let me see if I've got this s t r a i g h t.
let-me lay this down FLAT. You:-
decided to likelove me and leave me
h a n g i n g. and now(nownow!) you think It's
(a)ok to, contact me? by way of starlight and moondust?!

I can't ,p r e t e n d, to be (a)ok with this.;your-
sudden reappearance is like a snow storm! in my
living room. I can't help, twisting&turning at the
prospect (the very idea!) :of: being with
youyou a.g.a.i.n.(again? please.)

I can't take another life/time, under your:
unsureness and uneven character. but I would
love (lovelove) another night, under you.