My Life as a Teenage…

Story One: My Life as a Teenage Faggot

Nobody knows for certain if it's nature or nurture that determines what we are. I like to believe that I was made to be gay, but at times I'm not so certain. And when I have these doubts, I have my rock. Well, if you want to get technical, I have three rocks. I have my boyfriend, who I've been with since seventh grade, and I have my sister Ryan. I also have my very supportive parents who have never once looked at me any differently then the other boys at my school, and I love them for that. Oh, and Hunter, my crazy ass little brother. But the whole problem with being gay and proud of it is those out there who want to crush your pride… I understand those who stay in the closet but I could never be that way. My voice is too high, it always has been.

I think - no never mind, I know - that the moment I knew was the day after soccer practice in seventh grade. I really loathed the sport but Tyler loved it. He was always so busy so I would do anything to spend even the slightest amount of time with him. The team really didn't like me much because I wasn't very good and I was smaller then most of them, but Tyler always stood up for me no matter what the circumstance. That day Aaron Blacklock and I had been practicing getting the ball from one end of the field to the other while an opponent was trying to take it away. Suddenly he aimed a good kick to my left shin which, thanks to his cleats had me doubled over on the field trying not to cry my eyes out like a pussy.

The coach went directly toward me and asked me if I was alright. He said I was holding up really well. I looked over just in time to see Aaron slap hands with Jack Crowtin. Tyler was on the other side of the field with the other group so I didn't even have any one to get comfort from. The coach held me up and I hobbled with him to the nurse's office but she wasn't there and I had blood running from my shin all the way down to my ankle. Not only did it hurt like a bitch, but I was squeamish.

"I'm gonna send you home," Coach Jacobs said leaning down to examine my leg further.

"It's okay, I'll just sit out for a bit," I said trying not to cry or worse… heave.

"No, you might need to get some stitches for that," he said. I was afraid he was going to say that.

"It's okay, I'm fine," I said my voice cracking.

"No, you wait right here I'll go call your mom," he told me tapping my good leg with his palm twice. I sat there rolling down my soccer socks trying not to get blood on them. Aaron came over to me and looked down at me. I felt like an ant, and Aaron was a kid with a magnifying glass.

"Sorry dude, I totally didn't mean for this to happen!" he said. I knew he didn't mean a word of it, but none the less I said I know, and told him it was okay and watched as he walked over to his friends who all cackled together like a band of hyenas. I really wanted to just go off in a corner and cry, but I wouldn't do that there. I did later that day, but not then. I played with the soccer ball that was next to me and decided to count the spots on it. I had gotten to ten before the coach got back.

"I can't get in touch with your mom," he told me scratching the back of his head.

"My dad and her went out to dinner with my sister. Hunter's at his friend's house and Tyler was supposed to come over after practice for a sleep over." I spoke quietly staring down at the black and white ball, my finger tracing lightly over the creases.

"Alright, I'm going to drive you home." He was off before I could protest. I groaned. I tried to get up but before I could, I was knocked to the ground again. I knew it was by accident but I was in a pissy ass mood.

"Get the hell off of me!" I yelled trying to shove him off with my hands.

"I'm sorry, Skyler. Sorry, sorry, sorry!" he said falling back and putting both his hands and my small shoulders looking down at me with worry all over his face.

"Why are you sitting out? Are you okay?" he asked then he looked down at my leg. "My god, what the hell happened?" he asked, leaning down to get a better look.

"Playing defender, got kicked in the shin, no big deal," I muttered looking down.

"Sky-ler." He broke my name in half and whined the way he always does when ever he finds something I do extremely pathetic.

"You need to watch what your doing! You can't just start day dreaming right in the middle of practice!" he ranted as he always does when ever I do something that annoys him. I mutter an apology hoping that he'll just go away and leave me alone to wallow in my self pity. The coach came back his keys in hand.

"You ready to go Skyler?" he asked.

"Where are you going?" Tyler asked, looking to me.

"I'm taking him home he needs that cleaned up and I don't have the supplies to do it here," he said leaning down to pull me up.

"I want to go with him. He gets sick if he has to touch blood," Tyler said as if he meant to make this as embarrassing as it could be.

"Tyler!" I hissed through my teeth as the guys snickered behind him. To which he just smiled apologetically too.

"Alright, let's just get him moving that things gushing," couch said and made a disgusted face. Tyler grabbed me around the back and tried to hall me to my feet. I got my balance still holding my battle wound above the ground.

"See yah later guys," Aaron said with a wave.

"Bye dude," Tyler said, tightening his arm up around me. We got to the car and we sat down in the back seat. Tyler pulled the towel out from his sports back and pressed it to my shin. I looked at him gratefully. I didn't want to talk; I just wanted to stare out the window in distaste, so I did. Tyler left me to it and just continued to put pressure on the towel. We came to my house which was a small pale blue house with white shudders with four bedrooms. The coach walked with us to the door and scrambled through my bag for a key until he found it and unlocked the white door for us.

"You're mom allows you to be home alone right?" I nodded as quickly as I could. I wanted him gone so I could curl up and die.

"Alright Skyler, you need to be more careful out there on the field." He patted my shoulder before getting back in the car and driving away with a wave. Tyler helped me into the house setting me down on the couch.

"Keep holding that there while I try to find some peroxide and gauze." I nodded and he walked out of my living room and into the kitchen. I turned my head and stared out the stain glass that my mom had created. Tyler came in and smiled at me before coming to kneel in front of me. His auburn hair tumbled down into his eyes and I resisted the impulse to brush it away. He took the towel away gently and looked at the huge gash. I bit down on my lower lip in pain. He looked up at me, his hazel eyes glinting in the rainbow shades of the stained glass that was throwing prisms onto the walls.

"Does is hurt bad?" he asked softly.

"Yes," I whispered, my voice coming out like a breath of air. He turned to his side and lifted up the bottle of peroxide and gently poured it on my bloodied shin. It stung. He never looked away from my eyes even as he wrapped the gauze tightly around my wounded appendage. I winced suddenly as it wrapped around too hard.

"Sorry," he muttered as he finally broke my gaze to look at the job he'd done.

"It's fine," I breathed. He brought his eyes back to mine. Every thing had felt so… surreal… I don't even know how I could explain it. Blue clashed hazel and I was fighting a lost cause. I leaned down and took his chin in my hand and brought my lips to his. I felt sparks - no fire flying - behind my eye lids, and I couldn't breathe. I couldn't feel anything but my lips against his. It may have escaped my notice that Tyler was not participating. His lips were frozen, unmoving, and now… felt extremely cold… I pulled back and looked at him. His mouth was open. His eyes full of fear. Heat began to spread from my neck all the way to my hair line. He stumbled away from me.

"You-you-you." He stuttered until he seemed to finally think of an appropriate word. "Faggot!" That word has, and will always stick with me. I am Skyler Hastings and I am a teenage Faggot.


After that day…nothing was the same. Tyler grabbed his sports bag and left me sitting there, cut in two places. I had lost my best friend to some fluttering in the pit of my stomach that had always been there when he was in the room but I had never known what they were. After that day I knew. It was love. And not in the brotherly way that other guys had but I like liked him. It scared me shitless. Tyler was always like a sibling to me, a protector, and he was… a boy. As night hit I still hadn't moved from that spot… I hated the dark. The noises the trees made in the night air. The unknown. I especially hated that night because that meant one less day I had until I'd have to face Tyler again. At around nine that night my parents got home with my sister. She sent a big smile towards me and my gut tightened thinking she wouldn't be smiling once I told her.

"Hey, Sky, how was practice?" my mom asked beaming her 'I'm so proud smile'.

"Got kicked in the shin, but I'm okay," I muttered, turning my head down.

"Awww poor baby are you okay?" She came and put her hands on both sides of my face.

"Yeah, I'm fine, mom. Just leave me alone!" I tore her hands away from me and ran to the stairs.

"Skyler!" My dad yelled out.

"Dad just let him go," I heard my sister calm him. In my per usual drama princess manner I slammed the door behind me. I threw myself into my bed face down on my white down pillow. I just laid there for a little while counting the seconds until I knew one of them would come after me.

"Skyler?" a soft voice asked.

I didn't answer. "I brought you some ice cream…" Silence. She'd have to try harder.

"Its cookie dough flavored." I broke.

I lifted my head slightly just to call out a low, "Come in all ready."

I heard the door creak open as she quick stepped over to my side. She sat down near my hip and leaned forward running her fingers through the back of my blonde hair. She laid her head down on my back. "Sky."

"Ryan," I mumbled muffled into the pillow.

"What's happened?" she said stroking my hair again.

"Ryan, I did something… bad…" I muttered, fighting back stubborn tears.

"Skyler, I'm sure it can't be so bad," she assured me. I heard her place the ice cream on the bed side table.

"Yes, yes it can." I scrunched up the blackest tightly in my fingers.

"Skyler stop being dramatic and tell me," she demanded, slapping my butt.

"Ow!" I shrieked lifting my head angrily.

"At least the ostrich is out of the hole. You do know little brother even if you hide your head in the ground your problems still there," she said her bright blue eyes trained on mine. She used her fingers to grip the ice cream and shove it into my hands.

"I know," I muttered around a mouthful of cold cookie deliciousness.

"Then isn't it better to get it out in the open?" she asked digging her spoon in and putting it into her mouth.

"Ryan, what if… I wasn't… you know… normal?" I stared down making sure to look any where but her. I knew if any one would accept me she would, and if she didn't… I'd be out on the world on my own.

"Skyler, what do you mean?" she asked softly.

"Ryan –" I paused. A long pause. I blurted it out. "I-I kissed Tyler," I said, my voice shaking. I lifted my head to judge her reaction. Her mouth was semi-open and her hand had frozen midway to her mouth. The ice cream was dripping ever so slowly from her spoon. Then she closed her mouth and put her hand on my leg.

"How did he take this?" she asked.

"He-He called me… a faggot." I whimpered.

"Oh, Sky!" she cried out, wrapping her arms around me.

"I lost my best friend." I clung to my ice cream and let her rock me back and forth.

"Skyler, you and Tyler have been best friends since kindergarten. I'm doubting he'll leave you. He loves you."

"But not in the way I love him," I whispered, feeling dirty.

"What?" she asked shocked, bringing herself back.

"I love him," I muttered, not looking at her. I picked at the doughy balls sticking out of the smooth surface of the frozen treat.

"Skyler, do you think you're… gay?" she asked pulling my head up to hers.

"I-I don't know. I mean I've never really liked… girls… And I always got that feeling in my stomach when Tyler was around."

"What kind of feeling?" Ryan asked.

"Like fluttering… sometimes so bad it made me sick." I flushed bright red.

"Skyler I think we should talk to mom and dad," she said firmly getting to her feet.

"No! No!" I yelled getting on my knees on the bed. "Please! Please Ryan! Their going to hate me! Please!" I pleaded desperately.

"Skyler, they won't hate you. They love you," she said.

"Please Ryan," I begged softly sniffling into her shoulder.

"For now… But tomorrow night at dinner you're going to tell them… I'll be right beside you. And if they hate you… their gonna have to hate me too," she muttered into my hair.

"You swear?" I nervously whispered.

"I swear." She took my pinky in hers and we made a promise.


She was the first person I formally came out to. The next terror was my parents. My mom was nervous when I sounded so serious and even more so when Ryan sat down right next to me. After I opened my mouth wide enough to get a word heard, it all sort of tumbled out like word vomit. It sounded first like I'mgay. And then I amgay. Then finally I slowed down too.

"I said I-am-gay!"


"Ryan, take your little brother inside," my dad said. I was so sure he was going to kick the shit out of me. Ryan gave me a nervous glance as if to ask me what I wanted her to do. I nodded softy because I knew she'd be peeking through the door crack any how.

"Come on, Hunter," she said lifting my blonde-haired brother from his chair.

"No! I stay here here!" he wriggled in her arms before she finally threw him over her shoulder and hauled him into the living room. Then they both turned their gazes on me. The thing about my family is… We're blond. I mean all of us. Bleach blonde with pale skin and bright blue eyes. That was us. There was no escaping it. You would be born that way. It didn't matter the time of year or the time of conception you would be forever cast into the stereotype of stupidity. Have you ever had two sets of blue eyes staring at you with the same unreadable expression and your waiting to find out what their thinking but the moment just never seems to come…? I have…

"I'm sorry," I muttered dropping my head.

"Why are you sorry?" my dad asked, looking confused.

"You're angry." I looked up.

"No. And I can't really say that were shocked." My mom sent me a small smile.

"Me and your dad have discussed this before. The night when Via and her sister were over for dinner. She was just about your age and she's absolutely gorgeous! You barely looked twice at her and then asked her if she wanted to go to the mall or something," she told me, her gaze never wavering.

"So you're not………………. disgusted?" I asked biting down on my bottom lip.

"Well of course we're not ecstatic, no parent would be. But we can't say that we haven't prepared our selves for this day," my dad said.

"Told yah so!" said a voice from the living room.

"Told yah! Told yah!" Then a huge crash.

"Hunter!!!" Then the family moved onto the next Hastings catastrophe, Mom's broken Tiffany's vase…


I think the thing I can't bring myself to regret in my life is one of things I'd like to forget in my life. Hey look that rhymed! Any way… It was Monday at school. I had spent the weekend with my family. My sister had a couple of her friends sleep over so I spent some time with them. They loved me and seeing as me and Ryan are only a year apart I fit in pretty well with her friends. So, I packed my messenger bag and got in the car with my mom who for the fifteenths time in three days reminded me how much she loved me with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"You should try to talk to him, Skyler," my mom told me, holding my hand.

"Yeah," Ryan said putting a hand on my shoulder from the back seat.

"I know that you probably scared him, but he's still your friend." She smiled at me before pulling up in front of the High school.

"Bye Skyler. Good Luck," Ryan said climbing out of the car and sprinting toward school. She seemed a bit to excited for… school. My mom continued to drive down to the Middle School campus.

"Good luck baby." She kissed my cheek once again. I swung the door open and jumped out to try and get away from the 'love' and sticky ass lipstick that was smeared all over my pale cheeks making me look like a clown.

"Bye mom." I waved over my shoulder fling open the side door and sliding into school. As I walked into the main hallway with all the seventh grade lockers I could feel eyes on me. There were whispers all around me and as I walked by it just seemed to get really… quiet. I tightened my hand wondering if I was just so nervous I was imagining things. I walked straight to my locker trying to get away from the prying eyes. I located it. Locker 32 combination 12-3-4, right by the best water fountain in the school.

I put in the combination and open my locker quickly trying to put up a shield between me and the world if only for a moment. But what happened instead would stick with me forever. Out of my locked tumbled hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of men. Men in their under wear, men in just jeans, men kissing, and the last thing to fall out was a huge folded poster that said. Faggot in big red letters. The tears that had been trying to come down for days now burned my eyes once again.

I heard the laughter of all my peers and it hurt like multiple kicks to the gut, but the thing that hurt the most was the fact that the only person who knew my locker combination beside Ryan and myself was… Tyler. I didn't even bother to get my books I just grabbed my messenger bag slammed my locker shut and ran towards the door as quick as I could trying not to hear the words thrown at me as I passed.

I hated myself. I hated this school. I hated everyone. I wanted to transfer. I wanted to die. Anything to stop how I felt. The only thing I couldn't bring myself to hate was Tyler, no matter how much I wanted to. It wasn't fair. I wanted my protector. I wanted him to stop the pain as he always did but it was him who was causing it. I ran out the door and ran around the corner and went into the bushed curling in on my self. I threw my bag over into the corner. I reached into my pants fumbling for my cell phone. I flipped it open the tears building in my eyes made it hard for me to see the tiny buttons. I hit my mother speed dial. I listened to the ringing and blinked my eyes trying to keep the tears from falling. Finally I heard.

"Skyler?" she sounded nervous.

"Can you come pick me up?" I said my voice choked.

"Skyler, what happened?" she panicked.

"Mom mom please I don't want to talk about it." I let my first sob out.

"Okay, okay ,baby I'll be there as fast as I can," she said quickly. I closed my phone throwing over by my bag. I cradled my knees closer crying into them. I was so sorry. All I wanted to do was take back what happened and make Tyler not hate me any more. It was entirely my fault. I heard the door open and then I heard voices. I knew no one could see me but that didn't help much.

"Ty, I always told you he was a queer." I knew it was Aaron. I hated him too.

"I know man; I can't believe I didn't see it," Tyler said and I could imagine him running his hands through the back of his auburn colored hair. Oh how much I wanted to hate him!

"Well we fixed the little fag for life." I heard the slap of hands and buried my head farther in my knees trying to quiet the sobs.

"Did you guys get to see his face?" Nick Menzer asked.

"No, did you?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, I think we made him cry," Nick laughed.

"Awww did he cry home to his mommy?" Aaron teased in a baby voice. Suddenly I heard a car pull up and I peeked up over my knees to see my moms silver Toyota.

"Shit!" I heard Tyler curse under his breath.

"What?" Drake Glance asked.

"That's his mom," he mumbled under his breath.

"Shit! You don't think he'll rat on us do you?" Drake asked nervously.

"No," Tyler muttered softly.

I knew if I didn't go out there now my mom would call me and it would ring in the god forsaken shrub and I'd look like even more of a queer. I crawled over to my phone pocketing it. I grabbed the small handle on the top of bag in shaking fingers. I wiped my eyes once more with my opposite hand. I crept quietly out of the bush trying not to make any noise. I knew they'd see me but maybe if I was lucky they wouldn't get the satisfaction of seeing my red tearstained face. But having my luck I fell down, my knees landing hard on the pavement. All their heads turned toward me. I sniffled, more tears running down my cheeks. I looked up at all seven of their faces. No one held one bit of remorse.

"Tyler," I whimpered pathetically. I looked up at Tyler. I wanted so bad to tell him I was sorry that I was so messed up, and beg him to take me back. The look on his face was near nausea. He truly looked like he wanted to throw up. I heard the car door open and the clack of my mom's business shoes on school pavement.

"Skyler, get in the car," she ordered picking up my messenger bag. I scrambled to my feet, tearing the passengers door open. My ass hit the seat and I couldn't help it any more. I began to cry again. Big heaving wails. I looked out the window quickly. My mom seemed to stand out there for a while just looking at the boys in front of her.

The fear on the boy's faces was nothing compared to the look in Tyler's eyes. His eyes were locked on me and his mouth was slightly open. His bright amber eyes were filled with some emotion that I couldn't seem to find a name for. I dropped my head into my hands and seize my hair tightly in my fingers. I could feel the leaves and sticks that were stuck in it. My impeccably well kept hair was matted and dirty and I couldn't have care less.

My mom turned, throwing my bag into the back seat before going around the back and climbing into the driver's seat. She slammed the door behind her before starting up the engine and jerking the car onto the road. I peeked into the side view mirrors and saw Tyler standing in the same spot the car had just abandoned. My mom's icy clear eyes were trained on the road.

"I know you don't want to talk now, but were going to talk later," she told me her voice clipped. I didn't answer her but I acknowledged her with a change in position. She whipped around corners and drove as she never did. We were at our house within minutes. I jumped out of the car and ran toward the safety of my house wondering why on earth I ever left. I wrenched the door open to be met with our golden retriever Riley. I pushed her out of my way and ran towards the stairs.

"Sky sky?" Hunter asked coming out of his room with a tooth brush sticking out of his tiny mouth.

"Hunter, please, leave me alone," I cried rubbing both my palms over my eyes.

"Sky sky what's wrong?" he asked throwing his tiny arms around my waist.

"N-nothing,." I stuttered. "Don't you have s-school."

"Sky sky does too," he said in a sing song voice."

"I'm s-sick." It wasn't really a lie. I was going to throw up and I felt like my heart was splitting its seams.

"Ooooh Sky Sky," he cooed running to his room and coming back with a his dinosaur named Dina. He held the plushy tyrannosaurus rex up to me. "She make you feel better." I took her in my hands.

"Thanks Hunter." I pulled him into my arms.

"You germy get off." He shoved me away.

"Alright g-go down stairs and go to school." I gave him a watered down version of a smile.

"Alrighty. I love you Sky Sky." He beamed, running down the stairs into moms arms. She looked up at me holding the dinosaur and another salty tear ran down my raw cheek slick with shed sorrow.

"I'll be back," she mouthed to me and I nodded and walked into my bed room. I heard the front door close as I lied down on my side staring at the wall opposite me. The words of the other kids attacked me like a bee hive. It was just a buzz of slurs. And they all stung just as much as the first until I felt as if my whole body was swelling with self hatred.

Homo! Faggot! Queer! Gay Lord! Cock sucker! Homo! Faggot! Gay Lord! Homo! Faggot! Queer! Gay Lord! Cock sucker! Homo! Faggot! Gay Lord! Homo! Faggot! Queer! Gay Lord! Cock sucker! Homo! Faggot! Gay Lord! Homo! Faggot! Queer! Gay Lord! Cock sucker! Homo! Faggot! Gay Lord! Homo! Faggot! Queer! Gay Lord! Cock sucker! Homo! Faggot! Gay Lord! Homo! Faggot! Queer! Gay Lord! Cock sucker! Homo! Faggot! Gay Lord! Homo! Faggot! Queer! Gay Lord! Cock sucker! Homo! Faggot! Gay Lord! Homo! Faggot! Queer! Gay Lord! Cock sucker! Homo! Faggot! Gay Lord!

I clamped my hands over my ears trying to stop the buzzing but it only got louder the jeers and laughs coming faster and harsher. The room began to spin and ebb. My stomach lurched and I was on my feet running to the toilet. I shoved my head in the bowl heaving up every thing I had eaten that day. Vomit got on the hair in front of my face and the smell filled my nose. I threw up one more time and when there was nothing left, I still continued to dry heave, sobbing at the same time.

I planted both palms flat on the porcelain pulling my head up. I couldn't breath. My lungs were constricting on them selves. I couldn't feel the room was spinning around me. The walls were closing in. boxing me inside. I couldn't get out. Someone was holding me down. They wouldn't let be go. It was going black. My eyes rolled back in my head. I felt nothing…


I could hear the slight beeping in the background. I knew where I was. I hated hospitals. I would do anything, anything at all if it meant avoiding a hospital. My head felt like the water melon me and Tyler had dropped out my attic window at my summer home. My throat was dry and it felt swollen. It was really hard to swallow. I didn't want to open my eyes. I knew what my sister would say about the ostrich in the hole but maybe just maybe if I delayed opening my eyes I'd wake up in my own bed instead of in a rickety hospital bed.

I listened carefully. The beeping was slow and steady so I knew I wasn't in any immediate danger. But there was some noise in the background, a sort of soft sniffling. It was close by as if it were right on top of me. I decided to chance it. I lifted open one puffy eye. The room was dark; the only light was the moon coming through the small window. The moon light gleamed down extenuating the figure sitting in a chair, crying into their arms, atop me. Their normally messy auburn hair seemed even more so then usual. His body seemed to shake. I dared not to breathe or risk ruining the illusion.

I felt him lift his head from me and I let my eyes slip shut. The crummy hospital chair screeched back wards and he paused. My breath caught. I felt a weight push down on the side of the bed. I felt his hand tentatively reach out to stroke the back of my hand; the skin tingled all the way up to my spine. His hand came up and caressed my cheek. My whole body tingled.

"I-I'm so sorry Sky-Skyler,." he sobbed softly. "I've never, never hated any one, as much as I h-hate myself right now." I could feel the tears at my eyes again.

"I-I wasn't thinking… I was just… scared, I guess…" He said softly, his voice raspy. "And it's not for the reason you'd think… It's not because you, a boy kissed me… It's because me… another boy… liked it…" He confessed and I swear my whole stomach filled with butterfly's, no not butterflies, bats. Big fat mutant bats that lived in emotionally disturbed people's stomachs.

"And when I saw you, you know on the ground… crying… I wanted to go beat the shit out of the person who hurt you, but then I realized it was me…" He wailed. "It was me."

"I mean I always thought our friendship was a little… strange… I'm pretty sure other boys crawled into each others beds when they were like five but we never stopped. And I'd always hold you and in the morning when it was time to get up I never wanted to let you go. And when your sister's friends would come over and play with your hair or hug you I'd always get this sinky feeling in my stomach. And when we used to go ice skating with your family and see all the other boy they all ways had a distance between them and we'd always skate hands linked. I mean I always knew we were different, you know, but I never knew why until… you kissed me… And it scared me," he whispered softly. "But I'm not scared any more. And I'm gonna tell you all that when you wake up but I thought I'd you know practice while you were sleeping…"

"You don't have to wait," I said softly. My throat was killing me but I needed to tell him.

"Skyler! Oh Skyler I'm so so sorr-"

"I heard everything. And I forgive you," I whispered looking into his bloodshot golden eyes.

"Oh my god…" he whispered putting his head in his hands wiping at his eyes. I closed my eyes and breathed out. It seemed like the fat lady that had been sitting on my chest had found a bench some where and I could finally breathe easy.

"Skyler." I felt a warm hand on my cheek. I opened my eyes to see Tyler's face only inches from mine. "Skyler, I want to try again." My heart swelled and as his soft lips came in contact with mine it felt like it exploded because my whole body felt like it was being filled with warmth. His mouth moved against me like a butterfly, like I was so delicate. I reached a hand behind his head threading it through his messy locks pushing him more tightly to me. He pulled back holding my face in both hands.


"Don't ruin the moment with a corny line. Just kiss me you idiot."