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Chapter One – Yakuza Headquarters

"Clyde, I've brought your new secretary. His name is Yoshimoto Take." Said a woman who had a scar on top of her left eye and on her neck, she was blond and very tall for a woman.

"Claire." This man, Clyde, nodded and the woman left, leaving a small man trembling on the office with him. "So, Yoshimoto. You're informed as what is your job and everything, I hope?" The looming silhouette of a man, who was sitting on his chair, asked, and the other man could hear him inhale the cigarette, which he was holding leisurely.

"Y-yes. I-I hope I can be of help to y-you sir." The new secretary, Yoshimoto, muttered and tried to straighten his back, but it seemed impossible.

The man behind his office table rose and took his jacket from the chair and put it on. "Have you been informed of today's schedule?"
The other man nodded, he couldn't see his new boss, as the morning sun was bright, shining right behind the man from the window. "Y-you have a meeting with a man named Giovanni."

"Hmm," Clyde exhaled his cigarette and rummaged through his table, probably not finding what he was looking for, he lifted the phone on his table and pressed a number. He took a long draw from his cigarette and exhaled without sound, leaving the smoke rise slowly as he talked. "I need a car in front, to Giovanni." Then he put the phone down and turned to look at the new secretary. "That was your job."
"I-I-I apologize, sir." Yoshimoto shivered at the coldness of his voice. Then he came closer; he was tall, much taller than him.

"What are you standing there? Move." He ordered, the secretary moved before his mind had given the order to his bones.
"I apolog-" He started, but his new boss stopped him by turning to look at him; he was indeed tall, he had to look up to his face, which, actually wasn't as bad as he had thought. He was not as frightening as one of the Yakuza boss' he had seen, though he looked extremely cold, his eyes were steel gray and his hair was pitch black, pulled back, leaving few strands of hair to his forehead. But there was a scar on his left cheek, that made him a little yakuza.

"I would appreciate if you would stop apologizing, it does not fit your image." He said coolly and turned to leave the office; his room was on the first floor of the tall building. They entered a long hallway to the front doors, the corridor was soft brown and there was a long wine-red carpet on the ground, which took cover of the whole hall; probably to hide the blood-stains that could get there, Yoshimoto noted to himself.

They slowly walked towards the doors, Yoshimoto had gone through here before, but never dared to look at the people in the building, except for the woman who escorted him to his new boss' room. Now looking at the people in there, he was... more scared. The men were dressed in black, obviously, and so were the women, but the most "funny" thing is; he was expecting this, but it still made him quite aware of them. His boss, Clyde, had gotten used to the people there, as they probably were his underlings. He walked around without showing any kind of worry in the world; it kinda annoyed the new secretary. Clyde stopped at the receptionist. "Claire, is the car ready?"

"Oh yes it is, Hun." She purred and leaned forward, showing her bust to Clyde. But the man did not note this and lit another cigarette. "I need my car in front of Giovanni's place."

The woman straightened her back in disappointment, not even one glance towards her bust. "Yes yes, Hun." She sighed and quickly took the phone. "Hiya, when Clyde leaves, take his car behind. Yup, bye." She closed the phone and looked after Clyde, who had already left towards the door. Claire pointed at him. "You, new boy, your boss is leaving." She said and put a chewing gum in his mouth.

Yoshimoto was in daze, and then realized she was talking to him, he looked at Clyde, oh shit. He ran after him, not a good first impression.
As he catch up to him, he was already getting on the back of the limousine, the driver closed the door after him and looked at Yoshimoto. "You'll be sitting with me, in front, sir."

He nodded unsure. "D-did he say something about me?"

The driver looked at him as he opened the door to him. "No, sir." Yoshimoto went in the car and the driver nodded before closing the door, then going around the car to the drivers seat. "Where is master Clyde going?" He asked asked.

"U-umm, Giovanni?" Yoshimoto said, unsure.
The driver nodded and they smoothly departed the building towards the unknown place. "Er, I apologize for asking, but who is Giovanni?" Yoshimoto asked carefully.

The driver looked at him in awe. "You must be new." And to that Yoshimoto nodded.

"He is the leader of The Black Dragon. Well, I am not quite sure if there is someone even higher than him, but you should never forget the name of Giovanni, sir." He said and drove a bit faster as they entered the highway.

"I thought Clyde is the leader."

The driver passed other cars swiftly and smoothly, even though they were on a limousine, it seemed like the car he was driving was a small one; he drove so smoothly. He sighed. "You don't even know who your boss is... sir?"

"I-I-I am terribly sorry, I just wanted to be somebody... I wanted to be the secretary of the Boss. You know?" Yoshimoto smiled and scratched the back of his head.

"You... are you- ah, never mind." The driver turned away from the highway towards a large dojo-like building, "Clyde is a leader, but of assassins. Although he does most of the work himself, he also owns a lot of clubs; hence the paperwork for you. I am not in the position to talk of Clyde. Only things that are known, sir." He said and slowed down to the front gates. "We have arrived, sir."

Yoshimoto looked at the driver and waited for him to get out of the car, before he himself did.

"A nice day for you, Sir." The man was already opening the door to Clyde when Yoshimoto got up, "I hope you will enjoy your meeting, your car will be here in a moment, Sir." He said with such obvious respect for the man and waited patiently for Clyde to take his cigarette and offered to light it for him. "May I, Sir?"

Clyde nodded and inhaled. "Thank you, Mauris."

"The pleasure is mine, Sir." He smiled, happy that he had remembered his name, although he probably had worked for the man for years already. He closed the door Clyde had come from, bowed and waited for his boss to leave.

"Mauris," Clyde exhaled and looked at the bowing man, "wait here, so that my secretary may go back with you, if something urgent comes."

"Yes, Sir." He straightened his back as Clyde went to the gates, "Mr. Secretary, better watch your back here, you never know who may want to kill you... sir."

Was he threatening me? He was definitively threatening me. Oi! Yoshimoto looked at the driver, who went into the limousine and drove to a parking slot further away.

"Tsch. Assbag." Yoshimoto spit on the ground and followed Clyde.

Clyde was standing infront of the main entrance, there were two guards. "Indentify yourself."

Clyde took his black leather glove off from his right hand, and showed a silver ring on his middlefinger. There was a carving or a dragons head on the ring, its eyes were made of black diamond, or that's how it seemed.

"Hmm, Clyde Watson. Excuse for a moment." One of the guards said and went to the doorbell, rang it and waited for an answer.

"Yes?" Someone said through the doorphone.

"Is Clyde Watson supposed to come?" The guard asked.

What remained, was silence, no answer came.

"Is something wrong?" Yoshimoto asked.

Someone was behind the huge gate, they could hear someone yelling something and then, slowly, but surely the huge gate opened. "Clyde, honey!"

It was a man, a flying man to be exact. A man, on a chinese dress; flying towards Clyde. Yoshimoto looked at the situation in confusion, the man who had come behind the gates and rushed towards Clyde, jumped, hoping that he would catch him.

But the hoping, should tell the rest; Clyde dodged the flying man and went right past him, ignoring him exactly, leaving the flying-chinese-man fall flat on to the ground. The guards got alerted and went to check if the man was alright. "Long Li, Sir! Are you alright? Long Li, Sir?"

Yoshimoto looked at the man on the ground, what in the world has he gotten into, he thought this would be... more... well, something else than a chinese man jumping, no, trying to jump for his new boss' arms. He sighed and went after Clyde.

"Oi... you just sighed at me, didn't you?" The chinese man, apparently named Long Li, stood up and adjusted his clothes and shoved his long black hair behind himself.

What now? Yoshimoto turned around to see him, he was... pretty, for a man and... a bit dusty. "I apologize, sir." He bowed, apparently the man was in high position, obviously higher than him; it goes unsaid to respect the people higher-up. Well, addmitting that he sighed at him by apologizing was not... respectful, Yoshimoto realised his mistake and shut his eyes tightly. Shit, shit, shit!

"Hmph. Who the hell are you? I haven't seen you here before." Long Li's eyes sharpened and glared at Yoshimoto.

"He's my new secretary." Clyde said from behind Yoshimoto. The said man jumped from the sudden appearance, he hadn't noticed him coming at all. "Are you coming, secretary." It was not a question, of that Yoshimoto was super-sure. Saaved, but by a scarier person.

"Yes. I apologize, Sir." He turned around, only to see his boss' chest; he looked up, Clyde was looking at him. Wh-what now?

"What did I say about apologizing, do not apologize so much." He said and lit a cigarette, turned around and started walking towards the building.

"Clyde~ Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" The chinese man started running after him, but not before throwing the secretary a glare; a warning, Yoshimoto thought and slowly went after them.

"So, Clyde... What are you doing here today? Came to meet me?" Long Li asked and tried to hang on Clyde's arm, but he shoved him away.

Isn't it obvious that he didn't come here for that? Yoshimoto thought to himself and almost sighed, before remembering how sensitive the other man was.

Clyde looked at his secretary and then at the man, who was trying to hang on to him. "I have a meeting with Giovanni, my secretary will keep you company if you wish. As it would be his job to get rid of you, as you are disturbing me." He did not hide the despise in his eyes, nor the coldness in his voice.

The man did not like this and got red from anger and embarrasment. "You're such an ass, you Son of a-" He lifted his fist to hit him, but Clyde catched him by the wirst, "-bitch." The man finished his sentence, noticing that his hand was caught, he tried to struggle it free.

Clyde shook his head. "Actually, son of a whore. But taking that aside, what is this you are doing here?" He wiggled the arm that he was holding, "rehab?" He smirked.

Oh god.. what is he smirking at... wasn't he supposed to say "rebellion." The secretary realised his slip and slammed his hands on his mouth.

Both of the men glared at him, m-my mistake? Why does it look like that I made a mistake, huh? Wasn't he going to say rebellion, was I wrong? Yoshimoto gulped.

Clyde coughed and let go of the arm and suck his cigarette till the end before throwing to the ground. "Anyway, wait here, I'll go see Giovanni."

He's ignoring it? Like it never happened? I better shut up, and not mention this ever again... Yoshimoto nodded, to both Clyde, and himself.

Clyde coughed one more time before leaving the akward atmosphire, leaving the secretary and the other man in it.

Thanks life, as the dark-haired man did not like him so much as that he would stay with him. "I don't wanna be with someone like you." He glared at him, turned around with his heels and left with a "hmph" sound.

Yoshimoto sighed, wierd world indeed.


"Clyde! You're here! I was waiting for you to show up." Said a man when Clyde entered a room after three check-ups that he really was Clyde. He nodded as a greeting.

"Sit, good man, sit." The man, who was sitting behind a desk pointed at a chair infront of him. "It's good to see you well."

"Giovanni." Clyde nodded again and sat on the chair he was offered, soon bouncing up; he looked at the chair, a needle. "Aren't you a bit... old for this, yes?" Clyde took the needle and threw it towards the old man behind the desk, a hand came in front of the mans face; the needle stuck to the hand. "Clyde, aren't you getting a little too sensitive? Throwing a needle towards your boss' eye over such a thing?" Said the man who had caught the needle, he was a little taller than Clyde. He had black hair and brown eyes and eye glasses; he was wearing black suit trousers and white dress shirt. He adjusted his glasses and removed the needle from his hand.

The old man snickered. "Now now, Mike, don't be too harsh on your brother. That's what he was born to do; Kill people. Of course he would try to kill me."

Clyde lit a cigarette. "You wont die from a needle to your eye, old man. It just stings a little." He leaned back.

"A little, you don't say?" Giovanni chuckled, "anyway, boy, I have a thing for you to do."

Clyde's eyes flickered, "what is it? And don't call me boy."

"Ahh, why not take some sake first?" Giovanni ignored the threathening glare and Mike poured him some alcohol, "you want?" He offered.

"No." Clyde declined.

Giovanni took a sip and shrugged. "Too bad, it's good."

"The job is?" Clyde looked at the man a bit irritated. Giovanni put the sake-cup down and put a cigar in his mouth, Mike lit it and stood straight as a statue, looking at the doors behind Clyde; he was ready for an attack which could come any minute.

"Yes - yes. You are to go to an University to meet the headmaster. Apparently there is rumours that he is involved with the Red Vipers, so you are to go and see if the rumour is true. If it is... well, you know what to do. I'm sorry that you can't go and kill people this time, well, if he has been wise." Giovanni puff the cigar and smiled.

Clyde sighed and relaxed himself deeper to the comfortable chair and exhaled the smoke out of his lungs, slowly the smoke dissipated to the ceiling. "I don't remember saying that my fun is limited on killing."

"And sex?" Giovanni chuckled heartly. "Well, I am not sending you alone there, Teru, Shino and Mark are coming with you. As there is a possibility that the rumors are true, and the Red Vipers were to show up. I am not sending you to your doom." He stumped the cigar to the ashtray Mike was offering. "Come on in." He waved his hand to tell the people that they could come in. With the command the three people he had mentioned, came in. "Hallo." Teru waved at Clyde, who looked at the side door, where they came from. Teru, a woman who is pretty short, but strong though small; she's good at many martial arts. Shino, he is really quiet and pretty tall, but muscular; he is a master of swords. Mark is a big, fat guy and he often smells and looks like his dripping grease from his skin; he uses a shotgun.

Mark was carrying a black suitcase where he kept his shotgun, Shino had two katana's on his obi sash, Teru had nothing.

Clyde threw his burned cigarette towards Mike, he catches it with the ashtray and show a murderous glare at him, with a smile he lifted his glasses and formed "fuck you" with his lips. Clyde winked and lit another cigarette. "So. My lovely brother is not coming with me?"

"No. He is to remain with me, you know of this, you stupid son of a assassin." Giovanni smirked and gulped rest of the alcohol liquid to his throat.

"I have heard that once today already, though, that time the assassin part, was a bitch." Clyde exhaled slowly and stared Giovanni with stern eyes.

The man who he stared at got up and slammed the desk, "who dare say that?"

Clyde smiled, he got the reaction he wanted. "Anyway, we're leaving now. I assume one of you knows where to go."

Teru nodded, a little taken back by the sudden slam of the old man. "C ya." Clyde waved his hand as he left the room with the three following him, leaving Giovanni red with madness - it was Mikes job to calm him down.


Yoshimoto was sitting on a bench he had found close to the room Clyde went, he was drinking coffee some servant had brought him. He looked around; guards, only guards and some female servants. The women were quiet and didn't say anything even if the men were groping them, probably piss scared; well, this was a yakuza dormitory, or even the headquarter. Yoshimoto sighed, his shoulders slumped, he looked at the floor... it was wooden. Interesting find... he thought sarcastically.

"Hey, who was that guy who we let in? The one who Long Li welcomed... with a very... interesting way." Yoshimoto heard a guard say, who was at the front gates when they had arrived, they were sitting a little further; it was probably their shift change, as they were eating on the floor.

"Ah... Clyde Watson, I've heard a little about him. I guess he's the assassins' leader, though one at that."

"Really? I thought the leaders were more bad ass looking." The guard chuckled and slurped whatever he was eating.

"You know, I heard that he is also known as Clyde "the Killer" Watson, that he is a fucking beast. And that he has no emotions what so ever. Ha, beast with no emotions, ridiculous I'd say, like one on the stories, eh?" The other said, and joined the other guard with eating.

"Wait a moment," another guard joined their talk, "I think I've heard of him; Clyde "the Killer" Watson, yeah. It is a rumor that he Killed his own cousin, because he wanted to leave the Black Dragon. And that he was 11 when he killed him." He nodded knowingly.

"But that is just absurd, no healthy 11 year-old kid would kill his or her cousin because of that kind of thing!" The other said disbelieving.

"...I heard that his cousin wanted to leave the Black Dragon, so he had to do seppuku, but he couldn't, so Clyde helped him a little with the cutting." A fourth guard came, eating noodles.

"Nah, you guys have just heard some really over the top rumors." The one who started the talk, said.

Yoshimoto looked at the guys in terror. Shit, really? He looked down, he saw black suit shoes. Slowly, he looked up, suddenly feeling a bit dizzy. His face went white as he saw Clyde smoking there, he started walking towards the guards. "You are right, in some points..." The guards looked at the person who owned the suave voice, their faces pale as white as Yoshimoto's. "Actually, I was 14 at the time and my cousin was trying to leave the Black Dragon, so he was ordered to assassination. As he had already escaped by some miraculous way - so he came to me, to find shelter. I never kinda liked that guy so I killed him, by harakiri. So in a way, all of you were kinda right. I don't know about the beast and emotionless," Clyde dropped the cigarette and step on it, "what do you think?"

Yoshimoto looked at the man. He is a fucking beast, oh my god... He put his hands on both sides of his cheeks and looked at the four guards in horror. I-I sure hope they lived a good life.

"C'mon Clyde, don't be such a spoil. They were just telling rumors, like housewives." A woman came behind Yoshimoto. He looked the woman up and down, he thought the woman was decent; in the conclusion he got a sword on his neck. He looked up to the owner of the sword, there was a tall man, he had long black hair and so very cold eyes. It didn't make him feel better to know that those eyes were glaring at him. H-h-his woman? Yoshimoto gulped. The man grunted as if he had heard his thoughts.

"Why are you men so damn hard to deal with!" The woman yell to the man who was trying to cut the secretary. "Shino, stop with the sword-thing. You are not going to get any friends with that attitude." She ran to the man, and the sword disappeared back to the sheath. Clyde turned around to look at his secretary and then at Shino. "I am sure I would do that to anyone who would look at something that is mine." He lit a cigarette.

"I-I-I... I h-have a wife, I would never ever look at women who were already somebody's." Shiiit, I so totally said that I watch-

"So, women who aren't someone's are OK, even if you have a wife. Haha! I like you boy!" A fat guy appeared. The sitting secretary felt like digging his own grave at the moment.

"Mark, you are so disgusting. And Clyde, I am not someone's property." Teru said and hugged Shino, who looked very displeased by what she had said. "What, I am not yours. You are mine." She smirked and kissed the man on the cheek.

"Oh come on! Do you have to do your S&M plays when there are other people around?" The fat-man protested at the sight.

Am... am I forgotten? A-and is that guy sweaty...? Yoshimoto looked at the man, who had appeared, in slight disgust, trying his best not to show it.

"Oh, speaking of S&M, the headmaster of the university-" Teru released her arms from around the swordsman, who was still glaring at the secretary. Not forgotten, I see... Yoshimoto tried to leave the mans glare, he looked behind Clyde; only to see that the guards had dissipated and that the woman was now standing next to Clyde.

"-has been in one of your gay S&M clubs, Hoshi no Atoka, I guess. So maybe we can grab some info from there? I heard he also has a debt in there." She said and smiled.

Clyde puff his smoke in rage, probably thinking. "No way, we are going in there now. I can't stand going around in circles, better do it now. You," Clyde pointed at his secretary, "You'll go back to the office to do papers. We four will go to the university."

"The faster the better, eh?" Mark laughed and scratched his arm.

"Shut up." Clyde said cold and turned to leave, "what uni?"

Teru giggled and glued to Shino's arm, "Tokyo University."

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