make her yelp. "And where do you think you're going? I may have grabbed the wrong girl, but I'm not going to let a perfectly good meal squirm away."

"Do. Not. Touch. Me!" Minerva screeched at him. She bit into his leg and tried to run for it, but then he just tackled and pinned her into the ground. His fangs shot out and she could see them glisten in the moonlight. Minerva closed her eyes and prayed for something to save her.

A low growl came from nowhere and her assailant seemed scared. He jumped and started running away. Minerva sat up and saw a black wolf creep up next to her. It looked at her and then chased after the vampire. Minerva got her legs untangled and decided to wait for the wolf to come back. It wasn't long and she saw Paxon walk through the bushes with Adam at his side.

"Next time I'm sticking with you, Adam." Minerva said.

"Hey it was just James. He just drains girls, now if it was Vance -" Paxon started. Adam shot him a look that made him go silent.

"Paxon thank you for saving me."

"You're Welcome, and do you think you can go on without us. Adam needs a word with me. And James is long gone, you'll be fine." Minerva curtsied and headed to school.

"Thank You for coming when I asked." Adam said.

"Well I couldn't resist a plea like that. Also you guaranteeing that you'll let me go off campus when I want and that you'll let me go to parties."

"Whatever. What did James want?"

"He confused Minerva for Lorelei. And before you freak out, chances are Julius is going to find out and try to make up for it by inviting her to a party."

"That's really how he makes up for it? 'Sorry that you almost got raped and killed, here's an invitation to an orgy at my mansion.' "

"There not orgies. Some of them ended up like that, but either way its neutral ground. No one gets hurt or bitten, unless you want them too."

"I'm tired, and I'm going to bed. Coming with?"

"Yeah, but maybe you should go with her. It might loosen you up a bit."

"I'll think about it."

Minerva was back at her room, and saw that Lorelei was still awake curled up with a book. She didn't even notice that Minerva had entered the room. Minerva just got ready for bed and got under the covers. Right before she went to sleep Lorelei spoke up.

"I'm sorry that you were mistaken for me. You'll receive a letter in a few days from him." And Minerva fell asleep.


Srry it took so long. I promise that the next part will be longer. The party scene!