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Chapter 1: Recap

How can I start? Should I start with my age, the guy I'm dating? Ok, age. I'm now 15 and I've just started dating the guy of my dreams. Danny. I met him back when I was 13, and . . . still . . . dating . . . Matthew. He's a past part of my life now. In fact, I haven't seen him in two years. But Danny and I started dating!!!

Well, publicly, that is. Danny and I really started dating a few weeks after I went to his game. Sure he asked me out a week later, but I didn't become his girlfriend until after a month of dating him. Better safe than sorry. But anyway, not the point. Danny and I have only just recently gone public because I'm now in high school.

No, I don't go to the same high school as Danny, Canoga. I go to an all girls' catholic school called Louisville. Kyle goes to the brother school, all boys', Crespi. Danny thinks I should go to school with him, but I told him that I wanted to go to Louisville since I was in 1st grade and I wasn't changing my mind now.

Ok, now Kyle. Yes, all you ladies out there, he's taken. By the best girl in the universe! Hayley! She told me just a few days after I go with Danny that she had always had a crush on Kyle, so I asked him what he thought of her, and BAM! Boyfriend and girlfriend. Who knew?

Matthew. He's still a touchy subject for me. Well, I haven't seen much of him since that one time at the mall. But I was walking with Hayley through the food court, we were shopping for our MORP (Prom backwards) dresses, when I saw him. I thought, No, I haven't seen him in years, why is it now, now that I've announced my relationship to the world with Danny, that he shows up again? I stopped walking and I was just staring. Staring at the boy who had shattered my heart by making me love him, and then mended it together with just kissing me goodbye. He noticed me too, and almost didn't recognize me. He walked over to where I, alone because Hayley was getting something to eat, stood with my arms limp at my side, feeling like the most venerable person in the world.

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