Author: caz251

Challenge: Black Raspberry - #12 You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs

Rating: G

Word count: 150

Story: The Kingdom

Title: A King's Heart 12/30

Summary: Peregrine thinks about the measures taken to ensure his ascension to the throne.

AN: This is the twelfth chapter of what will be a 30 chaptered fic in the universe The Kingdom, each chapter of this story will come from the Black Raspberry bunnies.

Peregrine sighed, he knew that he did not have many more months to live. He only hoped that Lauretta was still alive or the Kingdom would fall into the hands of another Kingdom. If that was the case it would be all his and his mothers' fault, the measures they had taken to secure the throne for him would allow the Kingdom to be taken over. The Palace cook had taught him as a child that you couldn't make an omelette without breaking eggs. His mother had taken the saying to heart, using it as her maxim for getting him on the throne. He was the omelette, the eggs, any brothers or sisters he may have gained from his fathers' mistress. His mother had been a mage, and she had used her magie to make sure that he was an only child and the only possible heir to the throne.