Hi. Okay, this is based off of the song 'Sweet Sacrifice' by Evanescence. I love it to bits, but I do not own it. Regrettably. All words from the song will be in bold. It's just a bunch of scenes linked together by the song. The song is in order. The story? Not necessarily. It could go in any order, I guess.

I laughed at my best friend. "It's true; we're all a little insane. I guess it's part of life."

He grinned and rolled those gorgeous brown eyes at me. "But it's so clear, Julienne, that's you're crazier than most. I can't believe that you didn't notice it."


Zane rubbed his wrists and flipped his brother's handcuffs over his shoulder. I laughed at the position I had found him in, but was concerned for the markings on his arms. "Jeez, Zane, haven't you learned yet that letting a six-year-old catch you sleeping is as bad as falling asleep at a frat party?"

"You've never been to a frat party, Julie," he remarked lazily. "Anyway, now that I'm unchained, I want to go eat ice cream."


"Fear is only in our minds," I soothed, cradling him against my shoulder. "It won't hurt you. Taking over all the time, yes, but only if you let it, Zane."

"Fear is only in our minds but it's taking over all the time. No ifs or buts, Julienne."


"You poor sweet innocent thing," I crooned, rocking him in my arms. The livid bruises across Zane's torso nearly broke my heart. "Darling, you have to dry your eyes and testify. You can't let her keep doing this."


"You know you live to break me, Mother. Don't deny it." Zane's voice was cold and low as he stepped back from the woman who birthed him. "I'm so very tired of being your sweet sacrifice."

"One day I'm going to forget your name," she spat. "You'll regret this."

"And one sweet day, you're going to drown in my lost pain," he returned coolly.

Behind him, I whispered, "Fear is only in our minds, taking over all the time."

He repeated my words loud enough for her to hear. "Fear is only in our minds but it's taking over all the time."

She laughed bitterly and mocked, "'You poor sweet innocent thing. Darling, you have to dry your eyes and testify.' And, oh, you love to hate me, don't you, honey?"

"Of course not, Mother. It's what I was born for. I'm your sacrifice."


"I dream in darkness, Julienne," Zane whispered brokenly. "Not only in darkness, but of darkness. I sleep to die, because sleep is as close as I can get tonight or tomorrow."

"Or ever!" I interjected hotly. "It isn't so hard to erase the silence, Zane. The silence if gone when you make noise. The darkness is gone when you introduce light."

"It's easier to simply erase my life," he said sharply. "It isn't do hard to do with the proper items. A knife, a string, a pillow, and a million other things serve the purpose well."




"When I die, I want to be cremated."

He rolled onto his stomach and looked across the grass at me. "We'll be cremated together, Julie. Our burning ashes can blacken the day at the same time."


"A world of nothingness," he said dully. "That's what this feels like."

"I'm going to be in a play," I said quickly. "Will you come?"

He looked at her and his expression lightened suddenly. "Blow me away, princess."


"Do you wonder why you hate? Or more specifically, Julie, do you ever wonder why you hate my mother?"

"No," I said flatly. "She hurt you. That's reason enough for me to hate her forever."


"Are you still too weak to survive your mistakes?" I asked Zane's mother acidly, rubbing tears away from my cheeks.

"You poor sweet innocent thing," she mocked. "Dry your eyes and testify. Testify that I was cruel to my son. Lie to the world about me."

"I don't need to lie. It's the truth."

"You know you live to break me," she said, an unconscious echo of her son's earlier accusation. "It won't work. I never hit my son. Those cuts and bruises were self-inflicted."

"Don't deny the truth," I said. I rose and turned to leave. Before I was through the door, I paused and said softly, "I would appreciate it if you didn't mention this meeting to Zane."


"She sees me as her sacrifice," Zane said, tears rolling down his cheeks. "A sacrifice that she can mutilate before presenting to the gods."

I wrapped my arms around his waist and murmured into his shirt, "But such a sweet, sweet sacrifice you are, Zane. Such a sweet sacrifice indeed."