and the comment you left, only had a few words. and in my e-mail, it looks all wrong.

FROM: facebook
TO: (blank)
John Doe commented on your status:
"this place rules:
www. prox body piercing .com/"
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The Facebook Team

this tugs at my sanity, it makes no sense. you don't talk to me for 3 months (give or take) and this is what you break it with? you shatter the glass wall we put up to protect ourselves from each other, to give me a tattoo recommendation? how is that, rational?

FROM: a boy who can't stop
TO: the girl who was his once
Becoming His Couch commented on your status:
"this place sucks, please forgive me:
I regret it and I'm ready now"
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The boy who wants you back.

I hope you don't think I'm ok with this. I've already written out all the lists, and forced myself to tell someone, in spoken words, what you did to me (even if he didn't listen very well). therefore, I am ready-
for you to break my heart again.