I looked down at our entwined hands. The ring on Joelle's ring finger glistened as we drove under another street light. We were heading back home to our little apartment. I couldn't help the small smile ghost onto my face. I can't believe that she said yes. After two and a half years of dating, I finally got the courage to do it. I spent a month trying to plan the perfect proposal. I even enlisted the help of my older brother because I knew I wouldn't have been able to figure out everything myself.

I took Joelle to her favorite restaurant about an hour away from our house. It took me a good twenty minutes of begging and convincing to get her to wear the silk blindfold I wanted her to wear. I wanted our destination to be a surprise. I very carefully weaved our way through the maze of tables to ours. I made sure that we were in a secluded area of the restaurant. Our table was set with a very intimate vibe with a single burning candle in the middle of the table and a small vase of blood red roses.

After the shock of how nice everything looked and how much effort I put into our date, I guided Jo to her seat and waved at our waiter to bring out our meal. I already ordered Jo's and mine's favorite dishes. Jo kept on telling me how great all of the effort I put into this. We normally didn't dress up and go to higher end restaurants. We had a very quiet dinner for the rest of the night. We talked about trivial things; like how our classes were going at the college we were both attending and generally how the each was doing. I was calm all through the night until the dessert came out.

I asked the chef to make their most romantic dessert they had. When I told them I was proposing to my girlfriend of two and half years, they were more than happy to oblige. Jo's eyes widened when a single plate of double chocolate cake with chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream and a single strawberry. I could barely hear the small moan escape her lips as it was set between the two of us. I grabbed the only fork and started to slowly feed Jo the sweet cake. Watching her eat the cake was the most sensual thing I have ever seen. It took everything in me not to jump across the table.

My nerves really started to take over, as the last bite was taken. I planned to ask her once the plate was taken back to the kitchen. I had the ring in the pocket of my pants pocket, and I didn't notice the weight of it until just then. While Joelle was looking in her purse for a mint, I went to go kneel in front of her with the box held in front of me. When Jo brought her attention to me, and didn't see me sitting across from her, she started looking around for me. I had to cough for her to notice I was next to her. Once she registered my position, he hands flew to her mouth as tears started to well up in her arms.

"Jo, we have been best of friends since I moved to town half way through high schools. When we ended up going to the same college, we drifted apart. But when I saw you dating others guys, I knew that you were the girl for me. I always knew deep down that you were the girl for me, but it took me three years to figure it out. Ever since then, we have been together, and they have been the best years of my life. Will you please make the rest of my life happy by being my wife?" I asked while trying to hold back my own tears. It seemed like a lifetime of silence when by before I got any response from the wonderful women across from me.

"Yes, oh my gosh, yes! Of course I will be your wife!" Joelle exclaimed jumping into my arms.

I couldn't help the joyous laughter that left my lips as I lifted Jo up off the ground into a hug. Love and elation filled me up as I really realized that she said yes. Jo said yes to being my wife. Once I placed her on the ground again, I brought her into the best kiss of my life. All of the love that we have for each other was put into the kiss. I could feel Joelle's smile against my lips making me smile in return. We finally broke apart laughing and out of breath. We finally broke out of our bubble by the thundering applause all around us. I looked around the room and found every other person in the restaurant clapping.

Everything calmed down after a while. We decided to leave and head home since it was getting late. People throughout the restaurant congratulated us as we walked by and wish us a long marriage. Rain was pouring down making us run back to our car. We held hands laughing the entire time to the car. Once I made sure Jo was in the passenger seat, I ran to my side and started the engine. I blasted the heat because we were both socked and I knew Joelle hand to be cold.

We were about half an hour away from home when the rain started to pour down a little faster and heavier. My windshield wipers were already straining to keep the windshield clear of water. It took all of my concentration to make sure nothing would cause us to get in an accident. Once we got back into to town, I blew a sigh of relief because the rain let up considerably. I was driving down the main road and crossing a major intersection when I saw the bright lights.

I felt my eye winded in recognition. I tried my hardest to bring Jo closer to my body, but it was a futile attempt. Jo's voice rang in my ear as the light came closer to us. She screamed my name and squeezed my hand with all her might as a loud screeching erupted all around me. The next few seconds was a huge blur of light and noise. All of a sudden, everything stopped and there was a deafening silence. I opened my eyes after realizing that they were shut tightly. I found myself upside down in the driver's seat. I looked to my right and was met with an empty seat. I started to panic.

I looked to my left and found the body of my fiancé about 5 yards away from me on the road. I struggled to get out of the car, but finally did with strength that I never thought I had. I ran with all my might towards my love despite all of the pain I felt pulsing through my body. I fell to the ground once I finally reached her.

I hands shakily reached out to her afraid to hurt her. My hands snapped back when she groaned in pain. My throat constricted thinking about her being in pain. I didn't know what do it. Tears were streaming down my face in a steady flow. I was so lost at what to do. I slowly brought my hands to Jo's face to move her red hair from her beautiful face. Sobs flew out of me as I took in her face.

Blood covered her face, very little of her porcelain skin shown through the red. Her soft pink lips were busted and cut like no tomorrow. Her eyes were almost swollen shut not allowing me to see her light blue eyes. Fear ran through me thinking of never being able to see them again. I brought my face closer to hers trying to get any response from her.

"Jo? Please? Say something, anything." I begged cradling her face in my hands.


"Jo! "

"It hurts so much Brett. So much…." Jo trailed off.

"Please, stay with me. Everything will be okay…." I said trying to reassure the both of us.

"But it hurts so bad….. So tired…."

"No! Jo, don't go asleep. Please, just don't go asleep." I begged. The tears started to fall even faster, and my heart tightened even farther.

"Brett, it's so hard… I can't hold on…I'm so sorry…" Jo moaned breathlessly.

"Don't say that!" I sobbed.

"I'm sorry… Too much pain…."

"Stay with me, and I promise to make it go away. Just stay with me for a few more minutes. Can't you do that for me?" I asked.

"I don't know if I can. I love you so much. Remember that…" Jo said with more breaks between each sentence.

"I love you too…" I said through thick sobs and tears.

"Please remember that."

"Please, don't leave… We are supposed to get married! Please don't go. I can't live without you. You are my only love. I don't know what I would do without you. Just, please, don't leave me." I begged crying like I never had in my life. I could slowly feel my heart break and my soul leave my body as I stared down at Joelle.

"I…Have…To…Go…Please…Remember I…Love you…Always…" Joelle breathed out.

"No!" I screamed pathetically as I watched the light slowly leave her blues eyes.

I slumped down on top of her body as I sobbed and cried for my lost love. It was like my heart died with hers. I clung to her body as I let my emotions finally take over. All of the pain from the accident came forward and made me curl in on myself, over Jo. It was nothing compared to the pain from losing my soul. I screamed as people tried to pull me off of my fiancé. I wouldn't leave her no matter what. So I clung to my one love knowing that she was never coming back as the rain fell on top of us again.

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