"I have't forgiven you yet," Brooke says a two months later.

"Come on, Brooke! I didn't want to hurt you like that. It couldnt be helped," I say to her, "Please forgive me, baby." At this I make a puppy dog face and hand her chocalate.

As Brooke laughs at this I hear her say something that I couldn't catch, "What was that?" I ask.

"It's not that i was talking about. It's the fact that you bought that puppy for Dane!" I hear her say.

I laugh as I remeber the look on her face when me and Dane brought that St. Bernard puppy home. Brooke and Dane moved in to the family house a few days after the attack on her. She gave the daycare to her only employee who gradurated a few months before I came back; she goes there once in awhile. Brooke now takes care of all the mafia childern around the house.

"I love you," I tell her for the first time since I came back. She stops laughing and looks up at me. With a smile she throws her hans around my neck, "I love you, too. So much. If you ever leave me again though I will come looking for you and cut off your balls with a rusty knife," I hear her say in my throat.

"i will be waiting for it with my pants down," I say as i start to kiss her.

"Ewww. There doing it agian, Uncle Dantae," we hear Dane say. I start to kiss Brooke with a lot more noise just to bug him; i got a scream from the little boys with a "run away" from Dantae and my brothers.

Life was good.

A/N: it is over, my friends. The journey of Brooke and Antonio. The sequal will be about......DANTAE!!!!! There is a good chance it wont be out till next month since i never wrote any of it. Thank you to those wonderful reader who stayed with the story. Stay tuned for Dantaes.