They dropped, all of them. One by one. They had all been happy before, smiling and laughing and talking. Everyone had been happy until the people came in. They came in uninvited, they had metal tools and were shouting horrible words that she didn't understand. And the Loved ones started yelling too, they were scared.

She didn't know why they were so scared of the uninvited, or why the uninvited kept yelling those horrible words. They waved their metal tools around and when this one's mother tried to get it from them, the uninvited made it make loud noises.

And this one's mother screamed and fell. She watched her mother fall and fall, and land with a wet thud. She did not move. And the uninvited continued to make their metal tools make horrible sound, worse than their horrible words. And one by one, they all fell. Until she was the last one to stand. The horrible sound stopped and the uninvited looked upon her, as if waiting.

"Why do you make them all fall?" This one asked. "One…Two…Three…Four…Five…Six… I can't count that high." She turned her face to look at the uninvited and she smiled. "Are they uncountable?"

The uninvited were silent, like dark statues. This one grew sad, the Loved Ones did not get up after they had fallen. And cherry juice seemed to be coming from beneath their bodies. This one laughed softly. "They drank too much juice."

The metal tool made another horrible noise and this one felt herself falling. It seemed the ground was so far away because she seemed to fall forever. She finally landed and felt that she could not get up. Like the ground had held her in place. She saw red cherry juice leak out from under her and she laughed again. "I drank too much juice, too." She turned her face to the uninvited and asked simply, "Will they count me?"


A/N: Well, that was strange. Pardon the strange random horror fic that came to me in some weird moment. Sorry if it's crappy but I just sort of crapped it out (no pun intended). Basically the murder of her family through a young child, no older than four. Go with my story… I think.