We went from nothing to something in 0-3.
1.___ working together, playing Stevie Wonder through the store, flinging rubber bands at each other, warping paper roll wars, broken broom head soccer, smoking pot in the back room, reminding him to speak English, getting close behind the register, singing 'No children' while stocking, trying not to touch, seeing right through each other, trying not to fall. failing.
2.___ stick shifts, making his car vibrate at stops, getting tragically lost in our own home town, quoting national public radio, smoking pot after smoking pot after smoking pot, meeting new drunk people, not eating all day then pasta at 2am, saying this is my last cigarette around a cigarette, singing 'I would walk 500 miles' outside the subway, losing him on the couch in his couch colored t-shirts.
3.___ writing him poetry, the unrivaled gracelessness of our first sexual experience with each other, the incredulous look that took a bit of time to fuck out of our faces, going to his house at 2am, begging kisses from him in-between the "we have to stop doing this" and "we can't"s.


a/n: fuck, i'm falling