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Chapter 4

I awoke the next day feeling very warm, and I found myself to be wrapped in Sam's arms possessively. I sighed contently, and closed my eyes again. I have to admit, it felt nice, so why move? I drifted off to a light sleep, and awoke again at the sound of a door closing. My eyes flicked open, and rested on Mittens laying curled up beside me. I reached over and rubbed her ear, making her purr in her sleep. I sat up and looked around, but didn't find Sam. He must have gone out, I thought. I stretched my arms above my head till my back popped, then got up and went to the bathroom. When I came back out, I laid on my stomach on the bed and turned the TV on. A fuzzy news broadcast appeared. Mittens crawled onto my back and curled up to fall asleep.

I sighed and put my face down into the mattress. It looked like I wasn't leaving anytime soon. I've had plenty of chances, and yet I didn't take them. I just couldn't think of how leaving would make my life better. Truth be told, this was the most fun I'd had in a while. Heh, I called it fun. On TV, a man was standing in front of an alley way that was blocked off by yellow police tape. I turned up the volume.

"Behind me in the alley is the 3rd murdered victim that has been found this week. The killer is still at large, and it advised for people to stay indoors at night," I smiled and laughed because I knew exactly who killed those people, and I knew he was probably out killing another right then for some food. I shuddered at the thought. Sure, we had to eat, but did he really have to kill people to get it? The TV went back to the main news people, and they asked for anyone with information on the killer to call in. I smirked. If I had a phone, I could tell them a lot. A commercial for waffles came on, so I turned the TV off, and I rolled over onto my back with my knees bent up, throwing Mittens off my back. She looked at me with squinted eyes before climbing onto my stomach and curling back up to go to sleep. I rubbed her ear and wondered absentmindedly if she'd been fed lately. I didn't give her any of my pizza last night, and I didn't see Sam give any either. She had to be hungry.

At that moment, I heard the lock click, and the door opened and Sam walked into the room carrying two blood spattered grocery bags. I waved to him, and he just raised his eyebrow at me. Shutting the door with his boot, he set the bags down next to the bed and went into the bathroom to rinse the blood off his hands. When he came back in, he walked across the bed, tapping my raised knees as he went. Digging through the bags, he pulled out a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, some cans of tuna, a carton of milk, some kind of pie, and a box of sugary cereal. He pulled the tab and opened one can of tuna, placing it on the floor. Quick as a flash, Mittens had woken up, leaped off my stomach, and was sprinting towards the fish, eating it like no tomorrow. I knew she had been hungry. As she ate, I watched Sam pull a pocket knife from his boot and examine it. He wiped it off on his shirt before using it to spread peanut butter onto a slice of bread. I wrinkled my nose in disgust. I hope he didn't expect me to eat that.

"Here," He said, holding out the completed peanut butter sandwich towards me. I sat up and reached out to is hesitantly. What if there was a spec of blood on it? What if it had some kind of disease? I was going to get AIDS from a peanut butter sandwich! He sighed. "It's clean. Just eat it!"

"A-alright!" I quickly grabbed the sandwich and took a huge bite out of it. As the peanut butter touched my tongue, and got stuck to the roof of my mouth, I realized how hungry I was. My eating habits had to be so messed up from living there the past couple days. I wanted to engulf the sandwich, but the sticky peanut butter forced me to eat slow and actually chew. After kicking his boots off, Sam sat next to me, eating his own sandwich. He had pushed the rest of the food to the wall by the head of the bed. We all just sat there and ate, the only sound was our chewing and Mitten's purring.

When I finished my sandwich, I licked my fingers clean slowly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sam watching with a smirk on his face. I felt myself blush and I looked away. I reached for the remote, hoping to kill the awkwardness with some TV. Right before my hand touched it, another hand stopped it. I turned to find Sam had reached around my back to stop my hand, and now he was staring at me intently. I stared back into his eyes, knowing that mine were swimming with mixed emotions, mainly fear. Sam leaned forward, connecting our foreheads together and never shifting his gaze from mine. I felt his hot breath on my face and I unintentionally let my eyes flicker to his lips. When I looked back into his eyes, they shined mischievously. Before I knew it, though I should have suspected it, his lips claimed mine in a possessive kiss. This time though, I didn't freeze, and I didn't push away. I pushed myself closer to him and deepened the kiss. When we broke for air he was smirking at me.

"I see you've chosen to give in to me," He said, his voice husky. He ran a finger over my cheek then cupped my chin in his hand. His thumb curved perfectly along my jawline. "Wonderful choice," After that moment, my brain must have snapped. I initiated the next kiss, wrapping my arms around Sam's neck. I felt one of his strong arms weave around my back, pulling me closer, while the other was at the back of my head pushing my face as close it could get to his. Without a moment hesitation, both of our mouths were open and our tongues battled for dominance. The taste of peanut butter overwhelmed my mouth. I moaned into his mouth as his tongue won over and began searching every crevice of mine. I felt him shudder and I mentally smirked.

He quickly shifted our position so that I was on my back on the bed, and he was over me, his knees at my hips. He broke the kiss, and a small whine escaped my lips. He chuckled and stared down at me panting. His fingers were on my face again. They traced over my lips to my cheek until he carded them through my hair. I gasped in pain when a sharp tug of my hair forced my head back. Sam's hot lips were suddenly on my exposed neck and collarbone, and I let out a soft moan. His lips traveled up till they were at my ear. "Do you remember when you asked to be shown where the major organs in the body were?" He whispered, his voice layered with desire. At that time, my mind was a complete blank, only registering the amazing new feelings going on. The only organ I could think of at the moment was quite south on my body. Organs, organs...what was he talking abou- oh! It took a minute for what Sam said to cut through the fog in my brain and then for me to actually remember what he was talking about. Him nibbling my ear the whole time didn't exactly help the thinking process.

"Y-yeah," I panted out weakly, the word barely forming in my mouth, and nodded slightly. I heard Sam chuckle and watched as he reached over and grabbed the pocket knife from his boot. Flicking the blade out, he pressed the cold metal to my forehead, causing my pulse to race and my eyes to widen. What the heck was he doing?!

"Well, no time like the present, huh?" He pressed his lips to mine in a quick, but bruising, kiss before I felt him carve a small line on my forehead with the knife. I hissed in pain and made to grab at his knife hand, but he quickly caught my arm and pinned it above my head. I struggled to get it free, but his grip was like a vice. "The first major organ is the," He paused to lick away the trail of blood I felt running down the bridge of my nose. "Brain." He tapped my head with the knife. I winced and reached to touch the cut on my head, but he held my hand back again and distracted me with another kiss. Truthfully, it didn't really hurt, but I could tell it was bleeding still.

When his lips left mine, they started traveling down my neck again leaving little nips in their wake, and most likely marks that would be a pain to hide (hide from who, I wondered). Sam slowly released one of my hands so that he could bring down the knife and press it against my neck. I shuddered from the icy feeling on my warm skin, and used my now free hand to poke at the cut on my head. Blood was on my fingers when I looked at them, and I could feel it slowly dripping down my face. Oh crap, how much blood was I losing? I didn't have much time to worry about it, because Sam had gripped my wrist again and was examining the blood on my fingers. I gasped as he pulled my fingers into his mouth and licked the blood away. When he was down, he bent down to whisper in my ear, "Don't touch it." I nodded and groaned when I felt his hips grind into mine.

He sat up, and positioned the tip of the knife at the collar of my shirt, running it smoothly down, somehow cutting only fabric. His rough hands pushed both sides of the ruined shirt away, and with my help, got it off and through it across the room. I felt the tip of the knife touch my skin directly above my pounding heart, and I hissed when it dug in deeper, leaving an "X" over it. I tried to lift my head to see the damage, but quick as a flash, two more "X"s were carved into my skin. "The next organs are the heart," Sam poked said "X", making me whine. "And the lungs," He proceeded to poke those "X"s too. I squirmed underneath him. I could feel blood lazily running down the side of my chest as my lungs and heart sped up. I hoped that there wasn't many organs left, yet somewhere in the back of my mind, a small itch wanted the blood to never end. The pain was somehow also influencing pleasure. How masochistic.

My fingers gripped at the sheet next to me as Sam cut a long, thin line diagonal across my stomach. "The rest are merely the stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver, and pancreas," He threw the knife aside and pulled his shirt off before trailing his tongue along the newest cut. I groaned out some illegible words and my hands tightened in the sheet at my sides. He moved up to kiss me hard on the lips, letting me taste my own blood, and his bare chest rested against mine. I could feel his muscles moving against my skin, and it sent a jolt of electricity through me. I thrusted my hips upwards into his, desperately seeking friction. With a chuckle, Sam detached our lips and moved downwards. I could see smeared blood on his body through my half lidded eyes, and I almost wanted to say sorry until I remembered it was him who made all of the blood appear.

Before I realized it, my pants and boxers had joined the shirts that were haphazardly thrown across the room. I gasped at the cold air, then moaned as Sam ran a hand up my inner thigh, soon followed by his hot mouth. His tongue came close to my erect member, but he pulled away right before. I whined, and watched him chuckle before tossing his own pants aside. He leaned over and hovered over me, looking into my eyes. He softly touched my lips with his thumb before placing a soft kiss on them. I felt myself blush at the sudden softness that he was expressing, but I kissed back. I felt his hand slip down my chest, running through the blood that was still oozing out. His hand would run over a cut and I would flinch, but he made it all better with the caress of his lips on mine. I was so into the kiss, that I didn't have time to realize why exactly he was coating his fingers in my blood until it was too late.

My eyes flew open and I gasped into his mouth as his first finger slid into me. I squirmed at the odd feeling, but he shushed me. "It'll be fine if you just relax," he whispered into my ear before shoving a second finger in, way before I was even ready for it, and trying to stretch me more. Relax. Yeah, OK. Not.

"Nn, S-Sam," I threw my head to the side, trying to find more air to pull into my lungs. He grabbed my face and turned it back to him. My arms wrapped around his neck and I brought his lips down for another kiss. He took this opportunity to remove his fingers, and thrust himself all the way into me. My scream was muffled by his mouth. He started to move immediately, not letting me get used to the strange, yet amazing, feeling, and when his lips left mine, a string of profanities escaped my mouth. "OhfuckshitdamnfuckSamshit!" He laughed and rested his head on my shoulder as he continued his thrusts. It hurt like hell. I was quite positive something was on the inside was bleeding, only adding to the blood on the bed already. Sam didn't exactly try all that hard to stretch me all the way first. There was no love in it at all. It was just pure lust. Though this saddened me a little, somehow, somewhere in the back of mind, something exploded. Something that just registered this whole act as fucking amazing. I couldn't get enough.

"Nn..Sam...please," I breathed out as I started to move my hips with his. He turned his head to look at me.

"You've got to tell me what you want," he said, licking the shell of my ear. I blushed and pulled in a shaky breath.

"H-harder...please," I couldn't believe I had said that, but I needed it, and Sam was glad to comply. In the midst of things, he also reached down and grasped my forgotten member, pumping me along with his thrusts. The sudden extra pleasure only made me that much closer to loosing it. Warmth spread down my body. "Ah! Sam...I..I'm!" But before I could get it out, it came out. I threw my head back and let out a moan that could wake the neighbors. My release caused my muscles to tighten around Sam, and that had sent him over the edge.

"NnJack!" He groaned and came inside of me before pulling out and falling to the side. We lay panting, covered in a mixture of liquids. When I found my voice again, I looked over at Sam.

"What... what now?" I asked. Sam raised an eyebrow at me.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I mean... I've served my purpose haven't I?" That's what I was, right? One night stand, then a dead body in the dumpster? I was so confused, especially when he smiled at me.

"I think I'll keep you around a while longer," he smirked and flicked my nose with his finger. I scrunched it up and glared at him. He laughed before scooting closer. "You're much too cute to get rid of," I blushed and turned to nuzzle into his chest and hide my blush. I felt his lips leave a kiss on my head before I fell into an exhausted sleep.

Having a serial killer as a boyfriend isn't all that bad. Sure, half the time I'm scared for my own life, I'm covered in scars, and I loose about half of my body weight in blood a day, in the end it pays off. I'm not sure if there's any real love flowing through us, but I like to think there is. I'll sometimes catch Sam staring at me as I wash dishes, or he'll think I'm asleep and softly kiss my head. He just won't admit that he loves me in some weird, psycho killer, sadist, Hematological way. I know he does though.

A few weeks after my kidnapping, Sam agreed to move into my old house with me and Mittens. Then, it took a while, but he finally let me out of the house alone to go get a new job. He said we didn't need money. He'd just get us everything we needed, but the idea that he was stealing, and killing, for everything didn't sit well with me. I wanted to at least buy half of our food supply. Sam and Mittens have become best friends too. Sometimes I think Sam is rubbing off on her because she seems a lot more violent lately, and usually attacks me. It's alright though. The one thing I'm still getting used to is being pulled into a random alleyway, at anytime of the day, and having my brains fucked out. That is sometimes a little surprising... especially if before I'm pulled in, I'm talking to someone else. Yeah...

All in all though, I'm grateful for that one queer day that I had. Without it, I'd never have met Sam, and I would still be stuck in my old boring job at the craft store. Thanks for listening, but I've got to go now. I'm about to pass another alleyway, and you never know what might lurk inside of it.

Well, this is the last chapter. Hope you enjoyed. ^^