Okay here's another one of my works in progress. This is just the beginning. Please read and tell me what you think about them. The other two stories I plan on posting up are: A Commander and A Warrior and Magic Ora (coming soon). Thanx Brittz 

One day the world got rearranged. Two worlds that had been hidden from each other had been linked, in result vampires had come and started to walk amongst humans as a coyote to its prey. When the humans realised what had been done a war started. The strongest family had been chosen to and lead the vampires, and the richest family was to do the same for humans. The battles had at first been at a loss for humans, but soon they discovered a weakness and it was now fangs to silver. But ½ of the humans had been destroyed as well as the vampires.
King Isaac and Malcolm had had enough of the plague of war and wanted to at least find a balance. They decided to meet one summer at the Fern Valley Cottage that was in between the two kingdoms. They had sat down for hours trying to find a way. Both were filled with determination of equal greatness. "How are we to survive without blood," boomed King Isaac. "Well, excuse me if I don't quite appreciate the thought of having the life sucked out of my subjects," retorted King Malcolm. The tension was getting to them both. They later decided to take a break and see the rest of the family in the living room. Queen Olivia ad Queen Isabella were having tea while little Cedric and Veronica sat there playing with wooden blocks.
Seeing this sight caused both men to crumble, for they were both fathers looking for a better future for their children. "King Isaac, it appears that we are both looking for something that the other has. What if we humans could provide donated blood, if you vampires do not harm us humans?", suggested King Malcolm. King Isaac had agreed, however, the official opinion had to be decided by the people/vampires. The vampires wanted to have security that they would be given "pure" blood and the humans wanted security that the vampires would keep to their word. This caused the kings to go back to the drawing board. "It was a good compromise, but we need to find a way for the people to feel secure so they won't rebel, "said King Isaac. "But what could we possibly do," replied King Malcolm. It was late and both kings were beginning to get desperate. They had started to drink some whiskey. By 11, they were both completely drunk and delusional. A hooded man came in and had tricked the kings into signing a contract that would set Cedric and Veronica into an arranged marriage. The hooded man had made both of the drunken men sign the document with their royal seal. After that the man walked out, leaving the two drunks to their smiles and drunken laughter.
In the morning, when the two woke-up, they had realised their mistake, but it was too late. The hooded man had gone public and the people really liked the idea. For it was too late, the fate of little 5 year old Veronica Montgomery and little 6 year old Cedric Hazel had been decided that night.