Reverse Creation


At a dark hallway of a certain building. two people can be found running through it one of them a girl another a boy the windows had the moon illuminating its glow upon the two as they finally reach the end of the corridor which has a dark door in the end they upon passing through said door they spot a laptop on a table the girl then started searching through the data of the laptop. Her eyes then began to widen as she reads the files she discovers

The boy upon noticing this reaction then ask her "What is it Rach did you find what where looking for?"

Rachel then nods as she motions for him to take a look"You have got to see this" The boy then reads the files as a silhouette appears behind them unknown to the two he grows closer and closer

Upon finishing reading the files the boy then ask Rachel "Is this thing for real cause I can't believe it why would the government hide this kind of information from as. from everyone"

Rachel then says "I don't know but whatever their reason is it can't be that good we must tell everyone" as they converse on the subject the mysterious man behind them finally decided to speak up "I know you must think how rude of as to hide this kind of information from the human eye but I tell you this is only for the best."

Upon hearing the voice of the man the two partners then turns around as The Boy is held on gunpoint from the said man "But know that you know I just can't let both you leave this place alive"

A gunshot can be heard as the boy flies to the ground clutching his shot shoulder Rachel then rushes to him and checks up his wounded shoulder The man then slowly approaches them and points his gun to Rachel "So sad but don't worry its not like it could kill him yet. but I wonder if you would be as a lucky as he" another gunshot can heard as the man closes the laptop and begins to leave the room with a smirk on his face and then closes the door.

So what did you guys think this is just the prologue so please review oh and this story will be base on a poem entitled Reverse Creation so I can't take all the credit for the following chapters since Bernard Backman made the poem but anyway please review