Goddess in the Painting

By: LunaRain

LunaRain: Hey guys…This is my first personal story, my first one shot.

As soon as the bell rang students came out of the classrooms, meeting friends and talking what to do during the festival that will be held next week.

A dark haired boy came out on one of the classrooms and was walking down the hall.

"Hey, Carter…" Allan the popular quarter back and team captain of the football team called, girls gather around him, seeking his attention.

Carter snorted in disgust. Although Allan was a friend he didn't like the smug attitude of the guy, but he had to put up with him because of what? Because they have been childhood friends and he thought it would be sad to end it because of a slight attitude change when they had entered high school.

Allan made excuses to the girls and smack one of the girls ass, who squealed in delight.

'Slutty bitches…' Carter thought as he waited for Allan to catch up.

"Hey, buddy let's go have some fun." Allan said.

"Uh, no can't go goofing around." Carter said sent a prayer of thanks that he had volunteered to do something for the festival. "I have to go to see Mr. Clark, and ask what's the theme of the painting I'm about to do for the art exhibit."

"Aw, that's no fun dude…" Allan said. "Paintings are so boring…"

'Says the person who has no passion for art...' Carter thought. "Anyway I have to go, see ya…"

And with that Carter left in a hurry and went to the faculty room. He knocked on the door and entered.

"Excuse me is Mr. Clark here?" Carter asked.

"Over here Carter…" Mr. Clark gestured for him to walk to his desk. "I'm glad you came."

"Well, I did volunteer for this, sir." Carter said.

"Anyways I found a theme for you…" Mr. Clark said opening his drawer and took out a sheet of paper. "Here you go… Look for your name." He said handing the list over.

Carter searched for his name, but when he found it and the theme of his painting and how it should look like… His jaw opened, and he looked back at Mr. Clark taken a back.

"Are you sure this theme is alright sir..?" Carter asked in a shocked tone.

"Yeah, it is…" Mr. Clark said.

"S-semi nudity…" Carter said staring at Mr. Clark. "Is this some kind of a joke, sir? Because it isn't funny…" He said reddening.

"Carter, don't tell me you haven't painted a naked woman before. Haven't you seen the former exhibits during the previous festivals?" Mr. Clark said.

"Of course I have… But-" Carter said but Mr. Clark cut him off.

"The other themes have already been taken… And let me tell ya, there much more provocative than that one." Mr. Clark said looking at Carter sternly.

Carter sighed. "But there's no way I can ask anyone to model for me, with this kind of theme!" He almost yelled flustered.

"You can make a painting without a model." Mr. Clark said.

"But, I can't make something without a model, so please just change the theme." Carter insisted.

Mr. Clark shook his head and said; "If you're looking for a model, I have someone I can ask for ya." He then took out his phone from his pocket and dialed a number.

Carter was nervous… 'What the heck did I get myself into?' He thought. He had painted a naked woman before but the school provided the model, he can't just simply ask a random girl to model for him. And he did saw the exhibits in the previous years but he thought that those that had something to do with nudity were Mr. Clark's work.

"Hi… It's Mr. Clark… Say sweetie, are you free this evening?" Mr. Clark asked then there was a long pause. "Perfect I want you to model for someone, can you do that? What's the theme? It's a goddess in silk; ya know the semi nudity kind… think you're up for it?"

Carter just stared at Mr. Clark with wide eyes. He was actually asking someone to go model naked for him. Well, not entirely naked but it's still the same.

"Carter, do you have a studio where you can paint?" Mr. Clark turned his head and looked at him.

"Ummm… A-at my house…" Carter stuttered.

"What about your parents? Wouldn't want to cause trouble for you…" Mr. Clark said.

"They're not coming home for a few weeks, their staying over at work…" Carter said.

"What time?" Mr. Clark said.

"Ummm… As soon as she can…" Carter said lamely. He thought the model was female since Mr. Clark called her "sweetie" unless Mr. Clark is gay, which is not possible in the least.

Mr. Clark turned back to the conversation he had at the phone. "Alright, here's the address…" he said and relayed Carter's address. "Whenever you're free… He'll wait for you…" He said and ended the call. "Alright she says she'll come after dinner."

"Who is she?" Carter asked out of curiosity.

"Sorry can't tell ya… But I think you've seen her around the campus." Mr. Clark said. "You'll know when you meet her. You'll marvel at her." He added giving him a knowing smile.

And with that Carter left and went straight home. He took supper early since the girl would be coming after dinner. The entire time he was nervous and had thought that maybe going with Allan wasn't a bad idea after all.

He had spotted a Victorian couch that fitted the theme at his studio which was in the attic and dusted it. He also found a silk sheet that he thought would go well for the theme.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this." Carter said wearing his white art coat, then prepared his art materials, when he heard the door bell.

He went down to answer the door, but he stopped dead in front of the door.

'It could be Allan visiting…' Carter said and reached for the knob. He turned it chanting the words "Please be Allan…" over and over again.

His prayers were not answered as a girl wearing glasses with her black hair put up in a bun stood at his doorway. She was wearing a pair of faded jeans, a maroon turtle neck sweater and a pair of sneakers.

Carter recognized her in an instant and gulped.

"Lillian…" He said and stared at her.

There was an air of silence for awhile until…

"Oh hi Carter, good evening…" Lillian said.

"What are you doing here?" Carter asked.

"This is 14 Avenue Street isn't it?" Lillian asked looking at the number beside the door frame. Confirming the number with a nod she then turned to him and said; "Mr. Clark called me earlier and asked me to come. Aren't you going to invite me in?"

Without thinking Carter opened the door widely for her to enter and closed it behind him. He still can't grasp the information that Lillian the "Campus Geek" is actually modeling for this kind of thing.

Carter stared heavenward as if seeking an answer. He then looked at her, cleared his throat and asked; "You're the model he was talking about."

"Yeah… I am, so where's the setting?" Lillian asked looking around the house.

"In the attic follow me…" Carter said and led the way.

"Nice studio, it isn't as big as Mr. Clark's but it's very neat in here. Mr. Clark's works is just scattered around waiting to be sold." Lillian said. "So what am I suppose to be in?" She asked looking at the Victorian couch and the silk sheet lying on top of it. She took the sheet and showed it to him. "Is this it?"

"Y-yeah…" Carter said.

"Okay…" Lillian said and took of her body bag and put it at the table nearby; she was about to take off her sweater when she noticed that Carter was still staring at her. "Ummm, can you turn around so I can change? I may be modeling for you but I don't like people watching me take off my clothes." She said bluntly.

Carter blushed and quickly turned around saying; "S-sorry…"

Carter could hear the shuffling of clothes and colored ten shades of red. He still can't believe that Lillian does this sort of thing, curious he asked;

"How long have you been modeling for this sort of thing?"

"Since summer two years ago, I needed cash so I looked for a job. Then I saw this advertisement that someone is in need of a model for a painting. I wasn't being picky for a part time job, so I took it." Lillian said. "I didn't know Mr. Clark was the painter until I came to his house and saw him. He had the same expression as you did, by the way."

"So, Mr. Clark accepted you even though he knows you go to our school." Carter said in disbelief.

"Yeah, well he figured no one would recognize me in the painting. He said that; he still couldn't believe someone like me can actually blend as a masterpiece, whatever that means." Lillian said. "I'm done. How am I supposed to position myself?" She asked.

Carter turned around and stared in awe. Mr. Clark wasn't kidding, he was marveling at her. Lillian let her hair lose and it was long enough that she fits exactly the theme of being a goddess. She had removed her glasses getting a clear view at her hazel eyes. The silk sheet she wrapped around herself clung to her figure and boy did she have a figure and her busts were more than average. Allan always said that geeks have no allure whatever, wait 'til he sees Lillian, she has more allure than those bimbos running after him.

Carter wouldn't have recognized her if not for the glasses she wore and her hair always in a bun, when she came over.

Lillian sat at the couch waiting for instructions. Carter sat in front of his canvas clearing his mind.

"Okay… Why don't you lie sideward?" Carter said.

Lillian did as told and lied at the couch sideward. A part of her legs showing…

"Use your left arm to raise your upper body a little." Carter said.

Lillian raised her upper body with the support of her arm.

"Bend your right knee in front." Carter said.

As Lillian did the sheet parted showing parts of her thighs. Some of her hair clung to her body. Carter could feel his erection growing. Her pose made him aroused, listening to the inner voice in his mind; he picked up the paint brush and some oil paint and started mixing color at the palette.

"Okay… Steady that pose…" Carter said dipping the brush at paint.

"Whatever you say…" Lillian said smiling.

Carter began stroking at the canvas, catching the figure present before him in the empty canvas. First making the outline of the body and giving it detail little by little, the silk that clung to her body and showed the curve that hid under sweaters got him sweating.

It was becoming difficult for him to continue, she was looking at him and that made him uneasy. What was wrong with him? He had painted a lot of naked women before in art class, but then, this was different in a way.

Carter noticed Lillian's eyes moved away from him and that she was flushed.

"Hey, your eyes are averting." Carter said wondering what she was blushing about.

"Yeah… Ummm how long are you gonna finish?" Lillian asked.

"About a few more minutes, are you sore from your pose?" Carter asked still stroking the canvas with his brush.

"No, not really…" Lillian said.

Carter then added colored details to it. They've been silent and had never spoken, and then he was finished.

"All done…" Carter declared as he set the palette and brush aside. He then removed his white coat and left it at the stool nearby.

Lillian stood from her position and went to the front of the painting.

"That was quick…" She said looking at the painting. "Wow… It's so detailed. You're an amazing painter."

"Thanks…" Carter said aware of the almost undressed state Lillian was in and that she was standing next to him.

"Well, I should be getting home now." Lillian declared.

"Umm, how much is for the modeling?" Carter asked and sidestepped to face her, unaware that he had stepped on the silk cloth.

"Its okay, Mr. Clark has it covered." Lillian said smiling.

Carter blushed and pretended to cough.

"But I'm the one who asked for you services." Carter explained.

"No you didn't, he did. Anyway it's part of school festivity so… It's covered there." Lillian explained and tried to move away but something was keeping the silk cotton. She tugged at it looking at Carter and half listening to what he was saying about how he was going to pay her.

"Carter I said the school has covered it!" Lillian said tugged the cloth harder.

"Whoa!" Carter was off balanced; he held Lillian for support but ended up taking her to the fall.

"Ouch…" Lillian said. "Sorry I guess I should have asked for to move instead of pulling..." She felt crushing hard body of Carter near her and it raised the heat of her body.

A moment ago when she stood by the door way and saw him, she almost felt like fainting. She couldn't believe that Carter was actually the painter Mr. Clark was asking her to model for. Oh, how she mentally thanked Mr. Clark over and over for the opportunity.

She had always has feelings for Carter but was too shy to do anything and the fact that he was Allan's best friend.

Allan has quite a standard for girls, and geeks were out of his list. She thought that maybe Carter was the same so she kept her distance but watched him all the same, admiring from a far.

And she was actually glad for the opportunity to watch him more closely. But while he was watching him, her eyes drifted lower and saw the bulging thing between his legs. She felt her eyes burn and averted her gaze at that time.

And now here she was intimately close to him and she loved every second of it.

"Sorry…" Carter said lifting himself up.

Lillian mentally sighed and raised herself only to come face to face with Carter. They both stared at each other, as silence engulf them at the moment. Lillian lowered her gaze and blushed at the fact that he was so close to her half-naked, a panty and the silk sheet as her garments.

And the unexpected happened. Carter tipped her chin up and lowered his lips to her.

Lillian was shocked for a moment but shut her eyes and started kissing him back. Carter pulled her closer, crushing her body to his. She shuddered at the feel of his warm hands at her bare back.

Carter pulled away from her mouth and started trailing kisses at her jaw down her neck. Lillian gasped and loving every minute of what was happening.

Carter loved the feel of Lillian's satin skin under his touch and his mouth when suddenly, she shuddered and after awhile she shuddered again. He then realized that it was not from his touch but from the air that came in through a small open window, and it dawned on him that she was only in the silky sheet. But he was afraid to stop; she might change her mind if he did.

But the place they were in was not comfy enough. So he slowly pulled away and looked at Lillian.

"Lillian you're getting cold." Carter said sweetly.

"But you're keeping me warm." Lillian said huskily and it made Carter hard.

Carter chuckled and said; "I know a place to keep you much warmer."

Carter then carried Lillian bridal style and brought her down from the attic and headed to his room. Since his hands were full, he asked her to open the doors and lock when they got to his room. He then laid her to his bed.

Carter looked at her lying in his bed and it made him more aroused.

"I should've used the bed instead the couch for the paint." Carter said smiling.

"Oh, it's alright. We're going to use your bed for another masterpiece anyway." Lillian purred.

Carter then jumped on her and started kissing her passionately with her responding to his invitation.

A series of moans, groans and pleasure delights echoed around the room. As two people who have not interacted with familiarity with each other until today are singing as they mesh together, telling feelings for each other.

Carter collapsed on top of Lillian crushing her with his weight, not minding the sweat and stickiness. He moved and lay beside her, wrapping his arms around her.

Lillian also moved and lain her head on his chest like a pillow wrapping her arms around him as well. She still can't believe what just happened between them and it was the glorious night of her life. But she wondered if he actually felt anything for her, or was it just that.

Lillian gathered her courage and said his name; "Carter…"

"Hmmm…" Carter mumbled.

"I love you…" Lillian said fearing that he doesn't feel the same way.

"I love you, too…" Carter replied and kissed her.

They both smiled and went to sleep in each other's warm embrace.

-Festival Week-

Carter was looking at the exhibits and stopped at his made painting. Mr. Clark had congratulated all of them for their extra hard work at putting up the exhibit. Mr. Clark had actually commented on his work as wonderful and expressive.

Carter was beaming happiness seeping in, and it had nothing to do with neither Mr. Clark's comment nor his finished masterpiece.

"Hey buddy…" Allan said walking towards him the entire football team following. "Is this your work?"

"Yeah…" Carter said surging with pride.

"Dude the chick is sexy… Who is she?" One of the football players asked.

Then there was a burst of "Yeah…", "Who is she?" and "What's her name?" from the entire team.

Carter raised a brow and thought; 'Like I'd tell you, shitheads.' He then smiled; "Just some goddess who wandered at my front door."

The entire team including Allan raised an eyebrow at him. Carter couldn't help but smile sheepishly at them.

"Hey Carter…" Lillian then came striding towards them. She looked at the painting and smiled at him. "Great artwork…"

Carter looked smiled sheepishly at Lillian and teased; "It's my first masterpiece. I'm intending to make more of it, "now"."

Lillian released a heartedly laughed knowing the real meaning behind that. "Great, I can't wait…" she said teasing.

"Want to go for lunch...?" Carter asked.

"I'd love to…" Lillian said.

Carter wrapped an arm around Lillian's shoulder.

"See ya later…" Carter said and they walked away.

Lillian giggled at the shocked faces of the entire football team.

"Aren't you going to tell them?" Lillian whispered.

"No way, it's better to keep you a secret… They might steal my precious masterpiece." Carter said darkly. "And I like to leave them wondering who the goddess in the painting was."

They both laughed heading for the exit of the exhibit room, leaving the football team to gawk at them.

The team looked at the girl in the painting then back at the couples retreating back.

"Could it be…?" One of them said breaking the silence.

"No way dude…"

"That's just not possible."

"Lillian is a campus geek…"

"Yeah, she can't be the girl in the portrait…"

"Right…" They all chorused looking at Allan.

"Dudes I don't know…" Allan said unsure himself.

The End

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