A True Friend

I walked along the trail of clothes in that huge store. I had no other option but to walk around with the phone in my ear listening to my best friend talked.

As she talked I wondered. I wonder if she was still my best friend or was she ever my best friend.

At the first sight of a boy thing came crashing and suddenly there was no time for us. It was all about him. She had even forgotten about our anniversary as friends. I couldn't understand, I had been through the whole best friend with boyfriend before. Erika, my middle school best friend had one when we were in 8th grade and we always had time for each other because we both understood that no man could come between us, what came between us what distance.

"So we should go out since we don't see each other anymore" She said. I took a deep breath and calm myself.

"Well that isn't my fault… isn't it?" I said in a cheerful voice. I was tired of pretending that everything was ok. I would no longer let myself fill up with my emotions.

"Yeah, I know… it's my mom's fault" She said with a sigh. I laughed bitterly as I rolled my eyes.

"Your mom?"

"Yeah… I mean if it wasn't for her I would go out with you sometime" She said.

"Uh I don't think your mom is the problem" I said with another laughed.

"Yes it is. I just know that everything will go back to normal when we get the heck away from school. Will be more time together" She said and I laughed again.

"What's the difference? I mean we are in school now and we don't see each other" I said.

"Yeah well it's because you aren't there" She said.

"Well that's not true. Every lunch time I go to where we hang out and you are we your sister and frankly I don't feel comfortable" I said with a shrug.

"Well maybe we could arrange that" She said.

"Yeah… maybe" I said. "I just want to get school over with and move and forget about all my friends" I said.

"Wait… what do you mean?" She asked.

"I can't take it anymore… My friends are not worth my time" I said.

"But they're always there… be grateful for that" She said.

"When have they been? All they do is leave me alone and talk behind my back… Those aren't good friend… I want new ones" I said.

"You know I'm going to get jealous" She said with a laughed.

"Oh come on you won't even notice by the end of a week" I know it was harsh but she need it to know what I felt. Of course I wasn't really telling her but I was giving her a hint.

I smiled and felt good about myself. All my life I had been slowed down and taken down because of my bad choice in friends but not anymore. But if I had bed choice in friends, would the next ones would be as bad as the ones I had now?

This worried me but then I heard how my best friend babbles along without carrying about her boyfriend and I thought… anything would be better than this.

All I needed was someone who was there for me as much as I was there for him/her. Someone who listen to me as much as I listen to her/him.

Were those made in some place that I had never heard… was that why I didn't have good ones?

As my best friend talked I remembered our first fight. She cried because she didn't want to lose me but didn't she know that she was losing me anyways.

It hurts to know that you're losing a friend but I knew I needed someone knew… someone who could understand.

Did she ever understand? No… she never did.

While she kissed and dumped a guy in less than 1 day, I was being judge by her by kissing a guy I known for a two week.

I knew she wasn't the best and yet I need to understand that no one is perfect but did I really had to put up with someone who make me feel sad and depress?

I didn't think that was at all fair.

I know what I need…

All I need is a true friend... a good one.