Aaron Williams sat staring out the window looking at the clouds slowly darkening. He heard a noise and turned around. Sara, the little six year old from room 7, was standing there staring at him. Aaron lives in a boarding house with six, now five, other families. Sara was the only child in the building. Aaron smiled at her. She was one of the few friends he had.

"Hi Sara."

She smiled back. "Hello Mr. Will." Aaron watched Sara grow up in this house. She could never pronounce his last name, so she would just call him Will. However, their friendship caused her a lot of problems since she was the only one who could see him. Aaron is a ghost. He had died in room 6 of this boarding house. The only other person who is able to see Aaron is Mary, the landlady. At first, she was just like the other adults, afraid that there was something wrong with Sara. Wondering what caused her to know the name of a former boarder and think that she was talking to him. Even he didn't know how she could see him. Then, Mary was in the accident. Her heart had stopped beating for only a minute, but it was enough for her to open her mind.

"Are you getting ready for school Sara?"

"Yes, we have a spelling test today." She made a face and shook her had so her brown curls danced around her head. "I don't know how to do it. It's too confusing."

"Don't say that Sara. I know you can do it, and I can help, if you want."

"Really? You'd help me?"

"Yes, and maybe Ms. Mary would help you too."

"Sara!" Mrs. Thompson, Sara's mother, yelled. "Sara! You're going to be late!" She walked into the room. "There you are! C'mon! I don't have time to drive you to school again."

"Sorry." Sara said, but she was looking at Aaron when she said it.

Aaron looked back at the window and looked at his reflection. Yes, ghosts have reflections. Anyone can see a ghost if they really look, but so many people are so narrow-minded. Aaron took a closer look at himself. He never changed. He has long black hair, it wasn't shoulder length but it was close to it, and blue eyes. He had a strong body and it was noticeable.

"Aaron." Mary called. "Do you think you could help me please?"

Mary looked so weak. She was extremely thin and she was very white. Her dark shoulder length hair made her face look even whiter.

"Of course. What do you need?"

"A new boarder is moving in room 3. The moving truck is here and the guy that's here is a lazy ass. So I need someone to help me bring her stuff up."

"Of course, but we have to make it look like you're the one doing all the work."

Ghosts can touch things and hold things when they want to. However, it takes practice to learn how to do it. Ghosts, also, can go into the afterlife anytime they want. Aaron doesn't know why he stays in this jail cell, but he just knows that he has to. There was something for him to do. Something was waiting for him.

He went to the door and looked outside. Sure enough, the 'lazy ass' was taking things like lamps and boxes up, instead of furniture. Mary walked past him as the carrier walked through him.

"Well, c'mon." She called.

"Mary, I can't go out there!"

"Why not?"

"I'm not able to leave the house."

"Oh… then I guess I'll carry it over to the doorway and then you can help me… no problem."

Mary looked like she was heading out for war. She started to pull the furniture out of the moving truck, but it wouldn't move any farther than an inch. Aaron tried his best not to laugh.

"Maybe you should just wait until Mr. Miller comes home."

She sighed. "Yeah. So… you want to do something while we wait?"

I smiled. "Sure lets watch a movie together." She smiled and raced in the house.

"First one there gets to pick the movie!" She yelled.

"You know that I'm going to win! All I have to do is walk through this wall!"