"I know."

"No," he frowned. "No you don't."

"Yes," I mimicked. "Yes I do."

He scowled. "Just shut the fuck up okay?"

I grinned. "Just shut the fuck up okay?"

He clenched his teeth.

I grinned wider.

There was a pause.

"How have you been today?" I asked, breaking the silence.

He smiled wickedly. "How have you been today?"

"Good," I replied, "thanks for asking."

"Good," he said, "thanks for asking."

I scowled. "Stop it."

He chuckled. "Stop it."

I grimaced. "Don't. I'm serious."

Smile. "Don't. I'm serio-" Fuck you.

I pushed him back roughly, kissing him before lightly biting his lip, just enough to hurt.

He frowned, panting from lack of air.

I sat back, straddling his waist, a triumphant grin on my face.

"That's right bitch-" Oh shit. I got pushed back, positions reversed.

Well, fuck. S'pose I deserved that.

He sat back grinning. "We have to play that game again sometime."

I nodded. "Agreed."