Story Three: My Life as a Teenage Queen Bee

Part 1:

On the last day of sophomore year, my class and I sat atop our desks awaiting that bell that would release us to our fun filled summers. I was going spending it as a life guard in a prestigious country club I couldn't wait. Our English teacher decided to cut down the chatter and make our entire class get involved in an activity. She would choose a person out of the circle and the class would spell out that person's name with words of that letter, you know that old thing? When it became my turn the chatter seemed louder then those who had came before. I wouldn't know who wrote what, and they could write what ever they felt fit and matched with a letter that was left. I smirked and awaited the paper that would eventually land in my lap. It did and I tapped in on the desk for dramatic affect before dropping my eyes and reading the words.


Yo nothing starts with Y!

Amazing body




Really bitchy



Ass like a model


Too beautiful for words



Good at everything


I didn't have words for what I felt in that moment. I made myself laugh about each of the comments pointing out the ones that seemed the most idiotic. In my head I was thinking is this really how people saw me? Or were they just looking for things that started with a particular letter and were truly uncreative? Half the things were about my physical appearances and the others were either insulting, nonsensical, or something a teacher would say...

Though in my junior year I felt as if the earth, the heavens, and my eyes had cleared and I was able to see straight. I feel that I changed so much I don't even see me and the person from the first sixteen years of my life as the same people. Is that even possible, to change so much over one simple year? I'm still not sure, but I'm going to leave that up to you let you decide.

That morning started like any other… well sort of.

"RYAN!" My door slammed open. I tucked my head further into my pillow. "Ryan wake up!"

"What could you possibly want?" I snapped burrowing my head further.

"It's my first day of high school and I don't know what to wear!" Skyler whined right near my head. I mean I loved my little brother and he meant the world to me but it was six in the morning and he was up in my grill, he was gonna get burnt. My hand shot out grabbing his face in the palm.

"No one cares what you're wearing." I growled pushing him away.

"That's not what Cosmo Girl says," he continued to whine.

"Yes, Cosmo GIRL says, you're a guy! No one cares what you're wearing." I turned over wrapping myself into a cocoon.

"You're mean!" he snapped, walking out of my room and slamming the door behind him. Sticks and stones may break your bones but-.

"Beep, beep, beep." Words can never hurt you… Damn it was already time to get up. I reached out a perfectly manicured hand and slapped the down button. Then my i-pod came on in perfect synchronization. I threw the covers off and stretched. I removed the lavender scented sleep mask from my eyes and ran my hands over the smooth contours of my face checking for any bumps or blemishes. Nothing. I reached my hand up and pulled my hair from the confines of the black hair tie that held it. I shook it out and smiled as it fell cleanly around my shoulders. I stretched one last time before picking myself up and walking to my bath room. It was pearly white with a stain glass shower and door. My mom was freakin obsessed with her little hobby. I looked in the mirror and gasped.

"We have a lot of work to do my friend." I tilted my head back and judged the work load carefully. "Shower first." I decided. I pulled of my little blue teddy and dumped it in the laundry shoot. I hopped into the shower washing myself down quickly. I washed my hair with the expensive French shampoo loving the way it made my hair feel like silk. Once that was down I climbed out putting on my royal blue robe and towel drying of my hair. Then I sat down in my professional hair salon chair and set the bowl shaped piece over my head, I turned on the 'dryer' which was just hot air shot down heavily from the head piece. It made drying three times quicker and it dried almost everything at one time. I ran brush through while it dried. I reached into the holster and turned on my straightener and my curling iron for whatever mood fit when I got around to it.

When my hair was dry I pushed up the head piece and pulled down the mirror. Wielding my handy Pink Chick straightener. I tamed the wild beast that was my hair into smooth bangs and long springy ringlets. I winked at the mirror before sliding forward the make-up desk. It had a section for every piece of make up and then some. I did my face up in all natural colors and juicy pink lips. I puckered my lips and blew a kiss at my reflection. I slid the desk back into place and pushed the mirror back. I got out of the chair and walked into my room. I noticed my sleeping golden retriever in her big royal blue bed with a top on it made to look like a castle.

"My pretty princess." I cooed at her before walking over and petting her between the ears. She didn't even stir. Then I smiled and walked over to my walk in closet and opened the stain glass double doors. The gold metal was cold in my hand. I pulled it back and looked past all the vast racks of clothing to the hook on the farthest back wall. There sat my outfit for the day, the first day of my junior year. The new black Prada day dress, from the spring collection, very nice. Yes Dolce and Gabbana red leather midriff belt with a large D&G in gold at the center, I took the matching watch from the box at the from the shelf next to it and snapped it into place. I pulled the short red leather Gucci jacket from its bag, and finally the new, prized, black leather stilettos with a six inch heel and a five inch plat forms with three golden buckles on my ankle. Hm... Last but not least my Coach glasses and the red hair ribbon, the Chanel golden choker, and matching golden hoops encrusted with diamonds. My phone went off and I knew it was time. I smiled and grabbed my i-phone from its charger, my Victoria Secret mints from my desk and my big black Gucci bag filled with my school supplies. I walked out of my room clacking down he wooden steps and into the living room. Skyler sat at the kitchen table eating some blue berry pancakes.

"Where are you headed off to so early?" he asked cocking an identical blonde brow. I noted how much he'd changed. His bleach blonde hair was still long as ever and normally landed in his eyes but it was cropped and styled. I also noted the silver hoop in his right ear.

"Kyle's here to pick me up and we still need to go get the girls." I told him walking over to give him a kiss on the forehead.

"What's with the niceties bitchy Mc bitchenhoffer?" he looked skeptical.

"You woke me up." I patted his little blonde head before flouncing out the door and down the steps of the porch. I walked down the driveway over to Kyle's massive black truck. I crossed over to the passenger's side and hopped into the seat.

"Hey babe," he leaned over and pressed a sweet kiss on my lips. I tried to hold my tongue about him messing up my lip gloss.

"Hey," I said sweetly putting on my seat belt.

"Are we going to pick up the girls?" he asked turning out of the driveway and onto the road.

"Yeah if that's not a problem." I knew it wouldn't be.

"Nah, not at all." He smiled sideways at me before reaching across and taking my hand in his. He rubbed the pad of his thumb over the top of my hand in small circles. I pulled my I-phone out of my bag and sent a warning text to Cassie. She lived on Skyler's boyfriend's street in a big white house. It only took about five minutes to get there so I hoped she was ready. We pulled up and I sent her a second text.

Coming. She responded quickly. I looked towards Kyle telling him she'd be out soon.

"Oh my god." Kyle muttered next to me.

"What?" I asked. He didn't say anything just pointed. I turned my head and looked at the girl who had been my best friend all through junior high and now into high school. Her black hair was still glossy and perfect, going down to the middle of her back. Her green eyes were bright and lined cleanly in black, her lips turned up in a pouty lipped smile of greeting. She wore a forest green v-neck top with a necklace of pearls and tiny grey jean shorts with little checkered green heels that I had bought with her on our trip to Maryland. The thing that had seemed to shock Kyle was the flabby bump that stuck out at the bottom of the forest green v-neck.

"Oh my god." I said but no sound came out. She walked over to the car and bounced into the back seat.

"Ryan!" She yelled climbing almost into the front seat to hug me.

"Hey Cas…" I couldn't take my eyes of the roll.

"Hey Kyle thanks for the lift." She beamed before whipping out her phone to inform me of a dork from a party she went to who wouldn't leave her alone.

"That's horrible." I muttered trying not to look back and stare.

"You look a little pale, well paler." She laughed. "You okay?"

"Oh yeah I'm fine." I scoffed.

"O-kay. So we going to pick up Lily?" She asked rolling down the window. Kyle pulled away from the curb and almost backed right into a blue Mustang convertible.

"Watch where you're going asshole!" Kyle yelled out his window.

"Excuse me?" The driver said scathingly.

"Shut up that's Ryan's boyfriend!" Ryan realized the passenger was Tyler.

"I don't give a shit." He snapped his aviators glinting in the sunlight. Was Tyler cheating on my brother? I thought menacingly.

"Dude are you trying to start something?" Kyle said in his best bring it on voice.

"I'm not the jerk off who started screaming cuz I almost backed into their car." The other guy snapped back.

"Dusty come on let's just go get Skyler." Right I remember this kid, the creeper who's staying with the Dustins.

He seemed to debate what Tyler had said before saying. "Whatever." I laid back in my seat for a second before snapping forward again.

"What do you mean pick up Skyler he sure as hell isn't getting in a car with you."
I yelled.

"Uh yeah he is." He snorted before pulling away swiftly.

"Who the hell does he think he is?" Cassie demanded looking at me amazed.

"He's obviously a nobody with a complex." I rolled my eyes.

"You think your brother will be okay with him?" Cassie asked. She too adored Skyler and thought of him as brother seeing as she had no siblings of her own.

"You saw the way the faggot drives…" Cassie and I's glare cut him off. "Wha- Oh sorry I meant ass hole." He blushed.

"Better." Cassie snapped.

"And I get what you're saying but there's not much I can do about it now is there?" I sighed.

"Probably not, we got to get Lily and get to school." Kyle said pulling out again.


"No we don't she just texted me she got a ride with her mom." Cassie told me quickly typing out a response.

"Oh good." Kyle said turning onto the road to the school.


We pulled into the parking lot with barely anytime to spare. Cassie hopped out of the back seat her lump hopping with her. I debated whether to mention it or to leave it to her ass hole of an ex-boyfriend. In the time of my thought process Lily walked over to us. Her reddish brown hair pulled high in a pony tail so it trailed down her back. She had lost so much weight over the summer she looked great, more then I could say about someone if you know what I mean. Her warm brown eyes were lined in brown liner and her lips were well defined in a classy bronze color. She wore a brown flowy top with a gold belt and tiny denim shorts and matching gold ballet flats.

"You look great!' I squealed launching myself at her. Wow she was frail.

"You too!" She squealed back hugging me a bit tighter.

"Hey baby!" Cassie launched herself on our friend.

"Cassie…" She trailed off trying not to stare as well. I hid a snicker.

"Well don't sound so exited!" She teased grabbing her huge prada bag from the back of Kyle's car.

"Um… You guys ready to go?" Kyle asked looking at the time on his phone.

"Go in without us." I said placing a kiss on his cheek. He nodded before throwing his bag over one shoulder and running towards the door. We girls fixed our hair in our mini mirrors, perfected our lips, and began our walk towards the school. Lily and Cassie opened the double doors and I walked in. They met me at my sides and walked at the same pace. People in the hallway went silent for only a second before our 'friends' called out to us and we waved separately to each person. The losers nervously got out of our way and the halfway in halfway out wanna-bes pretended to be looking at something and stepped around us. With Cassie at my side I felt slightly self conscious but I settled my thoughts by thinking just because she decided to let herself go this summer didn't mean it would reflect on me… Right? Then all the girls turned away from us and in the opposite direction of the hallway. What the hell could be so damn important?

The 'important' thing came into my view and I lost my balance and toppled forward. I heard the laughs of my peers and Lily's shriek of shock but I couldn't focus on anything but the boy walking towards me. He looked so damn different. His scraggily reddish brown hair had been styled and was the color of a new penny. His skin was healthily tanned and free of bruises. His eyes were deep blue and full of confidence and light. He had a scar under his bottom lip but it just made him look tough. He wore a short sleeved navy t-shirt, with a pair of loose fitting faded jeans. His aviators were tucked into the neck of his shirt and he had his back pack slung over one shoulder.

"Ryan get up!" Cassie hissed reaching down to grab my wrist and hall me to my feet. As I clambered to my feet people stifled their giggles.

"What were you thinking!?" Cassie demanded.

"You were on the floor for almost a minute. You looked like a damn fish!" Lily looked shocked.

"Sorry I spaced out," I mumbled my cheeks going red. I had lost my composure that was dangerous. I noticed some mesmerized girl drop her books as he walked towards her, she looked mortified. He stopped walking and bent down and collected her books for her. She looked like she was stuttering and he just smiled making the scar almost disappear in the strength of it. He seemed to introduce himself to her, she blushed and returned the favor. This was my chance to show people that I was still the same person.

"I'll be right back," I said to Cassie before walking around my two stunned friends towards the new kid and Amber one of my number one wanna-bes.

"Amber!" I said and her entire face lit up at all the luck she was having today.

"Hey Ryan how was your um summer?" She said turning all her attention on me.

"Great and yours." Not like I really cared.

"It was okay." I directed my eyes quickly to the boy looking expectantly at me a light smirk on his lips. "Oh right um Ryan this is Dusty." She flushed under my gaze.

"We've met." I said shortly. "Didn't you know? He's the Dustin's new charity case." I turned my gaze on him to judge his reaction.

"Cousin actually," he said shortly seemingly unaffected by my sharp words.

"Ah cousin." That explained the hair. Not many people had hair that color.

"Now if you ladies will excuse me I have to find a way to my first period. Nice meeting you Amber, good seeing you again um what-ever your name is." He said nodding his head in both our directions before swaggering off. My mouth fell open and fury ran through me like a virus. Not only had I tripped and made an idiot out of myself but I also epically failed at flustering him and embarrassing Amber. This was ridiculous! This had to stop!

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