Acknowledgments and a note from the author:

First off, I want to thank the three who made it possible for me to actually go through with this: xenolith, lookingwest and sophiesix. Their reviews, critique and advice helped me refine my style and overall made my writing look (in my opinion) less amateurish.

Secondly, a thanks to the Blue Moon Brewing Co. and Boston Beer Company, your products sustained me throughout the semester-and-a-half over which I wrote this. (*Note, this is an endorsement, not an advertisement. I am NOT being paid to say this!)

Third, a thanks to taerkitty for her helpful reminders during the "two" weeks of html formattng.

Finally, thanks to the people I know whom I based my main characters (and many of their conversations) on.

Now that that's been said, time for a glimpse of the future (don't worry, no spoilers, only a few teasers).

I won't be starting the actual writing of the next part until May, as there are four weeks in the current semester and in addition to finals coming up, my Professors are fresh out of mercy.

Also, the storyline of the next book will be both slightly longer and much less linear than the first. I have many adventures planned for the guys, but I still have yet to decide which order they should go in.

In the mean time, I'm going to be going over the older chapters (1-7) and make some revisions to each one, maybe rewrite the whole thing.

In the next part, I'll be introducing some new friends and enemies, a whole new world to explore, a new companion to join the adventures (this one's female :-0) and a new rival for Moros (after all, what good is a psychotic anti-hero without another one trying to one-up him every step of the way?).