so I've made an, executive decision.
I am not still in love with you. anymore.
and while you are very, endearing
I will not fall for you. again.

In addition!
there will be no, pining
as well as no, longing.
I will not: watch. you. from. afar. hoping. wishing. praying. youll. look. my. way. and. intantly. wind. yourself. around. my. odds. and. ends. to. the. tune. of. love.

In conclusion:
this love is already dead, and if buried in the preverbal "pet cemetery" it will emerge only as an open wounded bird.
flightless. colorless. and. aged.

[there is no future in those chocolate eyes of yours. we are sprawled out in a median freeway median, and all the alcohol has run dry.]

Cordially yours,
the mad poet speakeasy.


ps: IwoulddoitagainIwouldIwouldIwould