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Chapter 10: Mommies and Daddies

"Muirin, don't stick that in your mouth! I didn't have time to wash it," I hear Danny say downstairs. Muirin, our 12-month-old baby girl, was starting to teeth on everything in sight! And it drove Danny absolutely crazy. I think the sight of her little blonde head walking around the furniture was more frightening to Danny then a shark fin in the ocean.

On the other hand, Lochlan was perfectly snuggly with me in bed every day until 11pm. He had no need to get up and explore, unlike his twin sister, nor did he like chewing on strange things that he found at his level, a.k.a.- the floor. All this little angel did was make dinosaur noises (happily dubbed by Danny whenever he was around to hear them) and make snuffling noises in his sleep. Total. Momma's. Boy.

"Ack! No, no, no, no, no, no, no," THUMP, "ouch! Muirin, if you chew something, can we at least remember to put it back where it came from. Some days I think you actually try to kill me," Danny says. Oh God, who needs TV when you live in a house like this?

"Hey, old couple! Yeh, you; keep it down! I just had my SATs yesterday and I'm pooped. This is me, attempting to sleep!" Kyle bellows from his door. Moody boy decides to pay me and Lochlan a visit and steps into my room for a break from his sleep.

"Heeyyy, little stinker! How's it hangin', bro? How you been chillin', little man?" Kyle asks. "All right, fine, no response. I get it, I'm just not your favorite uncle anymore," sniffle, "it's ok, it's cool. Just go on, eating your hand in peace, I'll leave you alone." He turns and starts to walk to the door, slowly. The funniest thing about this is, that through all of that, Lochlan has been the only one able to keep a straight face.

Until now that is. With a very loud baby shriek, he starts laughing and kicking his chubby little legs; which is of course, Kyle's Q. He whips back around in a flash and is over, attacking the little bundle of heat on my right with tickles. And then Kyle is making shrieking noises, only Hayley considers that laughter- I will never be able to see how. Both of them together, oh boy, creates one noisy event. Danny walks in with Muirin by the ankle, flipped over, giggling.

"Kill my kid with giggles, Kyle, and I'll knock your head off with the TV," Danny says while lying down on the bed next to me. I poke him in the ribs and he yelps. Wimp, I think. He gives me the hairy eyeball before wrapping his arm around me and placing Muirin on my stomach.

"She missed you," he yawned before drifting off to sleep. Ah, my little baby girl's got her father whipped! She even has him taking naps at the same time as her, how sweet. She smiled up at me before conking out.

"And now you, bestest uncle in the world, get to watch Lochlan for the rest of the day while I stop being so lazy and actually clean up around here and get some stuff done," I say, sitting up and placing Muirin in her crib and picking up clothes that were tossed on the floor in a hurry. Kyle just kept tickling Lochlan for a bit while I went about the house and cleaned up as much as possible.

After a while, Danny came back down, alone, and surprised me from behind when I was vacuuming the carpets. I nearly peed my pants, that's how skittish I am, but then his arms wrapped around me and I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck and I couldn't help but just sinking into his embrace. I heard his chest rumble a little when he chuckled. He kissed slowly all the way from my shoulder, up my neck, to just behind my ear. I shivered. We hadn't been this romantic since before I got pregnant.

"Kate, I miss you," he whispers.

"I miss you too," I barely eek out. I sound so sad. And then I spun around and wrapped my arms around his neck and brought him close to me. I could feel his abs and his heat through his flannel shirt. I could feel his pulse just under my fingers. But most of all, I could feel his soft lips on mine. And I could taste the salt of my tears as they ran down my face. Danny held me close to him as we kissed. And even when we broke to breath, he still held me tightly against him. Like I was his, forever.

"Danny, what happened? What happened to us just loving each other and not making it complicated?" I ask.

"I . . . I, Kate, I love you. I know that with every fiber in my being. But I can be stupid and just . . . a jerk. I make mistakes, but I'm working to change that because I'm a dad now. I can't make such stupid mistakes anymore," he said. His eyes starred back into mine. Blue, was all I could think. His eyes are my favorite, favorite shade of blue. I sighed and touched my forehead to his, still looking into his eyes.

"And so, because of my extreme stupidity, I would like to ask you one question," Danny whispered. Oh shit! He's not proposing is he?

With a smile tugging at the corner of his lips he said, "Kaitlyn, will you be my date to Prom?"

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