Story Synopsis: A fanciful fictional story of the earliest times

well before what some would call recorded history. It is a sort of retelling of the Biblical creation story .

Authors Note: Ok , guys this is strictly a fictional story loosley based on the biblical creation story.


Long ,long ago , and even longer than that , there existed a great being . He was ageless and was extremely ancient in age, he was so old that even he couldn't tell you for sure how old he was.

He was called by many names but many called him 'YAHOVA'

there were two others with him and they too were called 'YAHOVA' . These 3 existed by themselves and nothing else existed then but them , not even the now known universe as we know it today. But that was about to change , For YAHOVA , wanted something , and at the time was uncertain what it was .

YAHOVA thought we need someplace to stop and rest occassionally something beautiful and amazing . You see YAHOVA even being as old as he was had 100% mental capacity

which meant he could think , see , and speak things into existence . He saw in a vision the universe as it now stands and said now i shall begin my work and make it so . He called upon

the second YAHOVA which was younger than him but still so old that he too couldn't tell you his age . This YAHOVA was called by the greater YAHOVA , 'SON of YAHOVA' . The 3rd YAHOVA

spoken of is refered to in the femine gender called 'HOLY SIRIT' . Yes they were like a family the family called YAHOVA.

YAHOVA made everything that exists now at that time . Even though the universe in all its spendor was beautiful and glorious

it after awhile didn't meet his families needs for they were lonely

and needed someone to be friends with . The great YAHOVA saw

what many of us refer to today as angels of varying glories. He said i shall creat these beings and they shall be my family also.

Even after all this many ages of time has past millennia in fact .

After all these milennia and order which the Great YAHOVA established there was one angel who was very close to the family of YAHOVA , his name was Lucifer , he was the most beautiful of all the angels and was the head worship leader of the angels . And it was this way for another millennia until Lucifer thought to himself , "am i not one of the most trusted of all angels and am i not one of the most beautiful of all YAHOVA's angels. And am i not like him in many respects able to do much of what he the great YAHOVA himself does." Pride crept into Lucifer's heart and he plotted. Lucifer thought , " am i not better able to rule heaven than the Great YAHOVA , i shall go out amonst my breathern angels and see how many would be with me to take over Heven . For i will lift up and be over the Heven its and even the Great YAHOVA's . So Lucifer search and found that a total of 1/3 of all heavens angels, because they all respected and feared Lucifer , would follow him in the rebellion to take over Heven from YAHOVA.

Finally a time came when Lucifer went to the Great YAHOVA

and proclaimed that he was going to exalt his throne over YAHOVA's and rule HEVEN . Lucifer stood and gesturd and

vocally spoke angrily at YAHOVA . YAHOVA's anger arose and he cursed Lucifer for his rebellion . YAHOVA spoke to Lucifer,

"because you have done this great sin and have rebelled against me you shall never be forgiven throughout eternity for you were as family . And now judgment shall befall you for i shall prepare

a place of judgment for you and all those that follow you in your ways." Lucifer was angry and said to YAHOVA , " Then if i can not rule in heaven then i'll reign in your place of judgment then."

YAHOVA said , "Take you and your followers and be cast out of Heven as a home forever ." YAHOVA knew that Lucifer's words fell because they had not the same authority has his . For

Lucifer and all angels only had 50% of mental capacity so YAHOVA's was far greater . So a great war now existed in the universe between the YAHOVA's and Lucifer and those that followed him. Lucifer was so angery at what happened that he set about destroying everything in his path as he left Heven after being kicked out. One of the places Lucifer destroyed on his rampage was a little known sun called 'SOL' a family of planets surronded and were helded in place by it . One of those planets was Earth .

Prior to lucifer's great fall and being cast out of Heven , the Earth held and was populated by some creatures that were very

humanoid in appearance they were called the Adamah's

for Yahova had placed them there after the very beginning of creation of the universe . They were both male and female but yet spirit with a physical body as you and i would know it. But earth was their home and had been for counless millennia. Lucifer while passing by literally snuffed out the Earths Sun and the Earth was plunged into darkness and it turned the earth into a wasteland almost uninhabitable. Essentially the Earth was a frozen ball of ice with some small areas of habitable near hot spots such as hot water springs and vulcanoes were the deep deapths of the earths mantle was still roaring hot. Because the Earth was without light and a Sun the appearance of the earth seemed to be without any diffent shape from Heven . The hot spots on the Earth kept some of the elements warm enough to cause the frozen elents to form a vapourous cloud above the Earth making it appear to change shape as it spun on it axis.

Authore note:

sorry about the long intro but most of this is setting up for the following chappy's.

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