lovelovelove poems spill from my mouth like nitrogen.
(you are the butterfly, we cannot love). I can't be
her-[b/c]-she was never me. I am no (butterfly).

baby, if I w/as a BuTteRFly I:
would love to come across you one
day [bright,alive,suneaten].
upon a dandy loin. and share with you
something sweet.

baby you! are a butterfly. you always
were. while I, wasn't.

I was a flower once!. I lived off the
S_(seeing you naked)
U (under the sheets)
N (at 2am)_

if i were we would fell-?
fantastically, hard, fast, easy?- in love.
in the sUmMeR. when things were:
: soft. like blood soaked hipsters;
we painted skys