Hi Everyone,

This is m first story. Even though it's my first I have been working on it for a long time. I have character bios to the main character all the way to the smallest. I have sticky notes, notebooks and loose-leaf filled with ideas. Even though I have all this doesn't mean it going to be a good story that up to you if you like it or not but this story is my baby and I love I am hoping to continue writing sequels with some of the other characters. I have the entire story written but I have to type them up since like I said before I have it all over.

The pictures on my profile are there for your viewing. Now there not that many pictures yet. I decided that I didn't want to show everyone all the characters at once. Plus I don't want you to get confused of who a character is when you see the picture but you haven't read where he/she entered the story. Make sense?


Brooke Tyler thought her life was over at eighteen. Her boyfriend left her the night she was going to tell him she was pregnant. Four years later Antonio back and he wants' the girl left back. Antonio in for a surprise though the girl he left is now a woman with a son. His son. He knows he has no one to blame but himself for the family he left. Can these two find a way back into each others arms? Or is more heartbreak waiting to happen?

That is for now. Hope you enjoy!!!