A fake Best friend

"Whatever I'm too pissed to text" I read.

It was the last text I got from her in the night. I didn't care. I knew I had said anything that he didn't know.

I knew what I had done and so my conscience is clear.

I said what I had to and I knew I never said too much. I texted a quick "ok" and saw the movie with no thought in my mind.

After the movie, on my way home I thought about it. Still nothing. If she thought that what I said to her boyfriend was bad then she should tell the truth.

I told him that she was the one she should tell him not me. It wasn't my place.

I told him what I thought and I don't take anything back.

If she doesn't talk to me… then I wouldn't care. We didn't talk that much before anyways.

I was tired of her selfishness.

I was tired of her pushing around.

Doing everything like she wanted.

I was on my own now and I liked it.

As soon as I get to my room I look around. Everything has change… including myself. I'm glad I'm no longer the girl I was months ago.

I will always remember her as my summer best friend for that's what she was. We met in 10th grade but by that time we were just friends.

In 11th grade we didn't speak, she pushed everyone away.

Over the summer we hang out, talked and other thing and we decide we were best friends but part of me always knew that she never thought. She needed someone to fill up the hole her "sister" left because she told her mom their secret when she was in need of help.

I thought of her as my best friend even though I knew she didn't see it the same way. I made myself believe that she did but deep down I always knew and with this… it made me realize that I was always right.

Did I need her? No

Did she need me? No

Then why were we friends? I would never know. Maybe she needed someone to be there to listen to her but now that her "Sister" is back she doesn't need me.

Now I'm glad that I found other people. They are not the best either but at least I'm not alone.

I remember the card, and then I chuckled to myself. The card I had made for her days ago as a present for our BestFriendanniversary.

Hey Keish… Oh wait Em //

Well, even though we don't talk anymore I still see you as my best friend. I will never forget the good moments and I will never regret them.

I'm not so happy that our plan changes that much in only two months. It saddens me, I really looking forward to the whole Emma, Alexander, Michael and Amiel life.

You know, days ago I notice that by the same time last year we stopped talking as well… weird isn't it.

You are like a sister to me and I don't like

That we are not talking.

I hope it change.




Love: Alexa

I laughed. None of it was true.

I was glad I never gave it to her.

Now I know that the best thing that happens to us was that her boyfriend came along. I was not mad that he told her things that weren't true because I was expecting that.

Thanks to him I notice that what happen during the summer meant something in my life and now I can go on with my life as it was before I met her.

Simply because none of it was true.