Author: caz251

Challenge: Black Raspberry - #1 Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Rating: G

Word count: 404

Story: The Kingdom

Title: A King's Heart 1/30

Summary: King Peregrine thinks about his beloved Lauretta.

AN: This is the first chapter of what will be a 30 chaptered fic in the universe The Kingdom, each chapter of this story will come from the Black Raspberry bunnies.

He missed her, there was nothing else for it, it had been such a long time since he had seen her, since she had left him. He wasn't a person who would believe in the silly words used to make people feel better about leaving their loved ones for a period of time, but over the last few years he had begun to come round to the idea. Absence in some cases really did make the heart grow fonder, he snorted as he thought about it he was going soft in his old age.

King Peregrine Ferdinand was not ancient by any standards, but no longer was he young, he was a rather cynical man who had given up on most things in life after his beloved Lauretta had left him. He still performed his duties as King, but he now ruled from behind closed doors, allowing his court to carry out his orders without his watch. He had not been a terribly joyful person before, but the change that had occurred in him since Lauretta had left was astounding, the man just seemed to waste away, his body and his mind still lived and functioned, but his heart, whilst still beating did not feel alive.

Peregrine had tried everything to keep Lauretta with him, but in the end he had not been enough for her, and she had left after an argument they had had. She had told him that the life he provided her with was no longer satisfying, angering Peregrine because he had given her everything that she had ever desired, in his fit of anger he had told her to leave and never to return, a decision he sorely regretted as soon as he calmed down, but alas she was already gone. He had searched for her for years after she had left, every now and then he would hear word of some of her exploits, but none of his men had ever been able to find her or convince her to return to the Palace.

Peregrine knew his time was coming to an end and he wanted to see her one last time before he died, just to look at her and see how much his daughter had grown and changed, with these thoughts in mind he had doubled the forces looking for her, all he could do now was hope they would find her and bring her home.